Monday, August 1, 2016

Eris is at Station — Astrology Forecast for Monday the 1st of August, 2016 | Neptune's Magic

Artist's impression of the dwarf planet Eris. This artistic representation is based on observations made at ESO's La Silla Observatory — Wikipedia

Via Neptune's Magic
Today Eris is at station. Eris exists in the far corners of the solar system - and is of the nature of Aries and Libra.
One of the meanings as a planetary energy is that of causing much strife and war, but for a reason of ultimately gaining peace and unity, so anything at all that will achieve that end is ok in her book.

Her extremely slow orbit can mean that she will stay in one sign for well over a hundred years and in one degree for two weeks at a time.

So her meaning for the individual is not so important unless she was near someone’s personal planets or on an angle when they were born.
Also when our planets transits over her we may notice it.
But her effect on planet earth is a different matter, as it being at a great distant does not negate her effect, in fact there is the laser beam effect that can be very powerful.
At this station point there is that same sense of deliberation that Uranus brought us, causing us to wonder what's about to happen, that calm before the storm.
23 degrees Aries becomes a real focus point right now for countries, Governments and individuals too in some instances.

This and the fact the new moon in Leo is coming - another fire sign, and Mars a fiery planet, about to enter the fire sign of Sagittarius- all on the 3rd August on my side of the world - the 2nd on the other.

Whatever has been brewing in Scorpio minds, or any mind that has been waiting for the right moment to act and brooding on it or not able to get past a certain point, is going to burst forth on or near the above date.
Its action time with a real bang is all I can say. What sort of bang happens is in the hands of the Gods.
Aries will feel the station point today one way or another, and wherever 23 degrees Aries is in our own charts - we might too.

Will time stand still I wonder- just for a moment...
Today Mercury from Virgo opposes Pallas, all about discussions, debates and even arguments, for Geminis but mostly Virgo type people...Trying to be fair isn't easy for Virgos today, and reaching a solution that suits everyone, so Virgos have their work cut out today.

Pisces types too perhaps, or those who really care about the greater good of everyone.

But to help with the above, Pallas trines Vesta in Cancer, so this is great for keeping mental and emotional boundaries strong if necessary, and sticking to what we believe is fair and just.Cancerian types will benefit from this today as will we all.
Venus inconjunct Chiron shows some people’s feelings could be hurt but that we have plenty of inner wisdom and healing tools to call on if necessary.

(Taurus, Librans, Leos and Pisces could feel this the most) but it seems to apply to a lot of people with the other aspects happening.
Venus also trines Uranus telling those of us who are feeling sensitive, to come from a place of unconditional love, and use our more objective emotions to come up with solutions for anything that is causing angst. (Aquarians will like this, Aries too).
It might be hard to be unique and different and stand up for a specific group or cause, but to be really true to ourselves, sometimes we have to dare to be different.

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