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Update on the Shift in Consciousness: The Main Event (Part 5) | A QHHT Session with Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head

I just finished transcribing Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head’s recent QHHT recording focused around the current status of the shift in consciousness, specifically around the raising frequencies in terms of the actual ongoing consciousness changes that we see very obviously now throughout humanity.

This is a very good update and provides deep information, as well as validating and complimenting a lot that I have personally shared in the past on, including the reason why we can’t always share everything, or be told everything, because there are those out there looking for such information for the purpose of control.
“And so when you, with your enhanced DNA, come into contact with any others, it changes them to some degree or another, depending on their own makeup, which includes their beliefs, their understandings, their history, and everything else about them. You could cause them to go into an instant enlightenment. There are not that many individuals where that would happen, but you certainly would cause them to… let’s say you planted a seed in their consciousness just by being in their proximity. That is how this change is spreading." — Source/HS
A quick summary of what this recording touches upon:

  • It’s said that while the changes, such as the earth changes and larger events, were expected to occur more suddenly, they are now gradual
  • There has been a lack of information from the other side for good reason over the past couple of years
  • The changes are here already, which some of us are already aware of
  • Many are advancing in a greater spiritual way, thanks to the changes, and many are being woken up by others (such as volunteers who are of a higher vibration)
  • A time coming up within the next couple of years, where more light energy from the galactic center will reach us, and provide additional consciousness changes
  • Information about people experiencing ‘strange things’ because of their new metaphysical senses from the shift in consciousness
  • How everyone is connected as one 

Suzanne Spooner — a QHHT practitioner (past life regression) — explains that when Ron is hypnotized he accesses the Creator or God energy, so this can be looked at as being a bit different to the usual higher self connection, as per the QHHT process, but then my personal understanding of the higher self is that it is right beside source (God/Creator), dimensionally speaking, so the difference is minimal, if not the same. This method is something Suzanne and Ron do on a regular basis, so you can find more sessions over on their website,
You can listen to the 34 minute recording below, or read my transcript underneath.
Suzanne: “Well it has been almost two years since we conducted a session here for speaking with self. So thank you for bringing Ron back to Des Moines so we can continue these conversations. Anything that you would like to start off with before we start into the actual session?”
S/Ron: “A large part of the purpose for him being here is so that we can continue these communications, although there are other considerations as well. They are ready to proceed.”
Suzanne: “It has been a while since we have done a session like this. We would like to have an update for what we were calling the event, when we were meeting before. It’s been, like I said, nearly two years since we had this conversation so if you would just like to share with us what your perspective is on the event, the events shaping humanity in its ascension, we would greatly appreciate it.”
S/Ron: “As you know, we sort of let that topic dry up in our communication because it had been, shall we say, the term was highjacked by those insisting on thinking about it in terms of their financial, or their political, or their personal agendas, and that has continued. There are even websites regarding the event, and that is lamentable, however, what we were calling the event, which is not entirely, but primarily, a conscious event — an energetic event — and even in your awareness is in actuality in progress at this time. A lot of change has occurred since those days and today. A lot of change has been made in mankind’s consciousness between those days and today. In those days we described something which would have been rather abrupt, and disconcerting to many, many who would not have understood what happened at all, and things have taken, shall we say, turn, to make the event a much more gradual process.
As we said, it is happening, it’s not that it will happen — you are in the middle of it. If you look around you now you will see many of those changes which others have created, in a manner of speaking. By looking for them you will see changes happening in your society. You will see a lot of changes happening in your sciences, and there still will be a light event which we described earlier, it will be a change in the light, it will not be as shocking, it will not be as… it will not cause society to come to a standstill. The main event, oh I like that term, will be the tipping at which humanity arrives, which is very, very close, and will cause people to start coming together, cause people to start understanding who they are more and more.
There are many teachers in the world now who understand that what they are bringing through is the teaching of who you are and what you are, and what your purpose is. That has been hidden from you for a very, very long time. However, major, major changes have been instigated, another word… another word… many changes have begun, even to your DNA. There are now millions of people in the world whose DNA is not what it was just a few years ago, and it is spreading like a virus. It’s not a contagion.
As we have spoken with you before, when one’s vibration rises, when one’s consciousness expands, when one’s awareness broadens, it changes everything around it. And so when you, with your enhanced DNA, come into contact with any others, it changes them to some degree or another, depending on their own makeup, which includes their beliefs, their understandings, their history, and everything else about them. You could cause them to go into an instant enlightenment. There are not that many individuals where that would happen, but you certainly would cause them to… let’s say you planted a seed in their consciousness just by being in their proximity. That is how this change is spreading.
You’re going to reach a state where all of the things physically that you worry about now, this illness, that illness, will not be able to affect you anymore. You will be impervious. There are parts of your DNA that were deactivated many thousands of years ago, to put you into the state that you have been in most of your lives now, and you were invaded by a group of babies, of children, who brought in the new DNA, among other things. It’s becoming common place for you now to find four year old geniuses, six year old concert pianists — they brought with them this DNA, the new vibration, the new frequencies, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Especially to those who invite it, who work consciously to raise their own vibration. People think of them as Pollyannas. People think of them of those who prefer to bury their heads in the sand like ostriches, and not know what is going on. And there are those who would match that description, however, even though they may be Pollyannas, still their frequencies are held at a level of acceptance of the light. And as we said, you are approaching a tipping point.
You like to speak of the 100th monkey syndrome, it’s exactly what it is, although whether or not there was actually a 100 monkeys involved is somewhat problematic, but there is a point in your consciousness with which a relative few of you, when you are speaking of seven billion plus people, have made the change, then the rest of society will follow, almost we would have said be forced to follow but that is not the case since you have free will. But it does happen. You can look back in your history and see it happen over and over and over again. It happened with internal combustion engines. It happened with steam engines. It happened with the adoption of algebra, which is a Moorish word for when they brought science from the Middle East into Europe, you had a renaissance. These things happen over and over and over again. All of a sudden the 100th monkey is washing his potatoes too. 
You’re coming to the point where it is going to take an active will to remain in the dark. You are going to have to refuse the enlightenment which is coming your way, and of course there won’t be many who will refuse it, and even they are not permanently rejected, not permanently outside of the light, they will merely make their decision at a later time. This has always been the case, only now instead of speaking of one or six, or twelve, enlightened persons, we are now speaking of an entire society, of an entire planet, which is going to shift back into the evolutionary trajectory upon which it was placed in the first place.
Many of you thought, when you first heard of this, that you would not be here to see it happen. However many of you have decided to stick around to see the results. Many are leaving now, you see it reported every day, and they are leaving because their decision is, ‘I want to get out so I can come back and see it when it’s done.’ And there are others who are saying, ‘Mmm hmmmm, I don’t want to leave yet. I want to watch it happen.’ And the time that you are in right now, this twelve to twenty four months that you are in right now, we have told you through many other sources, will be the time when everything changes. When we say that, we mean that the change will have begun in such a way that it can no longer be postponed or derailed.
It does not mean you will be living in futuristic cities in twenty four months, it means that the change would have been made in the sense that it cannot be postponed or derailed, and you will know it. Those who look around and understand what they are seeing now, already know it. Both those who expect it and work toward it, they understand it is happening, and those who are working against it also understand very well that it is happening — make no mistake, there are those, but they no longer hold sway. There are too many of you and you are too strong, and those who understand who they are and where their power lies, are increasing in their numbers.
We think that is quite enough to say now. We do not, and will not, enter into specifics, both because they tend to change moment to moment, and because… also make no mistake, there are those who make it a point to know about the things that we tell you, even though if you ask them they would laugh. Their way of trying to make you ineffective is to make you the point of humour, of a joke. You are a conspiracy theorist, you are one of those ‘woo woo’ people, you are this, you are that. But they are aware. They purposefully maintain their awareness of what we are telling you, and so there are things we will not tell you because it gives them, you understand, something to act against, something to anticipate. They have technologies which can see ahead, but they are also aware there are timelines which their technologies cannot detect. And they have been trying to rectify that little problem for about ten years now, unsuccessfully. So we still have some surprises in store for them — let’s keep it that way.”
Suzanne: “You said earlier in this conversation, there will be a change in the light. Can you just explain about that a little bit more?”
S/Ron: “There are many scientific understandings and explanations of light; visible light, ultraviolet light, infrared light, dark light, which are merely labels which you have put upon properties of what is light. But by no means have you exhausted the possible things that you can understand about light. You will be able to find, if you look, an announcement, very recent, that we have discovered a new kind of light. Well, it’s not new, there is nothing new, there is no new light, there is no new ideas, there is no new truth, what is, is. Which is the only way it can be if everything is internal, if everything is now. But there are new discoveries, new understandings, and there is also light approaching you which your scientists have known about for quite some time, and not told you but that should not be surprising.
There is a wave of light approaching you which left the center of your galaxy a long time ago — in terms of time, which we won’t get into that joke. And when it arrives, just as all light is and does, it will bring change. It will bring information. It will bring consciousness that is what it is. That is what everything is. Everything is light, everything is energy, and everything is consciousness that is what I am. That is what you are, and that is why it affects you the way it does. And when it gets there, which is very soon now, it will merely accelerate all that we have been discussing. ”
Suzanne: “And the changes that we would notice, once that wave of light arrives, what would those things be?”
S/Ron: “You will notice an acceleration as we said. All the little games that you play, all the little financial things that everybody has been waiting for, all the of the societal and Government things that everybody have been expecting, why, why is because all of those things are a reflection of your consciousness. They are what you built and they are what you will build. They are what you created and they are what you will create. It is all a mirror of your understandings, your beliefs.
So far, your histories, but you are beginning to leave those behind. You are beginning to understand that they don’t work anymore and you are tossing them overboard and saying, ‘great, I want this.’ And the power to make that happen is you. The energy which you use can and will be enhanced. A great deal of new to you, information, and awareness, is on the way.
Now understand we are talking in terms of pasts and presents and futures, and that’s not really the things are, and we have had that conversation before. It’s just very difficult to have that conversation in a 3D linear, one word after the other, and way of communicating. We can tell you and you are beginning to understand, when we say things like, ‘it already is.’ Now it already is because you are the cause and it is the effect and the effect is inherent to the cause. If you have a cause made, the effect already exists and you have made the cause — you are the cause. ”
Suzanne: “Recently when I do my mediations, I will see pictures of places and rooms — activity going on where I don’t know where it’s at, and I can see it from almost a point up high. I have a friend who is being woken up by hearing tapping on glass, or the phone ringing when it’s not, or someone knocking on the door when it’s not, what are these connections that are making themselves more known to people?”
S/Ron: “As you allow your awareness to expand, you become aware of parts of consciousness. Now we could say parts of your consciousness, but you see as soon as we insert the word, ‘your’, we are inserting a perceived separateness. When what is actually happening is that you are beginning to perceive the non-separateness of your consciousness.
Consciousness is capable of knowing and seeing, and understanding, and hearing, anything it wants, anywhere it wants, anywhen it wants. But in order to function, you filter it down into what you focus upon. And that was very, very useful for those who wanted to control you. We won’t get into those histories, because it’s not really related to the subject, but as you relax now and your focus begins to weaken, you begin to see more and more things, which at first will surprise you. Many think they are going nuts — that’s a funny word; they think they are going a bit insane, because after all, this doesn’t happen to sane people, you have been told.  
Now a Shaman in Africa would say, ‘now look, a budding Shaman!’ People are having, many déjà vu moments — no, they are just seeing what they already saw. They really did already see it, they already knew it, and where it is coming around again. No, it’s not, there is no time. People having always been told, and even suspected, that they went to other places and did other things, when they were asleep at night. Now you are becoming aware of that. There are parts of your consciousness who are in other places, and they are doing other things.
There is only one consciousness. I am that I am. But even on your tiny, tiny, little planet, and even only concerning your one little species out of the billions that are there, there are more than seven billion different facets, focus points, of the consciousness.
God, which is a word you like to use, or Allah, or whatever, is not a person. So when I say I am, I am not talking about anybody different than you are talking about when you say, ‘I am.’ The most powerful thing you can say is, ‘I am.’ And there the conversation must need to stop, as we are now talking into dimensions and terms of things that don’t fit into your linear communication. As you have known for thousands of years, and been told by all of your teachers, it can be known, it can be felt, it can be understood, but you can only explain it by pointing at what it is not. What I am not, which is kind of silly as there is nothing I am not.”
Suzanne: “That is kind of a… (Conundrum?) Yes, that is exactly the word I was looking for. Well that gives us a lot of information to digest. That’s great. Thank you so very much for coming through with all of that.”

* * *

As a reminder, you can find Suzanne and Ron's website here,, where they have further sessions together.

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Editor of, Laron is a writer, healing facilitator, poet and spiritual teacher from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others through sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see as the observer — we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master, trained Crystal Healer and Tarot reader. You can find Laron on Facebook.

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