Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Popular Posts On transients.info's Facebook Page (June)

It’s interesting to look at what’s important to people. Below I list the top ten posts on transients.info’s Facebook Page for this month.

I find that a lot of people on Facebook have a very short attention span — on average I mean; this applies to social networking in general. What I also find is that people can ‘like’ anything, very fast, without even realising what it is on a deeper level, such as investigating an actual page on Facebook, as a lot of these pages relate to websites, which is the situation with the transients Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

I can pick up energy easily and the energy of 'Facebook' just doesn’t resonate with me based on where I am at now — so it’s becoming an ongoing battle for me with regards to interacting and keeping a presence on there. 

Let’s get to those popular posts for this month!

#10: 1,297 reached (link)

#9: 1,353 reached (link)

#8: 1,372 reached (link)

#7: 1,462 reached (link —satire)

#6: 1,744 reached (link)

#5: 1,902 reached (link)

#4: 2,202 reached (link)

#3 2,538 reached (link)

#2: 2,827 reached (link)

#1: 3,555 people reached (link — I did 'boost' this post to reach more)

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