Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Unspun News 160803

UNSPUNEWS - 160803

“The US Peace Council Delegation Meets President Bashar Al Assad and Grand Mufti Hassoun”  “On the 24th of July 2016 the US Peace Council delegation entered Syria for a week of talks and meetings with Syrian religious leaders, government spokespeople, parliamentarians, education ministers, Syrian NGOs and Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.   Full reports of the many and varied discussions and the extraordinary conversation with President Bashar Al Assad will be forthcoming.”

“Pope Francis: Capitalism is 'Terrorism Against All of Humanity' ;  Pope Francis argues that modern economy's worship of 'god of money' leads to disenfranchisement and extremism“   

Child torture - “From my reading of the report, Israel and the US are the two worst abusers.  Boko Haram is a distant third.”

PEPE ESCOBAR -  “What "Drill, Baby, Drill" Means in the South China Sea”  “… escape from Malacca, the imperative that a crucial choke point controlled by the US Navy must be progressively avoided..”

THIERRY MEYSSAN - ‘The history of NATO and its current activities enables us to understand how the West has woven its lies and why it is now a prisoner of them. The elements contained in this articles are shocking, but it is impossible to deny the facts. The only other solution is to cling to the lies and persist in hanging on.”

“According to Jeremy Salt, eminent academic and geopolitical analyst living in Turkey and commentating on the Erdogan post coup dictatorship, the US is playing a very dirty game of gangs and counter gangs.”

“Offering a groundbreaking glimpse of the global surveillance industry—the tools it employs, the extent of its reach, and the accountability it largely evades—human rights watchdog organization Privacy International on Tuesday released a searchable databaseand accompanying report that track Big Brother worldwide.”

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “Russia Defeats Terrorism… While America Hails a Freak Show”

ERIC ZUESSE - “Summarizing ‘The Missing 28 Pages’: Who Was Behind 9/11?  The following summary consists of quotations from the suppressed 29 pages (previously miscalled ‘28 pages’) themselves, so that the accuracy of this summary won’t be doubted. The entire document is here; and, of course, it provides much more information adding to the account that’s here merely summarized by these quotations from it.“  Chapter and verse - now you KNOW.

The Times, Jun 22, 2016 Fukushima nuclear meltdown was covered up, plant operator admits; The company responsible for the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant has admitted lying about the meltdown of its reactors five years ago, in a deliberate cover-up...”
Oh golly gosh, what a surprise…….

Fukushima - “The newest frozen wall report documented the process of injecting concrete into the areas experiencing freezing problems along the sea front sections of the wall. Phase 1 is completed and phase 2 is underway. Some sections have seen slight improvement since the concrete injection began.”

“The New South Wales State Emergency Service is warning people to prepare for wild weather, with a low expected to develop off the state's north coast.“   And again, and again……  message received yet?

“Bhubaneswar: The death toll in lightning strikes in Odisha in the last four days has gone up to 56 with the death of four more persons killed by nature’s fury today.”

SOUTH AFRICA -  “Three herdsmen died after heavy snowfall in the Tabase area in Joe Gqabi district last week.  The good news is that the 45 other shepherds reported missing in the snow-covered mountains near Mount Fletcher are safe.“

Oz - “More than 80 people rescued after a massive snowstorm trapped them in their cars on a mountain road Sydney in freezing conditions for FIVE HOURS”   Interesting comment:- “It’s Winter here but to listen to the Main Stream Media it’s heat from one end of the place to the other,” says Oz. “Then there’s reality.”



“This research supports the notion that every sentient creature on the planet (and likely the Universe) is eventually getting an upgrade. “  MUST READ!!!!!!


“Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a heat pump”  Hundreds of degrees hotter than anywhere else on the planet…..  ALSO - “Sunspot AR2570 is almost-invisibly small and very quiet. Solar activity remains low”

“NOAA forecasters estimate a 65% chance of geomagnetic storms on Aug. 2nd when a CME is expected to strike Earth's magnetic field. “

Gravitational waves; “According to a recent press release, “… scientists have observed ripples in the fabric of spacetime called gravitational waves…” The observation is said to confirm the general theory of relativity (GR), since large amounts of mass or energy distort spacetime, creating what we refer to as gravity.”

“Study: Here’s How Much To Exercise To Undo The Damage From Sitting All Day“

“Breastfeeding Within First Hour Of Life Is Vital, Lowers Death Risk”

“Breakthrough solar cell captures carbon dioxide and sunlight, produces burnable fuel
1,000-fold improved chemistry leads to 'artificial leaf' that makes syngas”


“Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking in the radio for the announcer.” 

~~Nassim Haramein

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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