Friday, September 23, 2016

What has happened to this blog? (This is for those wondering why there are no new posts)

This blog was once used for my site,, but that site is now existing on a new webserver, which you can just find by visiting the link This blog will move into an archive state and no new posts will be posted on it after this one.

For those that were subscribed via email using the Feedburner system, I have converted your email address over to a new newsletter I am managing using Mailchimp. This automatically sends you an email on a daily basis if there has been a new article posted on You can subscribe to this service via this URL,

For those looking for the remote group healings every weekend, I now post a new thread on the Roundtable Forum around 48 hours before each session. You can find the specifc board where I post it right here,

For those looking at the menu or other articles and are finding dead links, just run a search on the new website linked to above, and you will find the article as all articles have been migrated over. I did a bad job with he migration process so all the links posted on this blog no longer work with the exception of some I have updated manually that are linked to in the menu.

I think that is everything I needed to cover!

You can always find us on Facebook here, Twitter here, and our community Forum, the Roundtable, right here,

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