Saturday, August 13, 2016

Unspun News for the 13th August 2016

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Nothing to be proud of …. “The rate of suicide among young Indigenous men is the highest in the world, according to a new report highlighting the challenges facing young Australians.”

Who instigates […] war over Crimea? “The thwarted acts of sabotage were planned and prepared by the official Kiev. The Ukrainian regime hardly decided to launch such attempt without authorization from the US State Department.”

Rockefeller admitted elite goal of microchipped population”  And that’s the least of it ….
And this goes with that - “UNESCO’s First Director-General Advocated Global Population Control”

“Russia, NATO to Resume Cooperation on Afghanistan as IS and Taliban Call Truce;   As the world public attention is riveted on breathtaking events in Syria, another terror threat emerges elsewhere. This is a matter of grave concern calling for immediate action.“

WILLIAM BLUM - “Political correctness demands diversity in everything but thought“  As ever - challenging and thought-provoking!

“The Bloomberg news agency has named a number of European countries that its experts believe may soon turn into hotbeds of instability. These include Germany, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands. Great Britain, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia and Hungary ……. ”

“…. since 1950, the Vatican has spent a disgusting $3,994,797,060.10. That’s nearly $4 billion to keep things hush hush.”  Weeeelll - gotta protect the ethos, eh?

“Japan has restarted a nuclear reactor despite a court challenge by local residents, in a boost for Tokyo's faltering post-Fukushima push to bring back atomic power.”

M7.1 @ 20km, SE of Loyalty Is

M6.0 @ 60km, S of Fiji Is.

“A cold front brought a taste of early fall to Colorado on Friday including a dusting of snow on top of Pikes Peak.“ … “Denver has never seen an August snowfall but it has snowed as early as Sept. 3 back in 1961.”  Random, unpredictable WEATHER.

“Flash Flooding in Wisconsin, Minnesota Leads to Mudslides, Washed Out Roads, Water Rescues“

Alabama - “Mobile County was pounded by rain on Wednesday. There was some minor flooding along the roadways and in store parking lots, but what really caught attention was a big waterspout off Dauphin Island, and it was all caught on camera.”

“As our understanding of the human brain increases, so too does our reverence for its abilities. But neuroscientist and comedian Dean Burnett says our dearly-held belief that the brain is a "super computer" doesn't quite stack up.”

“Daniel Bartlett thinks nothing of driving halfway across the UK to visit places that aren’t really there. Most of the time he’s out to scupper enemy plans. A couple of months ago, he made a 500-kilometre round-trip from London to defend an alien portal at the lifeboat station on Cromer Pier, on the east coast of England.”   HUH?????????  (DUH…..)

From PEERS - The Old and the New Paradigms - Bottom line: “As we change ourselves from the inside out, we send ripples of inspiration and healing out into the world. By joining together in groups and communities to support each other in this, those ripples become waves which are powerfully helping to create a new paradigm for all of us.”  As ever, excellent comment and a challenging perspective - Fred Burks is always worth a serious reading….

From a (U.S.) Unspunner - “Financial Meltdown Will Start On Monday, October 24, 2016.”  Stay Tuned!!

“Not one of these sunspots has the type of unstable magnetic field that poses a threat for strong flares.”
ALSO - “For days, astronomers have been monitoring a great filament of magnetism hovering above the sun's eastern limb. Now it appears to be lifting off.”

“Saturn generates electricity.“  …  ““Saturn is a body that participates in an electrical discharge with its solar environment…Saturn stores electrical energy in an encircling plasmoid…Radial Birkeland currents move material out of the ring plane which then casts shadows on the bright rings to create ‘mysterious’ dark spokes.”

“Turmeric spices found heavily contaminated with toxic LEAD... FDA forces nationwide recalls for multiple brands (see list here)”

“Here's what you need to know about the future of cancer treatment.  Immunotherapy treatments are having their moment in the spotlight thanks to high-profile success stories and an influx of new cash and innovations in research.“

“What are heaven and hell?”   A delightful parable…..


“You have power over your mind - not outside events.  Realise this, and you will find strength.”

~~Marcus Aurelius

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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