Monday, July 11, 2016

Farsight's Time Cross Remote Viewing Project Foresees Orlando Shooting and Attack at Atatürk Airport in Turkey

As part of Farsight’s Time Cross Project, which is focused on delivering remote viewing based predictions each month that describe a major news event that will occur the following month, Dick Allgire and Daz Smith were able to foresee the Orlando shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in the U.S., and the attack at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, before they occurred.

The remote viewing target for each of these Time Cross Project sessions is the most newsworthy event of the upcoming month. Each session is recorded live and uploaded to YouTube.

In the above 22 minute video above, Dick Allgire’s session is covered which shows the Orlando shooting before it occurs.

Above is Daz Smith ‘s remote viewing session that picked up the attack at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, before it occurred.

I think it’s important to understand here is that the remote viewers are picking up on what the mainstream media is reporting, and therefore not what may have actually occurred behind the scenes. So if the target was set differently, the actual sessions information would be different for the remote viewer.

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