Friday, September 2, 2016

Healed by Angels | Part 2

Via AngelicView, 28 August 2016

The beginnings of Tricia Barker’s NDE (on AngelicView titled, “Healed by Angels – Through Surgeons“) was amazing in itself. However, as many of you noticed, it ended in a cliff-hanger! Here are the last sentences:

As the angels continued to work on me, my physical body shimmered with light and energy.  After a few more moments, the machine signaled that my heart had stopped.  I no longer wanted to look at my physical body since it was technically dead, so I sped through the walls of the hospital, pausing only because I caught sight of my stepdad standing at a vending machine….

Lucky for us, Tricia has decided to share the rest… of the story… (who remembers Paul Harvey’s “The rest… of the story…” newscasts? I used to listen to them every day on the radio in between my college classes and my 2-4 jobs!)

Of course, I recommend the entire video. But Tricia begins talking about her NDE account from where she left off in the written account at about four minutes.

In addition, I’d like to recommend Tricia’s whole entire blog for anyone who may be interested in the subject of NDE’s and real life.

Video Description: Tricia Barker recalls the moments she journeyed outside of her body during surgery. She was clinically dead for over two minutes. During this time, she met with angels, received information about healing, and got career guidance from the divine light. She is currently revising the first draft of a memoir about her NDE and the after affects of NDEs. Her story was featured on I Survived: Beyond and Back, Season 1, Episode 5 and in National Geographic, April 2016. Her website is

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