Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wild Animals | A Psychic Reading by Lynn

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 6 September 2016

Q. Is it possible to get really close to wild animals without scaring them away (similar to Snow White in the Disney film), if you adjust your mind to a certain frequency or mental state? 
[Before I go on with this reading, I must say please use caution and good common sense around wild animals.  Regardless of what I see, please be mindful and safe.]
A. I first want to say that most wild animals are very intelligent.  I see them observing and really studying their environment.  I get an image of a Tiger lurking and walking slowly to really take in his surroundings before he acting or reacting to anything.  Animals don't have a "negative" side of their mind that puts doubts in their behaviors (the conscious part that posing questions and doubts).  They rely more on intuitive instinct and behaviors resulting from their subconscious.  

When a human approaches an animal, the animal's intuitive instinct kicks in to "feel" a person's vibration.  I also get that to some extent and animal can feel and sense your thoughts.  They can tell many things from the frequency of their thoughts and also their vibration such as: are they a threat, are they good intentioned, etc.  If a person is of good intent and the animal can feel it in the vibration (I hear to caution that the vibration of fear can skew the animal's interpretation of someone with good intent), the animal is likely to react kindly to the human. If harm or a threat is sensed the subconscious instinct to protect themselves and their offspring will kick in.

I get releasing fear and allowing the feeling of compassion, gratitude or even assistance to the animal to wash over you is the best way to make a connection.  They will "know" and understand your true self.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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