Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Breathe Free in a Chemtrail world — Clif High

Clif's Transcript: "You are living in a chemtrail world. for our article on How to Breathe Free in a Chemtrail world.

We've all seen the planes spraying way up in the sky for years. But no news of it, never read about it in mainstream press!

Makes a person feel like an internet nutjob just to think about chemtrails.

So you see the planes spraying the slurry of micro-fine metals into the upper atmosphere day after day!

What are you doing to protect your health from this 'conspiracy'?

I researched how the chemies are affecting our bodies and put together a small article that links to this video on
how to Breathe Free in a Chemtrail World.

The article is brief, and lists some approaches I have explored to good effect to protect my health in this age of the 'secret' government programs of geo-engineering.

It's a nasty, strange world out there, so while you are at our site pick up a copy of our latest ALTA report for forecasts to help you navigate your future. for the article on How to Breathe Free in a Chemtrail World!

Read about it before you have to live it.

Thanks for watching, please follow me at @clif_high on twitter for real time updates!"

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