Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pokemon Go | A Psychic Reading from Focus Sessions

This fits right into what I have been picking up.

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 25 July 2016

Q.  What is up with this Pokemon Go game that so many people are playing?

Look at the Economist Magazine cover.  Is this game another example of how we are following blindly in the world of virtual reality?  Is this a secret weapon for PTB  / PTW? Are they recording all the housing, geographic location info with no cost to the information gatherer? 
A. I see this Iphone / Android game as a couple things.  First, it is a huge distraction.  I see the targeted audience of this game having a lot of power, influence and also vulnerability (like if they used their efforts for good, they could create so much positive change).  This upcoming powerful demographic could pose a threat if they created a shift that opposed the current agendas in play. That is why they are being manipulated and led down a different path.

We are also a society that is becoming more and more awake.  The collective conscious is on the rise, and [the word I hear is] "mind numbing" distractions keep vibrations lower.  I also see that subliminal controlling messages will be encoded into this game, which leaves the user vulnerable. These messages look to be delivered by a "flash" of an image. I keep seeing a screen of a map, and then a "glitch" effect occurs in which an image shows for just fractions of a second, and then the screen resumes it's map.

The last main thing I see is that this game makers earn revenue (by encouraging business owners to pay for a "hot spot" of Pokemon characters inside their establishment) while extracting data from the user.   I see a group of executives sitting in a conference room giving each other "high fives" and saying that this is simply genius.  People are disclosing where are, we know what they are doing, and "somewhat" controlling what they are thinking.

I do see the virtual reality visor and Pied Piper having relevance to this.  We have a section of society being led astray through virtual means.

I am left with one final thought -Games are fun and can be stress relieving, but be cautious of what you are getting trapped into (and is the trade worth the reward). Sometimes the answer is yes, but sometimes it is no, and be true to that.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.   Love and light-

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