Thursday, August 4, 2016

Unspun 160804

UNSPUN 160804

THIERRY MEYSSAN - “….. And yet, the fall in the Pound could be an advantage within the Commonwealth, which is a far greater family than the Union, and present on all six continents. Famous for its pragmatism, the City could quickly become the international centre for the yuan and implant the Chinese currency in the very heart of the Union.“

“Russian forces fired on Israeli Air Force planes at least twice in recent weeks, according to a Friday morning report in the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.”

UK - “The Queen of England is set to get a £45.6 million pay rise courtesy of the taxpayer in 2017-2018, it has been revealed.”  Every little helps …..

“Bayer-Monsanto Merger Is 'Five-Alarm Threat' to Food and Farms: Legal Experts
White paper from two former Justice Department officials warns merger would violate antitrust laws and lessen competition“

“Palestinians inside Israel are under attack” … “Slowly the ethos of the military government for Israel’s Palestinians is returning – and the perfume of Mr Netanyahu’s soothing words about ending “discord and hate” will not cover the stench. “

“The United Nations Security Council is holding an emergency meeting to discuss Pyongyang's launch of a ballistic missile that landed in Japanese waters for the first time.“

“Tony Blair lied about the necessity of launching a war in Iraq – it’s official. On July 6th 2016, the Chilcot Report published a damning indictment of the events that led up to the Iraq war.“

“The National Nuclear Security Administration has given the go-ahead for work on upgrading the B61 airborne nuclear bomb, as the Pentagon is eager to embark on a multi-billion-dollar scheme to improve the US nuclear arsenal.“

“US evidence alleging Russia behind DNC email hack only circumstantial – Assange”

“Could what happened in Fukushima happen 35 miles (56 kilometers) north of New York City?   That’s what many activists and former nuclear regulators fear for the Indian Point Energy Center,“

“Unprecedented death of coral in the Gulf of Mexico”  Of COURSE it’s not just our GBR…..

Oz - SE Qld - “The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) predicts winds of up to 90 kilometres per hour will lash the coastline throughout the day.“ … “winds of up to 90 kilometres per hour will lash the coastline throughout the day.”

“A local caught on camera this unusual example of ball lightning near his dacha (country house) outside Novosibirsk, Siberia's largest city.”

“Hurricane Drought Hits a New Record;  A hurricane has not appeared in the Gulf of Mexico in almost three years“  Random, unpredictable, chaotic ……..

“Klyuchevskoy volcano in Russia’s Far East spews ash up to 7.5 km into air”

“Typhoon "Nida" shuts down Hong Kong, severe flooding possible across southern China“

“Tropical Storm "Howard" forms in the eastern Pacific Ocean, 8th named storm of the season“

“Earl forms near Jamaica as 5th tropical cyclone of the season, moving toward Belize“




“a CME embedded in a high-speed solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field during the late hours of Aug. 2nd. The resulting G1-class geomagnetic storm spilled into Aug.3rd, sparking a beautiful display of summertime auroras around the northern hemisphere.”

“How Hot Is It?“  “Turbulence in the hot gas is what drives up temperatures, as the press release notes, so the research team was surprised to find that it was “unexpectedly low”. Apparently, this is another glitch in the prevailing ideas about cosmic evolution.“

“The common cold is defined, by medicine, as incurable, because it cannot be cured with medicines. But it is frequently and easily cured with health and time – healthier people cure their colds faster, people who are less healthy get more colds, and they last longer.”  … read on!



“The Truth is not Arbitrary or a Matter of Opinion, but can be Investigated, and Those who Earnestly Search for the Truth will Find It. The Truth is Hidden to the Blind, but he who has the Mental Eye Sees the Truth.”

~~Buddha - The Three Personalities of Buddha, XCVIII

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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