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New Moon Focused Astrology Forecast for Monday the 4th of July, 2016 | Neptune's Magic

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Happy New moon Cancerians! Its your new beginning of the year and its a day for all of us to celebrate family and loved ones and all that means security in our lives.

Wherever the new moon falls in our solar or natal charts, that's where we get to begin again today. For myself its my solar children/creativity sector, and in my natal chart it's my relationships and place of "others" who are important in my life.

This new moon falls exactly on the point of Mars in my natal chart which is probably why I had a bit of an outburst two days ago of pent up energy, as I was born with a powerful OOB Mars that has been quite dormant for a while, so a lot was building up while Mars was retrograde in the explosive Scorpio. So this release of energy was probably a good thing for me. It did rather surprise me at the time...

The new moon chart has three main stelliums in Pisces, Aries and Cancer, with Jupiter and the node still working together in Virgo to keep things hopeful for the planet in areas that affects health and wellbeing, bringing much spiritual strength too.

We do have a t square that is difficult but not impossible, of Jupiter/node, Saturn and Neptune that is providing some confused energy and difficult situations amongst the stuck places around the world still, but T squares are activating as the new moon will be working on that to get it moving.

Yesterdays quintile from Uranus to Mercury urges us towards unusual and inventive solutions, to try something radical and different to get past the stuck Saturnian places.

Politically there are at least three major countries in a state of political confusion and mayhem just now with situations that have become so complex, that there is no apparent solution at this point. so it will take something very radical to happen before these situations are resolved totally - it could take weeks and in some cases months.

But the new moon chart does show a very active month ahead. The chart suggests that people - the general populace as well as the powers that be, are ready now to tackle the times ahead with new vigour as Mars is on the move even if still likely to bring some explosive situations and results, and unfortunately sometimes new moons are the time that radical people do act on their more fanatical plans so there may be some of that in the next few days to get the message across of their own discontent.

But with Jupiter and the north node in the midst of the action there could be some radical changes in attitudes towards different belief systems in the world as there is more acceptance of peoples differences in this chart than the previous new moon chart, where Saturn was totally in charge with his patriarchal ways, so now there is a chance of a change of heart of those in power to have a more sensitive approach to issues relating to anything that is different to what "they" believe is right according to their own limited understanding.

So new beliefs and strategies and changing laws, much transformatioin is showing in this new moon chart in the times ahead.

People will be forced to work together more rather than shutting out the unknown and fearful, and ignoring it totally.

Today the exact aspects are Mercury quintile Ceres which is all about understanding peoples differences and loving them anyway - even those who are often hard to deal with and again its about not just words but actions as Ceres in Aries is very much like that when showing she cares.
(This is good for Virgos, Geminis, Cancerians and Arians).

Not having exact hard aspects of difficult planets on a new moon is helpful to promote a more positive month ahead with possible solutions to ongoing issues that the different countries of the world have been suffering, and also for we individuals who may have been in stuck places.

The main factor that will help with us getting out of those stuck places apart from this new moon is going to be Pluto about to oppose the Sun in a few days which as I already mentioned is going to mean some endings and new beginnings coming up by the time of the Crescent moon.

I do in fact think that many Cancerians and Capricorns are in for a total new beginning in the coming week when much old energy is finally cleared out of their lives for good.

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