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Swings and Current Influences Between Parallel Realities | David Topi (Shift in Consciousness Update)

By guest contributor David Topi (Translation & thanks to José)
The way the human understands the world is conditioned by how humans taught us what the world is, so it’s not a surprise that we don’t know anything outside of what we have been told. If somebody was able to open our eyes suddenly to the multiple realities that exist in the space-time that occupies the place where you are reading this, you would probably ask yourself in which science fiction movie are you in and what is happening around you that makes no sense at all.
Imagine, suddenly, that you are the only one in your environment that can see that other realities ,and you are walking by the street and start to perform some circles and movements in order to avoid things — people, buildings and other obstacles that you only perceive like real — but nobody else notices them because they only see one pavement free of any obstacle that you are avoiding in a slalom way. “What are you doing, mate?”  They would ask.” Don’t you see that there is a tree in the middle and two bikes were coming towards you?” But no, there isn’t neither a tree nor any bikes here.
Multiverses in action
We don’t see the other realities, fortunately; at least the major part of the human population, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. The multiverse idea of multiple universes, one of the quantum physics theories and in so many science-reality movies, talks about the parallel existences that coexist superimposed to the others without any conflict and that stay separated from each other because the infinitesimal differences that exist in their orientation of the axis of the basics particles that form each reality. That is, you are where you are and you perceive the world you perceive because you are oriented and tuned, in a quantum way, with ONE of those realities, but the other realities are still there, merely, the axis of your quantum particles that forms your existence and world, are different or are oriented in a way that you can’t perceive the rest of realities that share the same space-time, sub-atomically. Don Juan de Castaneda used to say that moving what he called your anchor point he can tune and move to other worlds, which is something like re-align a concrete point of the human structure in order to change the tuning dial and capture that other lateral dimensions which co-exist with our dimension.
Portals and connection points which get opened 
Understand this is important in order to expand our understanding and concept of reality, although it seems that on a daily basis it hasn’t got any practical implication for any of us, because we don’t perceive it, is just pure quantum theory and we are not even interested in perceive it just to be minimally healthy and sane. But now, what happens when scratches and fissures arise in the membranes that maintain these realities separated? It is when we start talking about those famous dimensional portals, in and outs that allow the interaction with that other worlds and realties, and, that somehow, are the actors of some events in our planet that are waiting to explored: people disappearing with any clue, ships and planes vanished in the air, people driving in a road in one country and then appearing driving in another road but in another country miles of kilometers away. These events exist, have been reported and have been assumed like simply strange events, at best or simple nonsense.
This planet is a multidimensional game board, as well as a reality that shapes the structure of the plane which maintains life, a game board that we can access but only to a few checkboxes that we are able to perceive and two or three game pieces that correspond to the players, events and structures that we have to perceive. So because the potential of humans has naturally interacted with other realities, and because the ability that certain sectors under the system we have, in an enforced way, manipulate and open these realities, a lot of interconnections happen but we are not aware of them at all.
When realities get overlapped
The affect about the frequency, vibrational and evolutionary change we are experiencing right now, besides us, is caused by the collapse, overlap, and re-unification of a lot of these realities in only one space, sometimes in a coordinated and smooth way, but others with waves or swings like train shocks where the different realities with their associated micro-lines  (We all are immersed in a macro and global temporal line for our own specie but other parallel and collateral lines coexist that flow with different potential and alternative futures for everyone) get influenced in a massive way, and changes are starting to manifest themselves in both lines, until they get unified or one of the lines disappear due to the greater potential of the other, which prevail in order to take over the situation, because the number of people joined to it, co-maintaining and manifesting itself.
Some of the events that we already perceive in our reality, on our planet, are products of those shocks and interactions among those energies and dynamics that are already happening right now from other temporal lines, that couldn’t affect our line, but they actually do, just provoking here other energy movements that influence the physical reality giving us the impression that something gets a mesh suddenly without previous advise.
Not all we already see lately happening in this world is product of our own co-creation only, some interactions are happening at the same time just to see which line prevails. There are still tries of those in power to move people to other lines more favorable to their own interests, but this is worthless, since our temporal line is now quite anchored and fitted, but we can oscillate to a different potential micro-futures based on the swings experienced.
Avoid our particular train to derail
Staying firmly anchored to a temporal line which guides us little by little to an already existing future, but still which hasn’t manifested properly in our temporal line, can be very positive. We should stay firm, each of us, in our own desire to live these possible futures that are waiting for us. We have to avoid being pushed into other places by the lateral winds happening now. We have to be strongly anchored to the actual train that has an already defined route, but the same train that they want to change the rails on, on a regular basis, just to take another course when possible energy opportunities arise at key times which exist for that purpose in our co-existing reality.
Each of us must to be anchored to their potentials of love, happiness, peace and harmony — that is what you have to broadcast to the outside. Starting from that space is what you should feel and have live inside you internally, so they can’t move you from your path where you have achieved so much already. Despite how far we have to go, there is a happy ending and like all the happy endings the effort to reach them is absolutely worth the while, regardless of whatever turbulence we experience along the way.

Written by David Topi. Translated by Jose. Some sections lost in transition have been edited by Laron. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here, (Spanish).

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