Friday, July 29, 2016

Ed Dames' Killshot | Psychic reading by Lynn from Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 28 July 2016

Q. Hi Lynn. There have been many predictions of possible solar events such as solar flashes or solar flares that could change the dynamics or life on this planet and/or the solar system.   Ed Dames actually claimed to remote view catastrophic results of the solar Killshot and also published maps of so called safe zones. There are also rumors or speculations of a Solar Flash that almost sounds metaphysical in nature. What are your views on this? And do you think being at higher elevations (Mountains)is a good idea? Thanks Lynn for your time.
A. As I look at one of his maps (I included it here in the post) and tune into it, I get an overwhelming feeling of accuracy as he has outlined it.  The one thing that really comes to me though is the time frame in which he is referring to.  I don't see this as one major event, and the earth is forever changed, but rather several events spanning over hundreds of years that create a new way we view earth.  Things look to take phases much like dominoes.

I do see solar flares as a contributing cause as they hit the earth and much of the energy is absorbed in the crust (to later be released in the form of earthquakes- I hear "energy is not created or destroyed, but rather held or displaced in another way").  The sun's intensity combined with the release of energy in the form of earthquakes looks to be the main cause of the geographic change. (The man made HAARP consequences also play a role.)

I'm also drawn to the land mass that emerges to the west of South America. I do see these areas (I noted one by California too) of very fertile land rising, and they will be valuable to the ecosystem.

Overall, I feel he is authentic and has been able to glimpse into the distant future.  He is able to illustrate what a distant earth with look like.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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