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Paul LaViolette & Athanassios Nassikas' Superconducting Levitation Thruster

Physicist and author Dr. Paul LaViolette, who I have previously mentioned a number of times in various articles on transients.info because of his research into the G2 Cloud, and the general situation surrounding the shift in consciousness in terms of the influences of galactic stellar waves (His book Earth Under Fire holds some amazing research around this), has been working on a crowd funding project to help develop a superconducting thruster.

Paul LaViolette says, “Calculations indicate that the test thruster we intend to build should develop a thrust about 13.6 times the thruster's own weight. In other words, a group of these thrusters could easily lift a vehicle off the ground. This thrust-to-weight ratio is about 9 times that of the Space Shuttle main engine! A more practical production version should be capable of generating thrusts even 20 times greater at liquid nitrogen temperatures.”
LaViolette is helping our Dr. Athanassios Nassikas who invented this technology. Nassikas is a professor who did previously work with the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly, Greece (recently retired). In early 2015 the professor filed a patent for this technology and the next step is to conduct, and test, a proof of concept. That is where LaViolette’s crowd funding campaign comes in.
The technology requires small quantity of liquid helium and nitrogen to make it work, which means it is essentially pollutionless.
Paul also reports that the Nassikas thruster-II technology could make the following possible:
  • Cruise ships that could levitate as in the movie The Fifth Element.
  • Space shuttles that could lift off the Earth without the help of rockets.
  • Interplanetary shuttles that could fly to Mars in 5 days, not 9 months as NASA currently has in mind.
  • Manned space ships that could attain near light speed velocities and travel to the nearest star system (e.g., Proxima Centauri) in 4.5 years, instead of 20,000 years.
  • Thrusters that could produce shaft torque to generate pollution-free electricity.
  • A scooter that could not only move forward, but hover and fly above the ground.
  • A "hoverboard" something like that depicted in the sci fi movie Back to the Future, which the movie predicted would be in common circulation in 2015.

An 11 minute video talking about the Superconducting Levitation Thruster
Over on LaViolette’s site, etheric.com, he very recently posted an update on the status of this crowd funding project.

"The Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for the Nassikas II levitation thruster ended on June 2nd (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/superconducting-levitation-thruster/x/13625374#/).  At that point a total of 285 backers had provided 60% of the needed $32,000 goal amount.  This amounted to 54% of the needed funds after subtracting credit card and PayPal fees as well as the Indiegogo commission.  However, at the conclusion of the campaign, an angel donor, Dorothy, came forward and contributed the remaining $14,618  needed to achieve our goal.  Thanks to Dorothy and all the others who contributed, we were able to inform the superconductor manufacturer to begin work on the conical superconducting coil.  This phase will take several months, the time needed for the company to schedule and begin work on the coil construction.
If the liquid nitrogen test is successful, we will need an additional $9000 to conduct an additional liquid helium test of the coil’s propulsion force.  Those wishing to make further contributions to this project may still submit donations through PayPal to email address starcode@aol.com (Starlane Publications) and those funds will be added to the Nassikas thruster project account.  For those wishing to make large donations by bank transfer to our dedicated bank account for the project, please send an email to ethericgate@gmail.com."

To find out more about this project, head to the IndieGoGo crowdfunding site here. I have corresponded with Paul in the past, as he did have a read through one of my articles based on the stretching of time, so I do have his email if anyone is very keen to get in touch, possibly for supporting this work in another way.

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