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Unspun News for 160801

UNSPUNEWS - 160801

Dmitry Orlov - “The Power of “Nyet” - “The way things are supposed to work on this planet is like this: in the United States, the power structures (public and private) decide what they want the rest of the world to do.”

PEPE ESCOBAR  - “The South China Sea is and will continue to be the ultimate geopolitical flashpoint of the young 21st century – way ahead of the Middle East or Russia’s western borderlands. No less than the future of Asia – as well as the East-West balance of power – is at stake.”

PCR - “Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events?”  If this wasn’t PCR I’d say that was a dumb question…..

“Amply documented, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Turkey are in possession of nuclear weapons which are deployed under national command against Russia, Iran and the Middle East.”  Hallo, mushroom clouds …...

“Lessons from Obama’s War in Libya”;  bottom line - “but security-wise the United States was still better off when Gaddafi kept things under control in Libya.”

THIERRY MEYSSAN- “In August 2014, Israel participated in driving out the Blue Helmets from the Golan buffer zone, and for two years entrusted this territory to al-Qaeda, to which it guarantees logistics. (…) The US and the Russian Federation have decided to call Tel-Aviv to heel.”  So why am I thinking of 911 again?

“The CIA has been involved in developing sophisticated mind control programs since the early 1950s. Project MKULTRA (or MK-ULTRA) is the most infamous of these, yet thanks to a virtual media blackout on the subject, very few people are aware of any of these disturbing programs.”

“Five absolutely remarkable events unfolded at FCC’s July 14 public meeting in DC, where 5G was rubber-stamped. There was shocking intimidation of press and suppression of truth.”  Welcome to the world of today….

“Ten Democratic senators have penned a letter to US President Barack Obama urging him to cancel development of a new nuclear-capable cruise missile. The Long-Range Standoff (LRSO) cruise missile will replace the Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) program with 1,000 to 1,100 cruise missiles, representing the US Air Force’s standoff nuclear delivery capability.”

“Turkey: US Air Base, Nuclear Bombs Surrounded By Citizens, Troops & Trucks
Is it a good idea to have nuclear weapons stored in Turkey at this point?“

“An uncontrollable radioactive flow from the Indian Point nuclear power plant continues leaking into groundwater, which leads to the Hudson River, raising the specter of a Fukushima-like disaster only 25 miles from New York City.“

US - “A snowstorm in the winter is hardly noteworthy, but why are we seeing a spring-like tornado outbreak in February?“  Random, chaotic, violent, unpredictable …….

“Floods triggered by days of torrential monsoon rains have claimed more than 50 lives in eastern India this week, with millions of people affected by surging waters.“

“Atmospheric CO2 levels have been declining for the last 500 million years, since the beginning of the Cambrian Period.“

“A huge part of France is harvesting only one third of their normal crop with very low bushel weight and very high protein.“

Hawaii - Kilauea Volcano - lava flow - spectacular pix …..

“Argentina – Many highways completely blocked by snow“

NZ - “Met Service issues Heavy Snow warning for Southland“

“27 Jul 2016 – The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reported around 500 homes were damaged in the town of Pine Bluffs, about 40 miles east of Cheyenne. ;  100 percent crop loss in some areas – Hail up to six inches deep“

Intriguing!  “The slo-mo of the lightning hitting a pole near the vehicle is one of the most intriguing things I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen lot of videos that were of lightning strikes, but never one so close and with such detail.“

Pokemon Go - “Is this game another example of how we are following blindly in the world of virtual reality?  Is this a secret weapon for PTB  / PTW? Are they recording all the housing, geographic location info with no cost to the information gatherer? “

Text/vocal is in Russian, but the images are very intriguing - your call!

From the EU site ….. A poem - ‘Paradigm Shift’.  Ponder THIS for a while …..

From EU  (Wal Thornhill….)  “A new scientific study provides powerful testimony to the extraordinary influences of electrical forces at the planetary scale. An electric wind recently measured at the planet Venus is said to be sufficiently strong that it can strip an entire planet of all its water components.”   Errrrrr- WOW????

“During the late hours of July 28th, a filament of magnetism erupted on the sun, slingshotting a cloud of plasma (CME) into space. Scroll past the movie of the CME to learn when it will hit Earth:“ …. “NOAA forecasters say there is a 70% chance of G1 or G2-class geomagnetic storms on Aug. 2nd.”
ALSO - photo of a ‘proton arc aurora’ - rare and mysterious.

Part 1 of three - Arc Blast.  Also see parts 2 & 3 - how to make mountains with electricity!!!!  Seriously - these pix and reconstructions are fascinating stuff…..

July edition of the EMR Aware Newsletter.  Smartmeters, health, Hotspots, WiFi in transportation, student tagging, and more…… a NEED TO KNOW.

A stunning ‘Tiny House’ - LUV IT!!!!!

“Star Born” by Brad & Sherry-Hansen Steiger.
A serious look at the possibility that humanoid ET races are here, now, living among us …. Back up by hypnosis and much more.  Thought-provoking and challenging - not to mention good brain-fodder!

“I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in '47, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.”

~~Harry S Truman, 1961

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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