Monday, June 13, 2016

Unspun News for the 13th June 2016

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EXCELLENT (and IMO definitive) article re ‘Global Warming’   “The Hyping of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) Required Weather Myths”  

PEPE ESCOBAR - “The bottom line – thinly disguised by the somewhat polite responses to Pentagon threats – is that Beijing simply won’t accept anymore a geopolitical disorder that it did not create. The Chinese could not give a damn to the New World Order (NWO) (….) Beijing is engaged in building a new, multipolar order. No wonder – alongside with strategic partner Russia – they are and will continue to be the Pentagon’s top twin threat.”

“EU Presents New Plan to Curb Migrants' Flows from Africa”  How about dealing with the problem instead of the result?

“Palestinian aid is under review by the British government after it was alleged some of the funds are paying the ‘salaries’ of terrorists. The probe comes as the US promised to give Israel the “largest military aid package in history.”  OK - what’s wrong with this picture, in Human terms?

“How Recep Erdogan became the most powerful man in Europe;   Turkey’s thuggish president has European leaders exactly where he wants them.“  Just quietly, while you weren’t looking…...

Killary Clinton’s ‘Victory’ - “Whoever did this timed the act to make California’s vote moot before the day of the primary. According to the newswires, this was an astonishing success.“ … “This article was brazen propaganda, and something new:  A declaration of fait accompli victory the night before a single June 7th primary vote was cast.“  Remember that … 

“A US warplane hit the forces of an allied Sunni Muslim militant group that Washington had trained in an apparent case of friendly fire in late May, according to a WSJ report.”

“Quneitra, SANA-Local sources in Quneitra province revealed that terrorist organizations had been distributing Israeli-made foodstuff to the locals in the areas under their control.“


M5.3 @ 8km, Kuril Is.

GREAT!!!!!  “World’s First Edible Six-Pack Rings Feed Marine Animals Instead of Strangling Them“  (But Big Plastic will fight it tooth and nail….)

HAWAII - “USGS Volcano Alert Level for Mauna Loa elevated from ‘normal’ to ‘advisory’ status”

UK - “Flash floods have hit south London for the second time in the space of a week. (…) The flooding has sparked chaos on the roads in the Purley area with drivers delayed at the A23 Purley Cross after Foxley Lane was shut.“

UK - Greater Manchester - “Amazed residents have captured an incredible torrent of water pouring through the streets in flooded Stockport.“

UKRAINE - “In one of the oldest cities of Western Ukraine – Lutsk – heavy rain flooded the city literally. The rain started on Thursday, June 9, in the afternoon.  However, the rain in Lutsk was replaced by snow and hail. As a result of natural “surprises” the city is not only flooded, but also covered with snow.”

“At least 5 people are missing in southwest China's Guizhou Province following heavy rainfall that started affecting the province a few days ago, authorities said Sunday, June 12, 2016.“

“Unprecedented new details of medieval cities hidden under jungle in Cambodia near Angkor Wat have been revealed using lasers, archaeologists say, shedding new light on the civilisation behind the world's largest religious complex.”



“This weekend, Earth is moving through a stream of solar wind flowing from a coronal hole in the sun.”
ALSO - “New sunspot AR2554 is growing rapidly, but it does not yet pose a threat for strong flares. Solar activity remains low”

“Astronomers using the OISTER telescope consortium in Japan have uncovered new information about the origin of 'extraordinary supernovae' explosions, which are brighter than normal ones.”

EXCELLENT ARTICLE - Fluoride - “First there is a misconception about it. We are told by our loving government, which is actually just a bunch of corporations, controlled by a small group of families, that fluoride is good for your teeth, and prevents cavities.”  And DO check out the pic at bottom - a pineal gland (the seat of your soul) - calcified.

“Wejoice! Wejoice! It’s Time for a Woyal Pardon“  About the most sensible comment I’ve seen on this grovelling…..


“And so we sit, placidly observing the circus of our evolution, driven by fear and greed… instead of participating, dynamic and positive forces, guiding the planet and all aboard her ever higher … “

~~ Sheik Zaġāyah

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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