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Unspun News for the 11th June 2016

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“Indonesia's army will give "semi-military" weapons training to unemployed men and "gangsters" on Bali, under a program that has raised concern about the re-emergence of military influence.”  Can you say ‘metastasis’?

“Despite a vow to withdraw thousands of U.S. troops from Afghanistan by 2017, President Barack Obama this week veered the opposite direction, widening the U.S. military's role in the entrenched, 15-years-long conflict.“  I think that’s called ‘pre-positioning’?

“Hurtling toward the precipice of war, Modi cements Indo-US alliance;  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day visit to Washington this week marked a watershed in the transformation of India into a frontline state in US imperialism’s military-strategic offensive against China.”  Bye-bye BRICS?

Evo Morales - probably one of the BEST leaders any S.American nation has ever had - “US intelligence agencies have ramped up their operations intended to remove Bolivian President Evo Morales from office. All options are on the table, including assassination. Barack Obama, who sees the weakening of Latin America’s “hostile bloc of populist states” as one of his administration’s foreign-policy victories, intends to buoy this success before stepping down.”

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS - “Where Do Matters Stand?”  PCR at his analytical best - and RIGHT in ya face.  “On the eve of World War II the United States was still mired in the Great Depression and found itself facing war on two fronts with Japan and Germany. However bleak the outlook, it was nothing compared to the outlook today.”

“Turkey, Romania & Poland determined to expand US missile defense in Europe – Ankara“

US - “More than 2.5 million ballots from California's June 7 primary are still uncounted, sparking questions about the results of the presidential contest in which Hillary Clinton emerged the winner ………”  Well how ‘bout that??

“No city in Iraq is more symbolic of the criminal consequences of the US invasion of Iraq than Fallujah. Prior to 2003, the 300,000-strong, prosperous, predominantly Sunni Muslim community on the Euphrates River, one of humanity’s oldest continuous urban settlements, was known as the “city of mosques.” After 13 years of destruction at the hands of the US military and its client state in Baghdad, it is today a labyrinth of ruins, a city of the dead.“  En route to the Planet of the Dead?

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano:- “The feds have been wearing away at the right to privacy for generations.”  And you think ‘only in Amerika’? 

“Yet another confirmation has arrived regarding what informed observers have known since the very beginning of the Syrian crisis but what, up until this point, authorities have tried to deny – that French Special Forces are active on the ground in Syria.“

“Political repression and militarization of Poland;   Poland is living today, and with some delay, a political development comparable to that of Turkey. These two States, members of the Atlantic Alliance, militarized and conduct extensive political repression“

“The Hamaoka nuclear plant sits near one of the most dangerous earthquake faults in Japan. If this wasn’t concerning enough, now they want to restart one of the reactor units that was flooded with seawater.”   Is this some sort of national-level hara-kiri???

M6.1 @ 36km, Nicaragua

M5.9 @ 60km, Solomon Is.

M5.2 @ 1km, S’n California.

M5.2 @ 10km, Ascension Is region.

M5.2 @ 40km, Tonga 

M5.7 @ 2km, Fiji region.

“Before and after: Severe storms hit Sydney's northern beaches;  Explore these interactive photos to see the impact this week's severe storms had on Sydney's beachfront suburbs.”

“…. millions of spiders flee the deadly floods in Tasmania creating massive webs. Incredible pictures show how these spiders use a technique called ballooning to escape floodwaters… and cover whole trees in spider webs.”  I’ve seen this - but only at ‘crop top’ heights.“

“All over the planet, global weather patterns have gone completely nuts.  Just over the past few days we have seen “life threatening” heatwaves, extremely dangerous wildfires, vicious tornadoes and unprecedented flooding – and that is just in the United States.  And of course this is just the continuation of a trend that stretches back to last year, when extremely weird weather created “apocalyptic-like conditions” in many areas around the world.  So why is this happening?”   Oh, GOSH!!!!  Do the the words violent, random, unpredictable, chaotic, etc come to mind?  “If our weather continues to spiral out of control, it is inevitable that there will be major famines, widespread riots and tremendous political unrest all over the planet.”

“Super-computer modelling of Earth's crust and upper-mantle suggests that ancient geologic events may have left deep 'scars' that can come to life to play a role in earthquakes, mountain formation, and other ongoing processes on our planet. This changes the widespread view that only interactions at the boundaries between continent-sized tectonic plates could be responsible for such events.”

“The Ghosts That Haunt Our Oceans;   A new campaign aims to return gear dumped into the world’s oceans – a catastrophic hazard for sea life – to the source, …...“  GOOD!

“South American Ski Resorts Digging Out From Close to 10 Feet of Snow“

“Widespread flooding engulfs Accra, Ghana“

“Tasmania's government-owned energy company has been asked to explain why it conducted cloud seeding over Tasmania's Derwent Valley the day before flooding began this week.“   DUH…….

Forget the rest - fly in the BEST!  “Why Russia's New Irkut MC-21 Passenger Plane Leads the Pack (Video);  MS-21, the first long-range aircraft constructed in modern Russia, is more economical, comfortable and up to date than its American, European and Chinese competitors.”

“Practical Tips for Raising Earth-Conscious Children“  Once, this was unnecessary - now, it is essential…..


“Sunspot AR2552 has developed a 'beta-delta' magnetic field that poses a threat for M-class solar flares. Also, a new sunspot is emerging at the circled location.”

“Does electricity energize the galaxies?  In the cosmos there are regions where stars range in thousand light-year lines. Elsewhere, rings of stars can be found, along with galaxies stretching in filaments for enormous distances.“  The EU ideas get more fascinating (and more logical!) by the day!!

“Astrophysicists from the University of Birmingham have captured the sounds of some of the oldest stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way.“  I bet they sound sort of crackly and hissy - you know, sort of electric!

LOTS of info here - the Mullum Wi-Fi original website page.



“Unnecessary noise is the most cruel absence of care that can be inflicted on sick or well.” 

~~ Florence Nightingale

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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