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Unspun News for 160815

UNSPUNEWS - 160815

“A knifeman started a fire on Swiss train and stabbed passengers on Saturday, injuring six people including a six-year-old child, police say.  The motive was not immediately clear….”  I wonder if he knows he did it?

“In absurd reality-disconnect, Brazilian authorities are trying to maintain a «politically correct» image during the Rio Olympics, while the entire games are imbued with nasty Cold War politics.   By «politically correct» we mean the apparent absence of politics. But that absence is partial, unilateral and false, and the forced measure is itself a very political act.“  In case you hadn’t noticed!

“Europe on the Brink of Change;   The Bloomberg news agency has named a number of European countries that its experts believe may soon turn into hotbeds of instability. “

“Russian Media: US preparing chaos in Macedonia, Serbia and Greece to prevent Turkish Stream“

“The device you are seeing, done by one of five teams testing new Keshe technology to end all dependence on wind, solar and nuclear energy, oh yes, we mean oil and coal too, is, if we can believe our eyes, powering enough appliances to run an entire house.  There are issues here that tie to secret societies, police informants and “crisis actor” recruiters, the terror attacks in Paris and a “Boston brakes” murder in Italy only a few weeks ago, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.“  Read on - you’d better…..

“AFP investigative reporter, prominent Clinton researcher, and prolific author Victor Thorn was found dead, the apparent victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.“ Apparently, the MSM silence in the US re this is deafening …..

“5 Times Fidel Proved He Was a True Internationalist;  teleSUR looks at a few of the anti-colonial and revolutionary movements Castro has inspired and supported throughout his life, and his ongoing legacy throughout the world.“

“A new terrorist group which is affiliated to Saudi Arabia has emerged in Northern Syria, media reports said.”  Their base?  Turkey.

“Record US share prices amid economic slump and social decay“


The long-term effects of greed, ignorance and stupidity….. “Herpes virus carp kill in River Murray may sap essential oxygen, research shows.“

“Earth's ancient magnetic field was significantly different than the present day field, originating from several poles rather than the familiar two, new research suggests. Then, shortly after our planet's core solidified, this work predicts that Earth's magnetic field transitioned to a 'strong,' two-pole one.”

“A magnitude 4.4 earthquake has been detected on the ocean floor off the south-east Queensland coast, Geoscience Australia says.  The shallow (depth zero) quake struck at 1:31am about 100 kilometres off the coast between Bundaberg and Gladstone...“  ( +/- 20km NE from Lady Elliot Is)

“Bayer AG Makes Bee Contraceptives”  Effectively…...

“A tornado has reportedly made landfall in the Philippines as severe monsoon flooding that has already killed at least five people continues to threaten the island’s capital Manila.“

“Arctic Ice: An Update – Evidence From the Past is Instructive”  B/S exposed - again….

“Thousands evacuating after massive landslide creates a dam on Kanka river in Sikkim, India“

“The Heavenly Storms - Supercell, tornado and lightning storms time lapse“  Stunning pix ...

“Discovery Of ‘Blue Whirl’: New Kind Of Fire With Extraordinary Properties That Can Help Improve Our Environment“ … “The discovery of a type of fire tornado could lead to beneficial new approaches for reducing carbon emissions and improving oil spill cleanup.“

M5.8 @ 20km, Sakhalin, Russia.

M5.6 @ 74km, Rat Is., Aleutian Is.

“Intelligent beings from other star systems have been and are visiting our planet Earth. They are variously referred to as Visitors, Others, Star People, Et’s, etc…They are visiting Earth now; this is not a matter of conjecture or wistful thinking. – Theodor C. Loder III, Phd, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire”   Believe it.

“The system is not ascended. It is not dominant. It is in all ways beleaguered. We have moved from an empire of production to an empire of consumption; from the land of the free to the land of the fee; from a state of equality to a state of equity.”  And it IS time to change…..

“We look around us using our physical sense of sight, and see objects that appear as solids. We can easily identify where one object ends and another begins. We can even say that when it comes to ourselves, our skin is where “we” end and “out there” begins. But this is completely untrue. And Quantum Physics proves it.   “Space is just a construct that gives the illusion that there are separate objects”  Believe it.  It’s FACT.

ZG - “What is a duality paradigm, and why do we need to transcend it?“  WELL worthwhile ponder material!
AND SO IS THIS -  “Currently the planet is going through an epic energetic shift in global consciousness and frequency upgrades, unlike anything we have seen before, and it is happening rapidly. People are quickly awakening and gaining access to their own light, their own power, their own information, their own truth.“


“The International Astronomical Union (the IAU) today announced that the object previously known as 2003 EL61 is to be classified as the fifth dwarf planet in the Solar System and named Haumea.“

“A story from the NY Post on this 'newly discovered Planet Nine' dropped a bombshell on us that we weren't quite ready for as excerpted below next photo graphic. However, this story isn't solely about 'Planet Nine' but a new development in outer space that caused planetary astronomer Michele Bannister to recently Tweet: “I hope everyone has buckled their seatbelts because the outer solar system just got a lot weirder.”  Something seems to be going on?

“Touchdown! SpaceX Lands Rocket On Drone Ship Again | Video“

“ACT Government announce cannabis scheme”  “Medicinal cannabis scheme will make 'life worth living' for Canberra resident”  Government compassion at last???

“Shoulder Pain? Check Your Breathing“

Here’s a neat and cheap idea …..


"You don't get to choose how you're going to die, or when.
You can only decide how you're going to live. 

~~Joan Baez

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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