Friday, September 16, 2016

All Good Things Must Come To An End

While there are a few things I will be working on after the new site is released, which will be within 48 hours, with the exception of some content in the menu that I will work on today, it is just about ready to go live. This also means’s Roundtable Forum will have a new URL,, in the next few days.
This has been a long time coming as the content management system I was using, blogger, is very basic and I needed to move onto something more advanced, which is now wordpress. After the last couple of months working on the new site, it’s just about time to reveal it.

This new platform is no longer focused on me, it’s focused on a community of contributing writers, but also Roundtable Forum participants. Wordpress has plugins which allow a lot of features to be implemented that enhance the functionality of the new site. A few of those plugins help to increase the way authors of articles manage their work, and will make things a lot easier for them when writing and pitching articles for

With the release of the new site, my goal is to no longer submit ‘re-posts’ from other sites, but to have original content. This means that there will likely be less posts to begin with, but in the long run there will be more, as more contributing authors come on board, and some of those will likely post on a regular basis. This will mean I will also be writing more and I will have to dedicate more time to those pieces I submit.
Part of this upgrade process involves implementing advertisements to not only cover the running costs (which will be over US $1,000 this year) and support my time with running the site, and the Roundtable Forum, but to build upon a situation that will expand into so much more. Once a certain amount of revenue comes in, this may enable me to actually pay staff writers for their work. There are other benefits for submitting articles as a contributing writer as it gets their name out there, and links can be included which can help support the time put in.
I hope to also get to a stage where any revenue can be used for future projects in direct relation to For example, we could create documentary style videos about important topics that the world needs to be aware of, and the production costs of that could be covered revenue coming in from the site. There will be other projects similar to this that could require funding, based on our creative ideas on how we can make a difference in the world, not just for helping people grow, but for healthier ways of doing things that actually benefit nature and mother Earth, not just us folk.
An important part of the Roundtable Forum will eventually be able organising events and activities in connection to helping people grow and development. For example, Global Moderator Ben has plans to run more remote viewing projects. I will likely create an astral projection group for teaching people how to project. We have out weekend distant group healings that have been going for over three years now as well. But we have more to setup and do in connection to this side of things.
So while this journey of mine, the upgrade project with transients, is coming to a conclusion, a new beginning is approaching and a new direction is manifesting. All good things must come to an end, such as’s Facebook Group with over three thousand members which I am closing this weekend — well, placing into an archive state — as the Roundtable Forum is a much more appropriate and easier to space to manage for what that group was originally intended for.

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