Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Unspun News 160913

UNSPUNEWS - 160913

“No man, no child should have to suffer this kind of damage” ~ Tom Duggan on the horrific injuries inflicted upon Syrian children & civilians by the NATO terrorists who have been on a killing spree across Syria for over five years.”

“'Be Afraid': Largest Corporations Wealthier Than Most Countries;   'The power of corporations is so great within our society that they have undermined the idea that there is any other way to run society'“  And what do you see at the top of every major corporation?

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “US Wants Respite, Not Ceasefire in Syria“

“US and allies threaten North Korea with sanctions and military attack“

“Fighting rages on in Syria in wake of US-Russia brokered agreement“

“China and Russia today begin week-long joint naval exercises in the South China Sea.  The drills, which will include exercises in amphibious landing, anti-submarine maneuvers, defense and rescue, and involve “navy surface ships, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, ship-borne helicopters, marine corps and amphibious armored equipment” were scheduled in July.“

Clinton’s health issues - an analysis.

“Tyranny Of 9/11: The Building Blocks Of The American Police State From A-Z“ … “Over the past 15 years, we have gone from a nation that took great pride in being a model of a representative democracy to being a model of how to persuade the citizenry to march in lockstep with a police state.”  And where Amerika goes today….

“The bizarrely intertwined events of the Syrian conflict are suddenly playing out in a less than logical manner, but in fact this big reversal for the Kurds - who make up about 10% of Syria’s population - is no surprise.”

“Obama pledges to veto legislation allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi government“  Hmmmmm - I wonder why??


“The death toll from severe flooding in a North Korean border region has risen to 133 with another 395 missing and tens of thousands left homeless, the UN has said.”

“Can high tides during a full moon trigger big earthquakes?“  Controversial  / conflicting views….

M5.8 @ 10km, Easter Is region.

“Why Albedo is the Wrong Measure of Reflectivity for Modeling Climate“

“Meranti is becoming a violent typhoon as it tracks toward Taiwan“  This does not look good …..

“Two dolphins have been recorded having a conversation for the first time after scientists developed an underwater microphone which could distinguish the animals' different "voices".“  Yes, they ARE totally sentient!

“Six Habits of Highly Empathic People“  This is a ‘should read’ for Everyone!

(32 min video) - “Farsight just updated and revised the Results Summary for the May-August Time-Cross Project. Due to new information obtained on video originating from the Russian Ministry of Defense, all of the August 2016 remote-viewing results are now understood to be excellent. This is now a "must see" presentation. In particular, the session for August by Dick Allgire addressing missiles in Syria is now understood to be "spot on."

“Something major is going on upstairs.“ ... “This is the current raw data off the GOES satellite. Check out the magnetometer at the bottom, the black/green lines. It drops to nothing, then... BLAM.”  VERY odd indeed, barring an ‘equipment failure’ explanation?

“Venus has an "electric wind" strong enough to remove the components of water from its upper atmosphere, which may have played a significant role in stripping Earth's twin planet of its oceans, according to new results from ESA's (European Space Agency) Venus Express mission by NASA-funded researchers.“

“New sunspots AR2589 and AR2591 are quiet. Solar flare activity remains low.”
PIC - “"There is a magnificent prominence on the western limb of the sun," says Teodorescu, who inserted a picture of our planet for scale. "Today it showed its true height--almost 10 times taller than Earth itself."

“Kinetic physics does not explain Saturn’s features.“ … “How did these strange clumps, undulations, and ridges form?” … “All of these points prove the electrical nature of the Saturnian environment. Simple kinetic experiments, conducted in Earth’s gravity field, are insufficient when electrical effects are considered. This also leads to another idea: perhaps the polygonal eyes of hurricanes should be reevaluated in the light of electrical theories rather than blowing winds and “Coriolis effect“.“  INTERESTING IDEA!!!!!

“Doctors, pharmacists and regulators are all shifting the blame when it comes to who is responsible for warning parents that a common asthma drug can have severe psychiatric side effects.”  I hope that that is of zero interest to you …. But ….

Not sure how to ‘classify’ this one - but it is an interesting story.  “Mohammed Atta, Israeli moving companies, Psychic Friends and a dead handyman“.  Unproven, and single-source, but ….. Who knows? Coincidence? Propaganda? Fact? Fiction?


“Trust not your emotional reactions - they originate with the thoughts in your head.  Instead, go into your heart, and trust your feelings from that spiritually-connected centre.”

~~ Sheik Zaġāyah

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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