Monday, September 12, 2016

Spiritual Questions & Answers | A Psychic reading from Lynn

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 9 September 2016

Q. Please describe the cycle of spiritual evolution from highest to lowest.
A. When I tune into this I see a growth upwards rather than regressing, so I need to look at this as evolving to a higher vibration (my mind can't seem to make sense of it the other direction as the question suggests).  

It is coming to me that this breaks down into four main groups, but there are varying degrees of spiritual evolution within the groups, and there is also a lot of room for overlap.  It is too complicated to get into all the variations, but I can explain the four groups as I see them (in a generalized way). 

The first group looks to be plants. The contain a life force.  Many give in the form of nourishment (even oxygen), but they are static in their location. They feel emotion / vibrations from other sources.  

The next group looks to be shared between animals and humans (and specific animals / humans toggle all over this group).  Humans have the ability to feel emotion and empathy, as well as some animals (I see an image of a dog cocking his head at me as I type this).  Many members of this group can use their intelligence and ability to heal to help others.  The higher end of this group is very introspective and sees actions and consequences.  The higher end also understands the difference between the subconscious and conscious mind, questions things and realizes there is a higher self.  

Many ETs belong to this group.  They aren't bound to the same limitations as humans because they are able to use skills that are outside of their physical body.  The concept of telepathy and mental connections is a practice they have been utilizing for a long time.  They have tapped into using more portions of their brain. 

One of the highest spiritual forms occurs when we are in spirit.  We don't have the physical limitations of the 3D world, and have the ability to roam.  We guide, we lose our ego and can work selflessly.  

Q. If all of our incarnations are going on at the same time, but when we die we supposedly go to the spirit world/heaven, can our consciousness actually hang out in heaven for a while without incarnating or is that impossible since we're always focused on one of our incarnations like right now? Like it was said that we actually all ARE in heaven right now so... Doesn't our consciousness mean what we're actually focusing on and and observing? What are we focusing on when we die from one of our incarnations, immediately a different one? I feel like a lot of the information out there is contradicting.
A.  When we incarnate, our conscious mind has a main focus to work on that life that we chose to experience during that time.  I do get that when we sleep we "travel" to other lives and even "check in" with our subconscious.  That is why sleep is so important (allows us to reset or sync up with our lives and subconscious).  

Q. Do we choose to reincarnate in certain countries, or do they pick for us? Also I am curious about genius people (or super smart) how do they reincarnate? Were they also very smart in their previous life?

A.  I get that we chose what we need to learn or "revisit" to release karmatic debt, and the universe guides us in the right direction.  A genius in this life, may be a genius in a future life. or may be quite the opposite if that is what they chose.  

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