Friday, August 19, 2016

Introducing Lorna, Krena and Kristy — Moderators on the Roundtable Forum

Last Monday I mentioned Ben, Anne and Tammy who are moderating over on’s new Roundtable Forum. Today I will introduce you to global moderator Lorna, moderator Krena and moderator Kristy.
Currently with two hundred and twenty registered members, looked after by twenty moderators, and now reaching around three and a half thousand posts, the Roundtable is gradually establishing itself online. It’s closely reaching that ‘ready’ stage to go ‘live’, in the sense of shifting onto the domain. But I still have some work to do on the new website to replace this one before that occurs.
A lot of important information is already accumulating on the Forum, which people on the internet will be able to find through search engines. We have had some great threads so far. I just installed an add-on that sends out an email once a week, showing the most viewed threads on the forum. Here is a screenshot of the most popular for last week.

My friend Lorna in the UK, is an advanced hypnotist, QHHT practitioner, life coach, and a shamanic practitioner. She is the author of Healing Through Quantum Realities: A Handbook, which I wrote an article about on here back in May (It's focused on helping past life regressionists take the clients deeper, but also covers a few other important topics for the general reader). Lorna did play a very important role in the past, in terms of assisting and guiding QHHT practitioners on Dolores’s QHHT support forum, along with a few other key people.

Lorna joined us as a Global Moderator over on the Roundtable Forum and is also currently moderating the Past life Regression board and Plant Medicine board. She is very knowledgeable about many metaphysical topics, and has made a number of trips to Peru to experience the plant medicine. I do think it’s important to mention that she is one of the most experienced QHHT practitioners in the World at the moment and it is great to have her wisdom on the Roundtable.
My Friend Krena, who is currently moderating the Roundtable Creative Gallery of the Arts board, was once a creative writing teacher at Harvard University in the U.S. Krena has been involved with fine art photography, playwriting, jewellery design, and is also an author. She has a lot of knowledge to share, and guidance to give, on many creativity based topics, and having experience as a teacher does help a lot for this position.
While I personally specialise in a number of topics on the Roundtable that the boards cover, my aim with the Roundtable is to not get in the way, but also to provide opportunities for others who also specialise in such areas, and who may be more experienced and knowledgeable than I am. But of course this frees up my time so I can focus on other important work I am involved in. I was tempted to co-moderate the Creative Gallery of the Arts board on the Roundtable with Krena, as I have already posted a few threads in there and I am enjoying the space it is holding. But there are so many other boards as well which cover the topics I am passionate about in life at the moment.
My partner Kristy is looking after the Sound Healing board, Gardening, Horticulture & Permaculture board and the Crystals & Frequency Support Systems board. Kristy has an Associate's of Applied Science in Horticulture and works in the field. She has a strong interest in healing and crystals, but also sound based healing work as well. Kristy is also an artist, as she has been studying a Bachelor's in Fine Arts. 
To find out more about the moderators of the Roundtable Forum, you can find their introduction thread here

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