Monday, August 15, 2016

Introducing Ben, Anne and Tammy — Moderators on the Roundtable Forum

Last Thursday I introduced you to Linda, Mike and Henda, who are moderators on’s new Roundtable Forum. Today I will introduce Ben, Anne and Tammy.

With over 20 moderators, and over 35 boards covering many topics, and now reaching three thousand posts, the Roundtable is gradually accumulating some very helpful information, and friendly discussion, as it continues to go through a beta type of development. If you want to check out some of the changes I have made, I have been updating a thread here, which goes to show how unique the Forum is based on over 150 hours I have put into it so far in terms of configuration, setup, custom changes, installing add-ons(free and paid), and so on.

Ben, a friend of mine in England, has the gift of not only the written word, which has been an educational focus of his, but also remote viewing and teaching. He also has had a strong interest in Druidism & Paganism, so is currently looking after that board, as well as the remote viewing board, in addition to being a global moderator.

Ben can take your imagination and pull you into a new world as he describes his own experiences, or just writes about pretty much anything, like a typewriter or wheelbarrow. He comes highly recommended by a number of people, in terms of his position as a Global Moderator — he has been very active in the Facebook group for which some of you may know him from.

Ben has been an administrator and moderator on a couple of very popular internet forums in the past, so also brings a lot of experience to the table, in terms of the position and technicalities around such a role. 

My friend Anne, who moderates the Shadow Self, Inner Child & Archetypes board and Psychic Phenomena, Intuition and Mediumship, is an akashic record reader, past life regressionist, hypnotist and life coach. She has been a regular contributor to’s Facebook Group, and has helped a lot of people who have connected via transients.

Anne has a  lot of knowledge and wisdom to share based on the areas she specialises in, and is always available for people if they require a bit of assistance. I have found Anne to be very humble, and based on her life experiences, she has had many opportunities to grow and learn, somewhat similar to how I have been through a great deal which has made me who I am today.

Anne also runs workshops, one currently relating to inner child and shadow work, and is focusing more on teaching groups these days.

Tammy, my friend in the USA, who I met earlier in the year while I was in Texas, has a Bachelors in Metaphysical Sciences and is a Reiki Master. Part of her background has been in classroom based training and teaching in the corporate world. Similar to me, she gave up her corporate career back in 2013, and went down the path of focusing more on spirituality and areas where she could help others.

Tammy is currently moderating the Energy Healing board, Sound Healing board, Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection board, Astral Projection & Dreams board, and the Shift in Consciousness & New Earth board.

Feel free to drop by the Roundtable Forum anytime.

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