Friday, July 22, 2016

One Of A Kind: The Passing of Betty Balcombe

I didn’t know Betty Balcombe personally, but I had heard stories about her through an online friend that knew her very well. I understood she was very well respected as teacher of a number of areas relating to metaphysics and that she was also extremely gifted as a psychic and healer. Betty, who was based in England and passed at the age of 79 on the 9th of July this month, seemed to be one of a kind in terms of how she lived her life and used her psychic based abilities — she was very well respected in her field.
Below I quote Julian Machin from an article posted yesterday over on the Independent. This article by Julian is well worth the read. You can find it here
“Politicians, actors, entertainers and people of all kinds came to see her – often in waves of professions as her reputation spread by word of mouth – and many flew in especially, while others came from ordinary walks of life. Her diary was full for months in advance and luckily she didn’t like going on holiday.” … “She had to be very careful about what she said. Her two books As I see It and The Energy Connection – guides to developing people’s psychic abilities – were written in clear, unadorned language that allowed for no mistake in understanding. She was asked by an admiring prospective publisher of one of them if she would only re-write it to claim that the information it contained had been “channelled” by an ancient Native American spirit guide, because it would then sell thousands of copies. She refused.”

Betty Balcombe
With permission I am including two articles below, the first one being written by my friend Annie, and the second by Jacq — both were close to Betty Balcombe. This information provides a very personal look into Betty’s life and touches on situations, and information, that people who knew of her may not have known about. The first section by Annie is actually a chapter from a book she was planning to write. 

“I have been asked to say a little bit about our teacher Betty.
Not something you could do in a ‘little bit’, but my dear friend Jacq and I have talked about writing a book about my Brother Kevin.
My meeting with Betty came about through Kevin’s life and then his untimely death, so when I write that book, I thought I would write all I know about her, so I thought I might actually take the time to do it now and it can be my chapter for the book.
I first met Betty when I was 37.  My young brother Kevin had just died and I was devastated, as he was my best friend.  We spent a great deal of time together and talked about all the subjects dear to us both, Science Fiction, Science Fact, Movies, Metaphysics and anything to do with Art.  We both adored our children and we spent most weekends all-together whenever we could.  He died from Pancreatitis.
It came on suddenly and none of us were prepared for his death, including himself I feel.
We had always had a pact that whoever died first was to find a Medium and enable the one who had moved on, to be able to let the other know that they were fine and also to take the time to let them know exactly what it was like on the other side. 
Strangely enough, we had re-affirmed this commitment to each other in the week before he became ill and subsequently died.
My older brother's girlfriend had been seeing Betty as a counsellor for a few years and knew that she ran courses for teaching Psychics in Metaphysics and that she had an extraordinary reputation for her Psychic ability.  I rang her and although I had to wait 6 weeks for the first appointment she had, I was extremely eager to talk at last with Kevin.  I had been ‘hearing’ his voice in my head intermittently but nothing like an ongoing conversation with him.  I felt him around and all of us constantly smelled burnt toast, which was Kevin’s contribution to culinary delights!!….
As I journeyed to Betty’s I kept ‘asking’ Kevin to make his appearance and talk to me.
Betty opened the door and to my surprise and then dismay, she exclaimed in an excited voice ‘There you are!! Come in come in,’ and she gave me a huge hug.  I was so embarrassed as I thought that she was mistaking me for someone else and thought she knew me.  She saw the look on my face and laughed and just said "follow me upstairs to my workroom."  I didn’t apologise to her for her mistake, which I usually would have done, by saying.. “I am so sorry you seem to think you know me”… I just let it go.
I told her why I had come and I had brought a lock of Kevin’s hair as I thought that would help her to connect with him, at which she laughed uproariously and said that “No, that’s a bit too witchy-poo for us, but thank you”  
She said she would ask him if he would like to come and talk with us and closed her eyes for a second and then said “He’s here and says what would you like to ask him?”
For the next two years I went to Betty’s specifically to speak with Kevin who said that it was unusual for a Soul to make the commitment to continue to talk with people in the physical, but he did it for his love of me and also as he wanted me to know all the answers to the questions I had about Life after Death.
6 weeks or so – earth time – after I first went to see Betty she said that he was now, totally absorbed with his Soul/Higher Self and that we would sense a very different energy in the room, which was completely true, as we felt it come into the room, I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed and in awe of what I sensed.
As the time went on it almost became harder for him to focus on the Kevin part of himself in response to my questions and in fact Betty likened it to an absorption of a book in a colossal library… then one day someone says can you go get me that book, and you have to go and find it.   This is what he was having to do to access the ‘Kevin’ memory.
She said I would not want to always be doing what I was doing and although at the time I thought I would never want to stop talking to him in this way, in the end I felt I was imposing on him and his ongoing spiritual journeying and I kind of ran out of questions, so I did stop asking for him to come.  In the meantime my tiny daughter who was 6 at the time  of his death told me to stop crying one night when I was feeling particularly sad at his loss, as Kevin was telling her to say that... as I knew he was 'alright', it was not good for me to keep crying.  He said the energy was received by the Soul Energies in the form of ‘Black Hearts’, instead of ‘Pink Hearts’.  He gave her these images to try to help her understand easier.  From that point on, if ever I wanted to chat and say “hello” to Kevin, …my daughter would just tune in and then say…”He’s here Mummy and he is giving me a cuddle to give to you”
At that first meeting with Betty I showed her a picture of my son who used to have dreadful migraine headaches and she drew a picture of the back of his head and said that he had experienced a severe blow to this part of his skull and it had made his neck vertebra twist out of line, consequently the muscles were often in spasm causing the head pain.  (At age 3 my son had fallen badly off a swing and landed back onto a metal Lawn Roller, he had a deep scar in the spot Betty marked on a drawing of his head with an X)  She said I needed to get him to a Cranial Osteopath as soon as I could to get it straightened out.  My husband at the time believed in none of this and paid for an x-ray to prove me wrong and indeed the Doctors said that there was nothing there.  My son in the meantime continued to have migraines at least once a week, which would knock him out for a day or two.  I found a Cranial Osteopath half way across the country and took him to see her.  At her first examination she said……exactly what Betty had said. 
Over time she got the bones lined up and the muscles relaxed.  She told me that she had seen this condition go untreated and over time the person ended up crippled….
My first insight into Betty’s amazing intuitive medical abilities, from a photograph no less.
Also on our first session Betty asked me what I did for work.  I told her I was a Gaming Inspector at the Playboy club but she said she didn’t mean what I did to earn my ‘Bread and Butter’ but my healing and psychic work?
I replied amazed that I did neither…. as I was neither!!
She laughed and said, ‘Well you are, ….both …and you need to get a move on and find a way to utilize your ability because there are a great many people out there waiting for you to help them specifically and that they 'needed' me. She said she could not tell me what way to go, or what to learn, it had to be my decision but to look at different types of therapies and find one that I liked that I could get started on.  She said not to worry too much about which one I started with, as it would not be the one I ultimately stuck with.
I went on to be a therapist in lots of different specialties, mainly because I continued to love to learn.
She said that if I wanted to explore my psychic abilities I could join her classes, which she held each week in Hampstead and she would teach me.
So for the next 8 years I went to the classes. They ran for 3 courses each year and I did them 8 times as I just loved being with her and watching her work and help people. In between times I was going to be with her on a one-to-one basis both for help and guidance in my difficult life at the time, and to ask questions which I saw she would not answer in class. 
I did this - one-on-one pupil - for 20 years in all.
The course was in Metaphysics, Spirituality and Parapsychology and was her method of teaching you how to develop healing and sensing abilities.  But it was so much more than that, in that she taught us all we needed to know about taking care of our planet and each other and how to be non-Judgmental and above all to know and live the simple 3 rules that she gave us for life here on this planet thousands of years ago:-
Always be Self-Responsible
Always know that you have a choice – in all things
Always treat every living thing in the way that you want to be treated yourself.
I would always sit on her left and between us – unseen was Malek.  Malek was the masculine side of herself as she had determined to come here as female this time.  She chose the feminine again as she said it was time to step up the Feminine Vibration to help with the oncoming potential disaster that was threatening the Planet for the 7th time. 
Six times before we nearly had ‘wiped ourselves out’ and this time She/They were trying to help us to make sure we didn’t do it again.
Her energy source was not linked to the planet as ours is, therefore Malek as her ‘Soul Energy’ for want of a better word, could be beside her and not off planet.  He had complete access to the Akashic Records and the ability to see into and know the energy of any person she came into contact with and their own personal Akashic record.  Therefore there was never a single question, on any topic whatsoever; that we could ask her that she couldn’t answer.  She would listen to the question tilt her head and listen to the side and then say “in answer to your question I am being told”…. although, it was rare that she asked Malek, as most of the time she knew the answer herself immediately.
I just loved being in the energy field of the two of them…
She was the most kind, caring Being I think I have ever experienced or ever read about … apart I suppose from the ‘Energy’ that we know as Jesus, in the way we understand that he lived his life and taught what he taught.  They certainly worked in the same way, but I suppose that was because she also came here, at that time, to work again, as a feminine principle… as Mary Magdalene.
At the time she taught us about the life of Mary Magdalene, I had only the information of this person that had been given to me, by what was written about her in the bible. 
This information we now know to be totally untrue and a construct to demean women and take out their good input from the Bible.
Betty told a totally different picture of the life of this woman, and that picture is now repeated in hundreds of books.  I’m sure she would have been most amused at the huge interest now in the life of herself as this amazing teacher.
So, Mary Magdalene was a teacher in her own right who worked alongside Jesus and they both had their own group of followers who sometimes worked together, but mostly worked in their separate sex units….  She said that I have always come with her, whenever she has come to have a life here so I was a part of this group of women….
The message, as always, was the same three principles they were trying to get us to live by…
She explained to me, once we had become such good friends, why she had expressed such delight to see me when she opened the door to me on my first visit.
Every one of us students that have been with her before in her previous 3 lives, try to come back to be with her again if she is coming into incarnation.
She ‘knew’ when every one of us arrived into our Earth Suits, as she felt the energy connect with the Planet, however, she did not know what that our ‘Earth/Space Suit body’ would look like.  When she opened the door to me, she recognised my ‘Energy’ straight away, and before she could stop herself, she had given me a loving hug.  She said she realized straight away she had alarmed me and recovered quickly because she said “I knew I couldn’t say you are a dear old friend and I’ve been waiting for you to turn up, because we have spent a few lifetimes together, I thought it might be a bit of an overload of information for you!”
She had the most amazing sense of humour and was always giggling.
She chose to live as normal a life as possible.  She did this so that she could do the work she set out to do without being known. So she married and had two girls and lived as a ‘normal suburban wife’.  Her close family knew nothing about who she was, only that she worked ‘somewhere in London as a secretary’.  The only thing they knew was that she had been a very strange child and that her mother did not like her.  This might have been because her mother was afraid of the things her ‘child’ could do – like walking muddy footprints across the ceiling of the bedroom to amuse her brother, or rearranging flowers with her mind and in the early stages by pulling things towards her that she needed, without using her hands!  She was also banned from any funeral, as she would spend the time talking to the person who had died and freaked everyone out.  In the end she was only allowed to attend, if she stayed in the kitchen making the sandwiches!  She said it was difficult for her as a child as she saw the deceased as solid and real as the other people, so she would just speak with them as she saw them, not realizing at first that they were invisible to others.  She protected her anonymity and we all respected that for her, it’s only now that she is no longer here that I feel able to speak about how wonderful it was to have known her.
Betty allowed anyone who found her Psychic Course to attend even though we sometimes knew that their energy was suspect.  She would never turn people away, she even allowed a person in the group who she could knew was taking notes of her teaching to put into a book, claiming it as her own ideas. This book made the woman a lot of money…. Betty knew that she was doing that but did not ask her to stay away.  I would be frustrated sometimes as people would take so long to formulate a question and I knew that Betty knew what the question was already before they even asked it!  She would gently chide me for my impatience and say that in formulating the question right… the people often got their own answers.  She would also tell from the question whether the person was ready for the answer.  Sometimes she would politely say that there were not and she would not answer that question.
These questions were usually to do with ET or life on other Planets.
At the end of the year’s course Betty would, if she felt the group was appropriate, talk about the life of Isis and Osiris.  This was always my favourite part of the year…
As she had total memory recall of these lives that she had incarnated into, she spoke from her own experience.  She said that they came here as Space People and that their intent was to conduct a special genetic programming to create a better ‘space suit’ for us humans to have our Planet Earth experience in.  They built a vast complex and the Beings were created using genetic material from Earth people and ET genetics.  The Beings were created in special kind of containers and initially they were made in groups of 8 until they found that groups of 6 worked better.  She always said that she understood how we found this hard to believe, (Beings made in containers), but nonetheless that was how it was done.  Osiris and Isis then ‘breathed into each little ‘Space Suit’ to activate them’.   Experiments with actual physical matings between ET's and humans had not worked out very well and so were abandoned.
Now that my husband Steve, and many thousands of other ET/Experiencers have seen these same things on board Craft as well, the principle no longer seems impossible. 
You have to remember that at the time she was telling us about these things, - over 30 years ago, the test tube baby was a relatively new and exciting development.
( See Steve’s — Alien/Human Hybrid Embryos: )
The groups of children remained particularly attached to each other and were brought up in compounds with caring adults.  For the first 6-7 years of their lives they were taught by Isis in all manner of things to do with caring for each other, the Planet and skills in humanity.  After that age their tutorage was under Osiris and he taught them the management of looking after the Planet with a view as to how to grow food, manage the land and the seas and not destroy what we were given when we come to have a life on the Planet.
Once we grew up to about the age of 18-20, we were then sent out as 'Ambassadors' to other parts of the world to teach the same things we had been taught.  In our regressions into this time Steve and I recalled that we were extremely tall, very thin, black skinned with piercing blue eyes.  This made us very striking when we went to countries that had never seen people like us.  Steve was over 7 Foot tall and I was about 6 foot 5”.
She said at that time there were many different species of so-called-ETs who were also putting their own type of ‘Space suits’ on the planet as this was deemed the most beautiful planet in the universe and the race was on to put on a species to conquer all others.  Each species outside the Isis and Osiris complex was programmed to kill anything, which was not like itself.  Hence, we continue to battle with each other over differences in colour, size and beliefs…  She said this was an enormous source of learning for us all here, but for us to truly evolve we must try to overcome this intrinsically destructive programming we all carry.
She told us that many planets have the people living inside the planet, as the outsides can be quite hostile and that here on our planet there is a thriving population inside who are just as incredulous about the idea that people might live on top ("Why don’t they fall off as we hurl through space?"), as we are that they might be living inside…
When the last underground Atomic bomb was exploded by the French, she has us all campaigning fiercely to try to get it stopped, .. unsuccessfully.. and it was probably the first time I had ever seen her look so sad and helpless when she told us in class after it went off, that many, many thousands of the Agharti people, who do in fact live inside, had died as a result.
Steve believes the Grey ET’s are the Agharti people and that all the saucer shaped ships come from within the planet and are theirs.
After the death of Osiris, which almost destroyed her, for a while she went quite mad in her grief.  Ultimately she then left the Planet as she came and said that there would be no record of her dying, either as Isis, Mary M. or Nefertiti as each time she felt her work was done, she just leaves the Planet.  There is no home planet for her to return to as her own original planet died.  So I suppose the only way I can think of her is an Energy that can choose to come here for a while and make a huge impact to help us whilst she does that, as to where she goes when she is no longer in body I do not know …..
As to the life as Nefertiti – wife of Akenaten – it was not one I pursued with her in great depth as I was always so interested in the time of Isis, but Jacq who is a member of the Forum studied that particular time with her in great detail as Jacq got her M.A in Egyptian studies.  So any questions about this era should be addressed to her….
These are some of the things she taught…
There are 7 main chakra areas in the body
From the head the colour of the crown chakra is a deep blue – this area covers anything to do with your thinking processes and aspirations.
The throat is a mauve colour and covers communication
The heart is pink and covers emotion and physical energy
The stomach is yellow and covers courage
From the hips down through the feet is green and covers creativity and sexuality.
Down the spine is a moss colored green effect with silver running through it, which connects us to our Soul. Upon death this silver cord is severed and we no longer ‘fire ‘up’ the body and it dies.
Above the head is a ‘golden bowl’ energy and this is the connection/awareness of our Soul Energy.
When people would say to her that Aura colours go through the body in the colour of the rainbow, therefore the heart was green…she would just shrug and say… ‘as I look at your heart, the aura colours are a beautiful pink colour streaked with red’  She felt the other colours were made up for simplicity, by people who actually could not see the aura, only sense it.
The energy of the Planet is its own, but our Soul Energy makes up an energy which surrounds the planet on 7 different levels, with 7 bands in each level making 49 in all.  Throughout these levels/bands/layers our Soul energies reside.  Reaching through our vibrational frequency to the level that resonates with that.  She said you could move back down the frequencies but that it was not possible to go up higher as it was too intense.  Kevin confirmed all of this information to me in my talks with him.
Once you had achieved a certain higher level of vibration it would no longer be possible to come back into a physical suit, as the effect of the high vibration would be too much for the dense physical.
Ultimately we would all evolve to levels where we could not come down to the Planet and she says on other Planets this is so, so even if we were to go to them we would not see the energy which lives around the planet, to us it would be invisible and we would presume that there is, and was, no life on that planet.  Ultimately when your Soul reaches its pinnacle of vibration it can decide to go and join with the Soul Energy of another Planet or just dissipate into the Prana energy, which pervades the universe, now known as the Grid or Morphic Resonance, Source etc…
However, in the Soul State as you mostly kept within your own vibrational band of energy with like-energetic Beings as yourself, coming down to the planet was viewed as a great treat.  She likened it to living in London and only meeting Londoners and then being given a passport to anywhere in the world where you could meet all kinds of different people and species. (I expect most people now would say ‘but surely isn’t that London now!))
So people would want to come here to have a life in order to be with Beings vibrating differently from themselves and coming from different levels.
She did not believe in Karma as we know it.  I totally feel and accept her explanation as it resonates with me in a way that the concept of Karma never could.  My brother also confirmed that this is the way that things worked on the other side.  She said when you returned from dying to your Soul Energy, there would be a period of time for you to reflect... to receive help and guidance and to gain understanding of what both you and the people you have lived your life with, had gained from the experience.  You would have come with a specific purpose for yourself, for others, and for the planet.  You would look to see if you achieved that purpose.  If things had to be cleared for yourself or others to understand, then you could do that whilst those people were asleep – meet up and discuss how things went – wait until they died and meet them then, or just work it out with your Higher Self.  Only once all things had been cleared would your Higher Self allow you to blend back into itself, to be 're-absorbed'. Sometimes this could be quick, in my brother’s case, it took 3 of our earth months, and sometimes it can take years.  Once the absorption took place everything was cleared.  When you came back again it would be with a completely clean slate and…… total amnesia.
She likened Karma to bringing back a dustbin full of rubbish that you have to sort out and said our Souls are too exquisite an energy source to be working in that way.  She said that the concept of Karma is a man-made/religious construct and has nothing to do with the Soul Energy.
She also said that this is the only planet in the Universe that she knows of that has created religions to keep people under control and management and which enables them to renege on their own personal responsibilities and claim to not have ‘Choice’
She regretted that none of us could see our Souls but described in detail what they would appear like… she also could see everyone’s Aura field in its entirety and again would struggle to try to convey to us how totally beautiful we all were and how unique we were from each other.  She would always describe my Aura for me when I had spoken with my brother as it turned an incredible shade of Magenta when we had a good chat.
As she could see your Aura field in its entirety on every level, physically, emotionally and spiritually she knew everything that was wrong with you physically, and also what had caused it, more importantly.  She could also see the record of all your past lives.
Through her I learned that finding the Cause was the only way to be an effective Healer and that also you can only ever GIVE healing energy, it is up to the person what they do with it.  No one can heal another and it is wrong to claim to be able to do so.
She taught us about the energy of all living things especially trees, which were a great favourite of hers.  One day when in class and discussing this, someone asked her what the energy of a Palm Tree gave to us.  She said she would find out but we were not to touch her body.  She shut her eyes – a few seconds later – opened them up and described what the energy of a Palm Tree did for us.  We were stunned for a moment until someone asked what she had done.  She had sent out her extended consciousness to a place of Palm trees, stood in its energy field to experience it – and then come back, to give us the information.  She said if we had touched her body it would have harmed her physically.  This we now know is how Remote Viewing works.  She called it ‘Extended Consciousness’
She was totally against any kind of sense of Hierarchy.  If anyone tried to suggest that she was special in any way either as a teacher or as a ‘Human’ or that the lives she had lived through, to try to help us, she would refute it, certainly not allow it and would just bow and say ‘I thank YOU for all you teach me’….. From her teachings we understood that to revere another living being or to disparage and look down on another being as ‘higher or lower’ in any shape or form was a total nonsense.  At the end of the day we come here – alone – to carry out our purpose – alone inside – to go back to our Soul Energy – alone – to see how we did.  It makes no difference to our evolution as an individual if we were 'impressed' by anyone or if we had 'impressed' them in return, only our own Higher-Selves opinion is of value to us….  No amount of thinking that people are better or worse than ourselves will impress it… only what we achieve through the way we conduct ourselves here and the memories we leave behind
This was the lesson my brother had to take on board until his Soul let him back in, so to speak…  He thought he had made a mess of his life and hadn’t achieved his purpose and was feeling pretty bad about that. His sense of himself was stopping the re-absorption. But through all the wonderful things being said after he died, about the extraordinary qualities he had as a person, his caring and love for all and the total non-judgmentalism of his attitude to all things… he had to accept that the lesson for him to learn was that in spite of all the things he did to himself and how he let himself down, he remained a wonderful human being… that was the lesson…and his Soul was very pleased with him….but It certainly was a very tough life he gave himself to get through.
She also emphasised that as your Past life Experience was only for your Higher Self and it had no relevance whatsoever to who you are in this life.  Which was why she was so uninterested in talking about the lives she had had, only the teaching which went with it.
Sometimes you would choose a life where you were ‘known’ and sometimes you would choose a life where you were a little Chinese man working alone in rice fields.  Both were equally important to you.
As a Therapist in this life, I have had to do A level standard exams on Human Biology about 5 times to gain some of the qualification I have and I don’t find it easy to memorise huge amounts of data.  In one of the sessions I did with Betty on my own past lives, she said I had died in World War 2 as a surgeon in the army, working in a jungle setting.  I had been shot through the head as I worked on a person.  So, I asked why I couldn’t just ‘download’ this previous knowledge?  She said that it didn’t work that way, we always have to start afresh….. 
We learned about Crystals and Atlantis and whenever someone asked in class, (and every year someone would), where Atlantis was located, she would patiently explain that it was a concept that was utilised all over the planet by the people at that time.  Therefore there was no single Atlantis to be found, but there were many outposts like it.  She likened it to the Roman Empire with its garrisons all over the world not just in one place.  She said that the downfall came because they utilized their very powerful psychic energies at the time, with crystals – they combined the two and made some impressive weaponry and they overdid things and brought about a huge catalytic change in the Earth, which resulted in a flood.  This was one of the times when we nearly wiped ourselves off the planet again.  Some survivors were the people who went inside the planet taking some technology with them, which is why they appear as advanced ET’s with craft unlike anything we have.
She taught that giants once roamed the earth and skeletons are now being found to support this – look at You Tube.  Some are over 40ft tall.
She taught us not to fear any ET’s although she said not all would be necessarily benign and kind, the people she said we should fear was our own people – the people that we had elected to govern us… they were the people we should be watching.  She asked us always to speak up for ourselves if something was occurring that we did not feel was right or was damaging to the planet or its creatures, so to this end we became avid ‘writers-of-letters’ to the governments of the worlds.  She said that every little bit of this kind of 'challenging energy' helped.
She would laugh when people would speak in awe of the ET Beings flying the space craft, especially as I have said when they made a presumption that they would automatically be so spiritually evolved beyond us, just because they came in ships. 
With her wonderful sense of humour she said "They are just pilots, it’s like you getting all reverential over the bus driver- he's just driving the bus!!"…
She told us about the 12th Planet and said that when they came before, over 3,600 years ago, they wanted gold as they needed it for their atmosphere.  She said we shouldn’t be alarmed as they come near again, because their situation may be vastly changed, in that they might not want to land here as there was hostility before and/or they may have found an alternative to their atmospheric problems.
She said the Moon was ‘pulled into our atmosphere’ it did not evolve naturally.  There are Beings living inside the Moon who did not want us when we landed there.  They were apparent to the Astronauts who could see them, as well as being buzzed by craft and seeing buildings on the other side of the Moon. She thought we would not try to return too much as we wouldn’t be allowed to stay.  At the time she said that Nassau was keeping a close eye on a bridge, which they could see being built on the Moon.  When they tried to take a bomb to explode on the moon's surface – to see what it would be like there! – the mission failed and the Astronauts only just made it back (Apollo 13?)
All these things she taught us 30 years ago and none of these facts were out in the public domain anyway.  She did not read books as such but merely put her hands on the book cover and absorbed what was written.  As she had total memory recall there was no need for her to read what someone else had written.
So much of what she taught us is now out there in written form.
Planet Earth she likened to a living thing, though not in the sentimental way some people view it.  Her whole focus was constantly stressing how we have to take care of it.  Without the planet we cannot come here for the Life/Physical experience. She met weekly with a group called the Gaia Foundation and this was to send her energy out to wherever they felt it was most needed and also for her to give us the information in class to pass on and try to do something with.  She deplored the idea of burying rubbish deep with the earth as she said that the Planet would always bring it up to the surface, it does not tolerate toxicity and like humans will cleanse itself.  So burying nuclear waste was extremely dangerous.
Dolphins were brought here from Sirius and do not naturally evolve here.
The Pyramids were built with Sound Vibration machines, which could either render the brick extremely light or make it very heavy.  The same machines brought down the Walls of Jericho.  They are much older than they are thought to be.  They are connected to ET's.
There is a Space craft under the Sphinx.
She also told us that there was a secret chamber in the large pyramid.
When they found the door to this chamber we were all excited in class as to what might be behind that door.  She said that we were not ready for the information contained behind that door it would not be opened.  I found that incredible that they would see a door in the pyramid and not have it opened, but I believe that this has still not been done.
The Ark was a submarine type craft, which carried the genetic coding of all the animals to enable them to continue after the flood.
Stonehenge was built in the same way as the pyramids, again much older than thought and its purpose, as well as many of the stone circles was to utilise the earths vibrant energies at that point and use them as messenger/power points for the ET visitors…. Although so much of her work has now been revealed and often proved I still think that Ley Line energies and their abilities is a pretty undiscovered field.
So, she left here a number of years ago now, not telling us that she was going, as she had warned us she would do, so we couldn’t have a sentimental good-bye.
I once asked her why she would not teach to a much wider audience – obviously now something like the Internet – You Tube...  would be a wonderful vehicle to reach a larger audience, but she insisted that she remain anonymous as much as she could.  She smiled and said ’Don’t worry Annie, my message gets out there in ways you can’t imagine.’
I never knew what to make of this but one day I went to class and said “Betty I had such an amazing dream last night. We were all at a party with the Muppet Man – Jim Henson.  We had a brilliant time and it was so good to see you there”  She replied “Well that was real, we did have a wonderful party… you do know that he died yesterday don’t you?  We were celebrating the wonderful life he had”
I did not know he had just died and was very upset, as I loved the man and his work.
She went on to say “ He and I were great friends and he would come to see me on a very regular basis.. and we would talk about all sorts of things….’
She had that twinkle in her eye and I immediately saw the Sesame Street Characters, the Muppets etc. and realised that  Jim's  theme for all his work was to emphasise the teaching:-
Do no harm to any living creature, or do anything that you wouldn’t want to have done to you
Always know you have a choice
Be responsible for all your actions.
Take care of your lovely planet
Look after each other
Be Happy – Planet earth is a wonderful place to be right now.
I instantly saw that through his programmes and reaching billions of children throughout the world, both then and in the future, she had put out her message to reach the most important people of all… us in the future…. Our children….
She laughed as she saw the images forming in my Aura, winked and said... ”Between you and me though… let’s not tell everyone”  
What an amazing woman and how incredibly privileged we all were to have known her.
Jacqi’s additional notes on Betty
“Since I was a little girl I had been intensely interested in history, especially ancient history, and in anything to do with psychic phenomenon. As I grew up my curiosity and fascination for these two subjects did not abate; indeed once I started work I began to regularly attend sessions at The Spiritualist Association in London. However, this did not offer me what I really wanted, though I had no idea just what that was. As such, at night I began to ask my guardian angel (I was brought up a Roman Catholic and so had never had a problem ‘conversing’ with saints and angels) to help me find what I was looking for and what I desperately felt I needed in my life.
Within days of asking I found myself flipping through the pages of my local newspaper (something I very rarely did) and noticed an advert for psychic classes near to where I lived. Though I was really excited by the ad it took me all my courage to phone up and book a place - I’m not one for doing such classes, thought I’d stick out like a sore thumb and that I’d be a useless psychic. I ummed and arred for a good couple of days before plucking up the courage to phone.  I took my neighbour with me, Steve, who became Annie’s second husband. I took him as support. As soon as I got there and met Annie it was as if I had met my oldest friend and despite my misgivings the classes were a godsend; I loved every minute. As Steve and I were leaving that first night, Annie took us aside and said that this would change our life forever; how right she was!
It was therefore through Annie, who was teaching Betty’s philosophy, that we eventually met that wonderful person. To describe Betty as utterly amazing doesn’t do her justice; she made so much sense and what she did say resonated with me as if I were learning something that I had long ago forgotten. I began to attend Betty’s weekly classes, as well as Annie’s, where we were taught/practised how to hone and use our psychic skills, various types of healing, the use of crystals, the energies of nature (trees especially), Earth energies and other subjects related to the Earth and our own past histories. In classes Betty would also invite ‘fairies’ in so that we could see them shimmering and dancing around in front of us. My favourite lessons involved the Earth energies, which Betty would bring into the room so that we could experience their very different attributes. My favourite energy was given the name Horse; I loved this energy as you could feel its tangible strength; it felt like a very male energy, smelled of sandalwood and the desert and I always felt very strong and resolute when the energy was brought into the room. Other energies included Absalom and Rashid, each bringing in a definite and different energy and feeling with them.
Another favourite of mine was when Betty would extend our consciousness so that the group could experience either a different place, such as Agarti, a crystal cave under the sea, or somewhere out in the Universe, or a different time, such as the time of the Space Experiment some 12,000 years ago. Where we went and what we did depended on who was attending the classes so I would get very irritated if someone walked in who we didn’t know; that would mean we’d be unable to go on our more unusual ‘adventures’. To an outsider such things sound crazy but it always amazed me when we were experiencing these things as a group because invariably someone would mention something they were seeing just as you were seeing it yourself.
My particular interest was anything to do with history and so when I had one-to-ones with Betty I invariably quizzed her on periods/personalities I was particularly drawn to; Isis/Osiris, Nefertiti/Akhenaten, the time of Jesus, ancient Rome, the Cathars. Often, after talking to Betty my dreams that night would show me in some detail particular events such as being taught aspects of agriculture by Osiris before being sent out to spread our teaching throughout the world. Unlike Annie and Steve who were jet black at that time, I was a shiny bluey-green Human like Osiris with gills on the side of my neck and small fins on the back of my legs. I too was very tall but unlike Annie and Steve I was sent out on my own as a kind of trailblazer/scout. At the time of Akhenaten I was a dancer in service to Nefertiti (Betty) who along with her husband Akhenaten, the so-called heretic king, were trying to raise the consciousness of the people at that time by bringing in a more personal and simplified form of religion that was accessible to all. As Mary Magdalene, Betty said that one of their aims was to help the people by offering healing to all and by realigning and energising the energies of the Earth to give everyone a better life and to try to bring the feminine principle back to the fore so that it was as important and effective as the male energy, as exemplified by Jesus and his 12 apostles. Mary M./Betty had her own inner circle of 12 female apostles who were very successful and powerful, more so than their male counterparts who are well-know to us whereas the 12 women have all but been whitewashed from the historical record. It was these women who were the lynchpin in Jesus’s survival after the crucifixion. Whilst these three lives were on face value Betty’s most influential lives she also had a number of ‘walk-in’ parts, notably one at the time of the persecution of witches in England.
Betty would also arrange for us to be ‘taken out’ at night as a group, not telling us where we would be going. Again, the experience became more tangible and real when the next day Annie, Steve and I would recall our dreams and be elated to find out that we all remembered being taken to the same place. Leaving aside all the experiences and insights given in her classes and one-to-ones which by themselves were utterly fantastic and mind-boggling, the amazing thing about Betty was that you could ask her anything, no matter how bizarre, and she would always have an answer for you. Looking back now I realise just how inadequate and simple our questions were; I have so much more now to ask.
When Betty would invite ‘her friends’ as Jacq said to join us in class so that we could experience their energies and ask them questions, we understood that these were ‘energies’ which no longer incarnated due to the high level of vibration they were on.  Their names, which appear weird, were not the names they were known by, they said naming was irrelevant, but they were the names that we the students... had given them to describe the energy we were sensing.
Horse was a very vibrant energy, which seemed – as Jacq said – extremely powerful and to move fast around the room.
Absalom had an extraordinary energy of Age, Knowledge, Wisdom, Recorded History so someone had come up with that name for him…
Rashid was definitely very different... exotic with wrap-around-eyes... passionate and very playful.  I used to always doodle during the class and I actually drew him, Betty laughed to see how I had depicted his wrap around ET eyes.
When she brought in the ‘Fairies’ she used to have to protect my recording device as they found it most interesting and would be hovering around it and in fact interfering with the recording.  Also one time she did this my young daughter was with me and she was sat on the floor by me drawing and I sensed so many strange energies around her.  Betty said that they were fascinated by the energy of the child and so the larger spirit energies – we would use the term gnomes I suppose – particularly wanted to get close to her.  She placed my daughter in a green pyramid for her own protection, as she was so sensitive to energies at the time.  On our Open Days which were held every year to welcome new members of the class, Betty would take any one who asked, to the bottom of the beautiful garden in Hampstead and energise the ‘Fairies’ for us to see.  In today’s terms they would be called 'orbs'.  I used to see them as flashing balls of very fast and extremely bright lights.
She told a funny story about the ‘gnome’ type energy.  She was walking across Westminster Bridge when she was a young woman and working in London.  A Bowler Hatted and Pin-striped suited man complete with umbrella was striding out across the bridge on his way to work.  Betty did a double take as walking beside him, half his size and imitating everything about him… bowler, suit, umbrella etc, was this ‘gnome’.  Betty burst out laughing and the ‘gnome’ realized that she could see him, whereupon he doffed his hat to her, winked and disappeared.  When she looked into this type of energy she understood that they have a great sense of fun and humour and can often be seen imitating us, if you could actually see through our 3-D layer and see them. I suppose for her the different dimensional layers were all as real as our one dimensional layer.
We asked her to write her Energy work for us in book form, which she did, as always keeping it very simple.
One of her great sayings was “Life is simple, if you allow it its simplicity”
The books are called ‘As I See It’ – by Betty Balcombe.
The title of this book came about because of Betty’s philosophy of always listening to your point of view and then coming back with… “Well, as I see it, it is like this…”  She never expected you to have to agree with her just as she said you should never expect anyone else to necessarily take on board your belief.  She said we should all respect and be open to each other’s opinions and understandings whilst holding true to our own.
The Second book for us was called ‘The Energy Connection’.

Sometimes they can still be found on Amazon and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Annie wanted to let all of you know that she is available for any questions, so feel free to comment here or contact me through the menu here on transients.

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