Thursday, August 25, 2016

Unspun News 160825

UNSPUN NEWS - 160825

“Employees of 25 of the nation's largest defense companies—such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and Raytheon—are choosing to fill the coffers of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over those of her rival, GOP nominee Donald Trump.“  Says it all, eh?

JOHN PILGER - “Provoking Nuclear War by Media”  PILGER AT HIS BEST …….

ERIC ZUESSE - “ .. the United States government — which demands the overthrow of the internationally-recognized-as-legal government of Syria — officially announced that America’s military forces in Syria will continue to occupy Syrian land, no matter what the Syrian government says, and will shoot down any Syrian planes that fly over U.S. forces there.“
And this goes with that… “Neocons and Clintonites have launched a major campaign with the goal of direct U.S. military intervention and aggression against Syria, potentially leading to war with Iran and Russia.”

“The world is in bad shape. Every reasonably intelligent, aware, objective person in the world knows, if only intuitively, that something is very, very wrong. (….). The future does not look good; a financial crisis and a socioeconomic collapse are just around the corner. Another World War or innumerable smaller wars seem almost certain.”

“The good folks at Sydney’s Radio 2GB have kindly warned us all that this Sunday, the 28th of August, 2016, there is going to be a disaster drill.   Harbourside city in Sydney will be hosting the drill which involves a simulated crash of a Boeing 777 into the area around Barangaroo/Darling Harbour, close to the CBD.“

“We Know About The Lies Over Iraq But What About Syria?“

“In a real democratic entity, the people themselves make all major political, legal, and judicial decisions.  The absence of real democracy provides one explanation for the growing strength of the Invisible Government—and for that Government’s successful campaigns against freedom, peace, living standards, spirituality, and the biosphere.”  Now ain’t THAT the truth…….

PCR - “The obstacle to peace is the United States government, which has consistently opposed the entire world’s decades long effort to stop the Zionist genocide of a land called Palestine.”  We hear and obey, oh master….

“The transformation of the Democratic Party from the relative “peace party” to a belligerent “war party” occurred during Bill Clinton’s presidency and is likely to resume if Hillary Clinton is elected, …..“

“What is behind Washington’s double standards – its contrasting reactions to one set of regimes as against another?“  Some possible answers to that interesting question….

“The Russian military is boosting its anti-armor capabilities. The Kornet-EM (AT-14 Spriggan) has gone through the final phase of testing to prove it is capable of effectively destroying ground and air targets, including helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.“

“The US State Department has urged Americans in the Gaza Strip to leave the area “as soon as possible.” The announcement follows an escalation between Palestinian militants and the Israeli military over the weekend.“  Hmmmmm…..


“Brisbane and a handful of other Queensland cities have experienced their hottest August night on record.   Temperatures in Brisbane did not drop below 19.4 degrees Celsius overnight“

M6.1 @ 539km, Flores Sea.

M6.2 @ 4km, Central Italy.  (Plus a number of M5+ aftershocks)
ALSO - “A deadly earthquake has struck central Italy, leaving up to 120 people dead so far, according to provisional count by rescue officials.”

M6.8 @ 85km, Myanmar
“Myanmar struck by 6.8-magnitude earthquake;   US Geological Survey reports powerful quake in north-central Myanmar, damaging temples in the ancient city of Bagan“

Read this and WEEP….. “Here’s where tropical forests have been destroyed for palm oil over the past 25 years”

“Scale of Threat Seismic Blasting Poses to Whales, Dolphins Laid Bare;   "These animated maps clearly show that marine life, including dolphins and whales, would be profoundly impacted by the proposed seismic blasting"“

5 min video - “Unusual to say the least with all the news articles saying its the warmest year ever and now 8 Inches of August Snow for Alaska, Record Cold Europe, Snow pack Remains Scotland & UK up to 20 meters/60 feet deep.”  Ever had that B/S feeling?

“The temperature of North Atlantic surface water is the main control on Europe’s climate, says David Archibald.  Unfortunately, that temperature has been dropping.”  [A LOT]

“Record cold in Norway;  Also Christchurch, NZ having one of its coldest August on record,”

“Ancient Legendary Giant Squid – One Of The Most Extraordinary Animals Living On Our Planet“

New UK crop circle - LOOKS astronomic, but reading it is a challenge!!!

“It is ridiculous to have a Spiritually capable race [Humans] being dominated by advanced bugs and lizards together with evil humans who have no place to go because they are wanted criminals for Universal Law violations and so hide underground in the Earth to avoid capture. However, this is the current situation.“ ….. “ ~~ from “Playthings of the Gods” by W.C. Vetsch”  Sounds about right …...


“Earth sized planet found orbiting our sun’s nearest neighboring star, Proxima Centauri“

“All of these sunspots are magnetically simple and quiet. None poses a threat for strong solar flares.”
“When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and face south. Saturn, Mars and the red giant star Antares have formed a vertical line in the night sky. “  Saw that last night - spectacular!!!

“In space, spheres and filaments predominate.“  Interesting info here….

“Medical cannabis trial for epileptic children showing 'promising' early signs“

“No IQ test required, here are some hints that your intelligence might be above average.“  [And 8 - you read Unspun!]

“ Like a whirlpool, a new light-based communication tool carries data in a swift, circular motion.    This is a close up look the vortex laser beam. Credit: University at Buffalo.  Described in a study published today (July 28, 2016) by the journal Science, the optics advancement could become a central component of next generation computers designed to handle society's growing demand for information sharing.“


"To get what we've never had, we must do what we've never done."


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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