Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When Does the Soul Enter the Body? | Sadhguru

Prasoon Joshi asks spiritual teacher Sadhguru about when the soul enters the body at a talk in Mumbai, India, back in 2014. What Sadguru explains does fit into what Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon have said in their published books when this topic has come up — books based on thousands of their past life regression clients — but Sadhguru expands on that information, saying that a soul that comes in later on is likely a more advanced soul.

What comes to me now is that those souls whocome in late have a more complex energy that needs to adjust to the mother, to fit in with the process of being contained within the womb and merging with the density of the physical child that grows. They are also going to be out and about more often, as they are likely doing a bit more astral travel compared to a younger soul, so while they may come in for a bit already, it may seem like they are not fully there since they are travelling more frequently.

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