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Unspun News 160917

UNSPUNEWS - 160917

“On August 15th, 2016, (…) the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued“ Control of Communicable Diseases – Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” (…) If you have the patience to wade through the linguistic gibberish, (...), you’ll see that this proposed rule would give the CDC the power to apprehend, detain, and vaccinate YOU against your will and without your consent!“  And where America goes today ….

THIERRY MEYSSAN - “There are two ways of looking at it – either the White House’s version of the 9/11 attacks is correct, in which case their response has been particularly counter-productive, or else it’s a lie, in which case they have succeeded in pillaging the Greater Middle East.”

“As President Barack Obama gathered high-profile supporters of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) for a meeting at the White House on Friday, the corporate-friendly trade agreement was dealt a blow as Vietnam's parliament deferred its long-expected ratification.“

“Michael Scheuer worked for the CIA for over 20 years and at one time was the chief of the CIA's 'Bin Laden unit', says America's greatest enemy -- radical Islam -- never existed: neither when Bin Laden was alive, nor now.”  11 min video.

“This article originally published by Global Research in 2005 sheds light on the nature of Al Qaeda, an intelligence construct used by Washington to destabilize and destroy sovereign countries, while sustaining the illusion of  an outside enemy, which threatens the security of the Western World.“

“Monsanto has agreed to be sold to Bayer for $56.5 billion − a deal worth a total of $66 billion when Monsanto’s debt is taken into account. The combined company would be the world’s largest seller of both seeds and agrichemicals.“

“The U.S. is demanding the grounding of Syria’s air force but is resisting Russian demands that U.S.-armed rebels separate from Al Qaeda, a possible fatal flaw in the new cease-fire..”

“How Do You Handle a Problem Like Rodrigo Duterte?”  Philippine President - Interesting individual - also with guts.  I would NOT like to be carrying his life insurance …. He is REALLY upsetting some people worth upsetting….
ALSO - “Duterte’s Power Play: Rocking the US-Philippines Alliance“

ERIC ZUESSE - “Video Shows US Training Syrian Jihadists;  A recent video provides crucial background to the truce agreement that the US and Russia are now trying to implement in Syria. Before discussing this video, some background is necessary regarding the truce itself.” …….

““I was debating with myself for ages what to spend this extra money we found in our never ending banking reserves on; regenerating impoverished cities? Ending the escalation in racism? Gun control? Drug addiction? Water pollution? And then I remembered about poor old Israel!” President of the United States Barack Obama explained.”  Tongue in cheek?  Hmmmm - probably…..


“While scientists debate if we live in the Anthropocene era, let’s not fall into delusions of grandeur. Natural forces can wipe away cities and destroy regions despite our impressive powers. We have prepared poorly or not at all for most of these. This is a luxury we can no longer afford.”

“There's increasing evidence to show that trees are able to communicate with each other. More than that, trees can learn.   If that's true — and my experience as a forester convinces me it is — then they must be able to store and transmit information. “  Interesting indeed!!!!!!

“Italian meteorologist – Data manipulated to make people believe in global warming”  Oh golly gosh - how silly, eh!  

Malacca - “More than 130 homes in 13 districts involving 9 residential areas and 4 villages were affected by a sudden hailstorm which saw ice the size of rocks hurtling into homes in the early morning thunderstorm yesterday.”

“...a little tropical storm named Julia formed in Florida on Tuesday night.   Yes, "in" Florida. As in, it formed over land -- a very rare occurrence, meteorologically speaking.   The center of the storm was over the city of Jacksonville”  PAYING ATTENTION YET???????

“How are Gore’s predictions holding up?“  “Yet despite “record high” atmospheric CO2 concentrations, other than entirely natural 1998 and 2015 El Nino ocean spikes, satellites have recorded no statistically significant global warming in nearly two decades.“

“THE biggest September rainfall in a century has drowned Victoria while South Australia has copped a monster drenching as wild weather lashes Australia. (…) And forecasters say while the worst may be over for now, another big deluge is expected to hit southeastern Australia next week.”

“Tropical Storm "Malakas" formed on September 12, 2016, about 320 km (200 miles) SSW of Guam, and became a typhoon around 12:00 UTC on September 14. At the time, it had maximum sustained winds of 129 km/h (80.5 mph) …”

“11 earthquakes hit Skopje within 32 hours, over 100 people injured - Macedonia“

“Corporations today literally dictate what we think we want and need. They control our thoughts and desires, and as a result we continue to consume and they continue to expand, through globalization, at an alarming rate. They wield a tremendous amount of power; they can essentially program us like robots.”  A must read …...

“Strutting her stuff in a gold-hemmed mini-skirt, white leather boots and shaking silver pom poms, 84-year-old Fumie Takino has discovered her elixir of youth — cheerleading.“  Yeah - go down swinging!!!!



“New sunspot AR2592 is small and poses no threat for strong explosions. Solar flare activity remains very low.”

“A Young Woman's Personal Earthing Story“  DON’T ‘write Earthing off’ before you have a serious look at it.  Remember - you AND the planet share an electric field…  Multi-story hospitals are particularly bad - the higher you are, the greater the electrical differential…  
ALSO see

“Texting Neck” ?  Yes, it IS real.  Your neck has a normal neutral load of 10-12lbs; this can go up to 60 lbs when texting with your head held at 60 degrees from vertical…. And “That may lead to “early wear, tear, degeneration, and possibly surgeries”

Have a look at this - it’s a “Jikka” designed by Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma. It’s in a rural, mountainous region of Japan known as Shizuoka Prefecture. It was designed to house a pair of elderly ladies whose idea of ‘retirement home’ is far from traditional” Great!


"The day we see truth and cease to speak is the day we begin to die."

~~ Martin Luther King

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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