Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Unspun News 160817

UNSPUNEWS - 160817
Today’s SOTT ‘Picture of the Day’ says it ALL…….

“Russia has used Iran as a base from which to launch air strikes against Syrian militants for the first time, widening its air campaign in Syria and deepening its involvement in the Middle East.”
“Russia just deployed heavy bombers to Iran“

“The U.S. foreign policy establishment and its mainstream media operate with a pervasive set of hypocritical standards that justify war crimes — or what might be called a “normalization of deviance, ….”   A VERY sobering read - this bodes very ill for society’s future, planet-wide.

“Seymour Hersh on White House Lies About bin Laden's Death, Pakistan and the Syrian Civil War“ ……. When this much truth starts to surface, things are likely to get nasty…..

“… Phil Butler has what I call an ice cold bucket of water piece for you below, the down and dirty on one of the most dangerous public “fixers” of our time: the man who refuses to die and join his victims, George Soros.” Look at the pic - what words come into your mind?

“China says it has launched the world's first quantum satellite in an effort to establish communications that cannot be hacked.”  Just quietly, I think that China is coming out of the closet?

WAYNE MADSEN - “CIA has always made up nonsense stories about Russia“

“The major question regarding the situation at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi (no.1 nuclear power plant) regards the location of the melted fuel at reactor units 1, 2 and 3.“  And STILL there are no answers - just obfuscation...

“According to plant pathologist Ioannis Stergiopoulos, a fast-advancing disease compound, known as the Sigatoka complex, could be a lethal threat to the world’s banana supply.“

“New research has shown moss is responsible for giving Earth the oxygen boost needed to allow humans to evolve.”

“Unwanted pet goldfish are being dumped into waterways and growing as large as 1.9 kilograms, researchers in Western Australia have found.“  (Duh….)   But - I wonder if they’re good eating? 

“Damaging winds, heavy rainfall and abnormally high tides have been forecast for much of southern Western Australia, with an approaching cold front sparking a severe weather warning.”

US (and world!) - “Louisiana's devastating rainfall was the state's second "1,000-year" flood this year”  Paying attention yet?
ALSO - “NASA Analyzes Weather Event That Caused Deadly Louisiana Flooding“

“The north island of New Zealand which receives a dusting of snow every 15 years or so, was pummelled with 3 feet and 120 mph winds over the last week. So rare was the event that the word Unfathomable was used in the media.” (5 min video)  Paying attention yet? 

Cambodia - “A lightning strike during a midday storm in Kampong Chhnang province killed four rice farmers taking shelter from the rain, police said.”  (Plus at least 6 more in India and Bangladesh)

“Mexico's National Center for Disaster Prevention said the Popocat├ępetl volcano has erupted multiple times, spewing ash and burning rocks into the air.   The disaster prevention center, or CENAPRED, Monday afternoon said Popocat├ępetl erupted four times in the previous 24 hours, had 73 volcanic plumes and had two volcano tectonic earthquakes -- measuring in magnitudes 1.2 and 1.6, respectively.“

6 minute VIDEO - “Recent research by Professor Valentina Zharkova (Northumbria University) and colleagues has shed new light on the inner workings of the Sun.   The research suggests that the next three solar cycles will see solar activity reduce significantly into the middle of the century, producing conditions similar to those last seen in the 1600s – during the Maunder Minimum.”  Paying attention yet?  It’s the SUN…...

“Over A Thousand Motorists Stranded By The Flood: Are You Prepped For Something Like This?“  We have hit the “Interesting Times”, IMO - so being prepped for damn near Anything is a good idea….

“What if Schools Taught Kindness?“  Read this and weep - for what COULD be for our next generation…..

“Scientists are ecstatic over the fact that they may have just discovered the fifth fundamental force of nature. The possible discovery of a previously-unknown subatomic particle looks set to finally bring the elusive dark matter into the mix.“

WOW!!!! “… photographer Phebe Pan was photographing the night sky, hoping to catch a Perseid meteor. Instead, he witnessed a spectacular bolt of “space lightning.”  (I think this is what is known as a ‘Red Sprite’?)

“Current Models of the Sun — A Charged Subject Part 2” … “Speculations on electrical aspects of the sun were common long before Birkeland.”

“Where Lead Lurks And Why Even Small Amounts Matter“

Cell phones, Safety, Brain/neurological health, Infertility, Cancer, Tumours, Children ---- “the potentially harmful effects of radiation emitted by the wireless devices on human health.”

“CBD chaos: DEA's refusal to reschedule marijuana molecules just the latest protectionist racket from the criminal corporate cartels running the corrupt U.S. government“   And NOT ‘only in America’!!!

“Controversial US scientist creates deadly new flu strain for pandemic research
Scientists express horror over the creation of a virus that could render the human immune system defenceless“  America’s latest gift to the planet?

“The 7 Most Exclusive Secret Societies in History“

“Emergency crews respond to mock earthquake scenario in Adelaide“  Now THERE’s an unusual scenario in Oz?

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “Team USA, led by 23 gold-medal record holder Michael Phelps, are certainly in awesome winning form at the Rio Olympics, leading the medals table by a far stretch.    But what good is all that precious metal when the athletes show such meanness of spirit and willingness to be stooges for their government’s jingoistic warmongering?“  An excellent question - and the answer is?


“I freed a thousand slaves; I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” 

~~ Harriet Tubman

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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