Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Chat Room for the Community

We have had a calling for a chat space for a while now and I have finally got around to sorting out a temporary one for the community to use. I say temporary as I like to be sure about something before committing, however, I also say this because if people use it enough, I will look at getting our own hosted chat room software on’s new webserver.

This room has its limitations, but it has some useful features as well. Some of us prefer to chat with text, some prefer to chat with a webcam, and some with a microphone. This room enables people to do all three.
The room also has a feature where moderators can play a video that the whole room can see — this is handy if we have specific events and or just want to watch something together at the time.
When you sign in you have the option of having a guest account and authenticating with a third party like Facebook, or you can register with your own account.
There is a bit of a process for gaining access to the room. For desktop users, first you really should head here, and click on the ‘Sign On’ button in the top right of the screen. After that you will see this screen below.

You have the option to use your Facebook account, if you have one, to pre-fill in some of the fields, or you can just freshly register (Do is fresh, I say). Once you have done this, head to this URL: and enter the room's password: source

You don’t have to register first, but from doing some tests, we have found that people run into a few problems from not registering an account. But if you don’t want to register and just try it out for a bit, then head directly to and follow the prompts, which includes making sure you are not a killer robot from the future.
So what is the purpose of this you may ask? Well, some of us like to connect in a more direct way and this room can provide that with not just the instant messaging from chat, but with microphone capability and webcam capability. More than one person can be on at once with the mic or webcam. I have listed the topics that this website is about, at the top of the chat, but it’s up to the people in the room in terms of what to discuss.
We have three moderators at the moment but more will be appointed over time if a good amount of people use the room long term. If you have any questions then feel free to comment below or contact me. You will find moderator 'MrCasual' in the room on a regular basis — he is David, and is a regular of's Facebook Group.

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