All the articles below are the more important ones that I (Laron) have written and posted on transients over the years. The primary focus on most of these articles is spirituality, healing and metaphysics.

The Awareness of Spirit Within Earth’s Creatures
July 3, 2016 - An article I just posted talking about my awakening and realisation around spirits residing in creatures of the Earth and how that impacted my spiritual path.

Do we need money to be spiritual?
December 2, 2015 - How does money fit into spirituality? Here are three perspectives—one being mine—that provides a refreshing look, while complementing each other.

Identifying Ego and Connecting to the Heart Space
November 29, 2015 - I talk about the role and purpose of ego, as well as provide a number of techniques to use to identify it and move beyond it's control over each and every decision we make so that a clearer connection can be established with the heart space / consciousness of the soul.

Why do we get sick? | Our Psychological Foundation & Immune System
October 25, 2015 - A detailed look at what causes illness and dysfunction in our body, as well as information surrounding the contributing factors that lower our immunity, which leads to the manifestation of health issues.

NASA confirms Cloud G2 is a possible catalyst behind sudden increase in Galactic Center energy emissions
September 25, 2015 - Within this article I discuss NASA's report from today which provides scientific evidence that the Galactic Center is likely producing extra R-ray flares as a result of Cloud G2’s presence. They say this began about a year ago. This situation provides more info supporting the influence of such energies, in relation to the shift in consciousness. I also follow up with info from past articles and a few other sources, explaining the connection between this situation and the shift.

Experiencing the shift in consciousness and finding your inner focus
August 17, 2015 - Within this article I check in with our ongoing participation within the shift in consciousness and talk about a few aspects pertaining to expectations and inner spiritual growth.

The break through concepts — Fifteen big truths in relation to life and spirituality, by Thomas Campbell
July 18, 2015 - An article based on a video from Tom Campbell, going over the main lessons he learned in relation to spirituality, through his astral projection (out of body) experiences.

'Life' — A collection of poems written by Laron in 2015
June 27, 2015 - Because of some of the topics I touched on, specifically spirituality and the consciousness of earth, I am included a link here to a collection of poems I wrote in 2015. Most of these poems provide some insight into where

San Pedro & Ayahuasca — The experiences of healing and exploring conscousness in Peru
June 20, 2015 - Within this long article, I not only provide examples of my own direct experiences with the use of both San Pedro and Ayahuasca plant medicine, but I also point out the benefits of using this healing and consciousness development based method.

The great control based questions of your individual spirituality
June 16, 2015 - A talk on the situation around spiritual development in relation to a few common questions people may have, as well as a mention of how volunteer souls fit into the bigger picture.

Setting intentions before falling asleep and splitting into the astral
June 5, 2015 - Here is an article I just wrote up and posted which is focused on setting our intentions to unconsciously perform certain actions while we sleep (such as distant healing).

The varying levels of your experiences and understandings
March 1, 2015 - Here is a little piece covering the way our beliefs form, and the progression we go through along our spiritual path in connection to that.

Fear and the Rising of Vibrational Consciousness
February 5, 2015 - When people raise their level of spirituality, fear slowly stops being an issue in relation to metaphysical beliefs and/or understandings.

The Earth Experience, Ascension and Source - Questions answered by Laron
January 3, 2015 A few questions were asked via a comment on the site. I decided to answer them and make the answers into an article.

The ego of Pride
January 3, 2015 - From using two examples within my experience, I talk about identifying the ego of pride in relation to the development of our consciousness and spirituality.

Identifying ego and expanding your consciousness
November 11, 2014 Understanding how ego works, identifying it and learning to respond fully from consciousness. This in turn greatly helps to grow the quality of spiritual consciousness within an individual.

The World is changing and the journey is what this is all about
August 4, 2014 - An article about what I think the most important aspect of the shift in consciousness is for us, as we head along through it.

The Shift in Consciousness, status of the New Earth & aspects of a Higher Self - David Topi
July 1, 2014Some very detailed information on the goings on with the new earth process and shift in consciousness. David also explains the various components of his consciousness, in relation to the elements that exist outside of the earth based experience. This information from David Topi resonates highly with me.

The status of the Shift in Consciousness
June 14, 2014My summary of the current state of the shift in consciousness.

The CHANI Project and the Fuse Year
May 7, 2014More information which relates to the shift in consciousness / the event / the global coastal event / the gathering / the new earth and so on. This angle is coming from the CHANI Project. Information from an entity back in 1994-1999 was obtained from a computer based setup, via a portal of a sorts, at a CERN facility in Africa, about our future including info on what I think is related to the shift.

The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift
April 2, 2014Within this article I present a lot of information which goes towards my opinion that I think time has been manipulated on purpose to slow down the ascension process of this area of space over the past year, and in turn a series of events that were most likely meant to have occurred last year in 2013, which now seem to be occurring.

Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 - Completing the picture
March 19, 2014 - I provide my picture of what may have occurred with the missing Malaysian flight, MH370.

Waiting for change in a changing World and suggestions to help your spiritual growth
February 17, 2014 - I answer a question based around our current times and provide a series of life based changes that can assist us to increase our spiritual vibration and consciousness in general.

Dark energies, entities and spirits - What are they exactly?
February 2014 - Information that is useful for those who don't have an understanding of what dark energies or spirits are and who may have had negative experiences who are looking to find their own answers.

A program for raising your Kundalini - Robert Bruce
December 28, 2014 - This is information about a new program that energy healer and astral projection teacher Robert Bruce has designed on raising your Kundalini safely.

Jumping out of the Closet
September 2013 - It's very important to not hide who you are or your interests, in relation to the spiritual and metaphysical side of your life.

Releasing and letting go of Karma
July 2013 - A process for releasing Karma based upon information received from a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session

Techniques for remembering your Dreams
April 2013 - Various techniques to help you remember your dreams. Dreams are a very useful tool for advancing our understanding of who we are, where we are at, and also for helping us progress spiritually.

Something is missing... - A take on the nature of consciousness and love
April 2013 - My thoughts at the time around consciousness and love

Meditation Techniques
February 2013 - An article about meditation and techniques I recommend.

'She's our Home - The Shift in Consciousness'
February 2013 - A culmination of various sources which forms a summary of what may be going on around this special time in Earth's history.

Clearing your Energy and Energetic Shield Visualisations
January 2013 - Cleansing your energy and putting up an energetic shields.

Galactic Stellar Explosions - The trigger events behind 2012
December 2012 - My thoughts around what may be causing the vibrational changes going on within this cycle.

My truths as of now... - The System of Life
November 2012 - My thoughts on the system of life.

Life Between life by Dr Joel L. Whitton and Joe Fisher
November 2012

Animals in the afterlife - Life After Death by Neville Randall
November 2012

August 2012 - Information as channeled by Page Bryant, in her 1983 book ‘The Earth Changes Survival Handbook which relate to the Earth having a Consciousness.

Time, fear and the three energy incarnations during the Earth Changes
August 2012 - In the book, 'The Earth Changes Survival Handbook’ by Page Bryant, I find a similar concept to Dolores Cannon's three wave of volunteers. They seem to match up. I discuss this in this blog among other topics.

Taken to Safety - A 2012 scenario
March 2012 - A story based upon a chapter in one of Dolores Cannon's books about beings that come and take people in a village to safety during a event in Earth's past.

Imprints, Soul Contracts and Reincarnation
December 2011 - I discuss my knowledge around imprints at the time, which I heard about through Dolores Cannon. I also go over soul contracts and reincarnation.

A personal healing experience and my thoughts around over-soul’s interactions in this world
December 2011 - An article about the healing that took place on me at Dolores's course and also my thoughts around the interactions of the higher beings.

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Process
November 2011
- This one goes over the process a client would go through during a session.

Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
November 2011
- This is my first article written about my experience doing the course with Dolores.

Feedback from Healing
April 2011 - Feedback on some of the energy healings that I had performed.

Receiving an Energetic Healing
March 2011 - The link is a blog I wrote in March 2011 on my personal experience of receiving an energy healing from an experienced psychic healer, who not only heals but gets messages coming through to explain blockages, bad energy flows and in my case, information on my guides. I also delve into some information on energy healing in general.

Mindfulness and the Psychological State
January 2011 - A blog about in the now and our psychological make up relation.

Thought Forms
August 2010 - This is a blog about what we think about and how that energy can get created into etheric matter.

Gardeners of the Earth
January 2010 - This article dicusses the Gardeners of the Earth which is based upon the possible intelligent design behind what created humans. The article mainly focuses on Lobsang Rampa's book 'The Hermit'.

The Afterlife Part 1
The Afterlife Part 2
January 2010 - These are two blogs I wrote about life after death.