Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Indian Spiritual Teacher Sadhguru Talking at the Tempodrom, Germany, on the 3rd of July

A volunteer for the Isha Foundation — a non-profit, spiritual organization founded in 1992 by Sadhguru — contacted me today, as he follows, and wanted to let me know that spiritual teacher Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev will be conducting a public talk in Berlin on the 3rd of July next month. The location is at the Tempodrom from 3PM-5PM, with the talk focused on the topic of inner engineering and technologies for well-being.

You may have caught some of the YouTube videos I have posted in the past on the site with Sadhguru providing various spiritual teachings.
I just want to add that it is a special thing to be in the presence of a spiritual teacher like Sadhguru; words are not even needed from such a person to have the vibrational impact that such close proximity can bring. For example, there are many volunteer souls who have come here for this time, all over the globe, who bring with them a higher level of spiritual vibration because of their soul progression, and their energies provide a very positive influence on the ongoing shift in consciousness — including all life on Earth — which is a very a similar situation to the impact of someone like Sadhguru.
Below is the official media release of the event, as well as some information about Sadhguru if you are not familiar with who he is. 
“Sadhguru is a realised yogi and mystic – a man whose passion for life spills into everything he encounters. With a keen mind and a heart that knows no boundary, Sadhguru makes the ancient yogic sciences relevant to contemporary minds, providing a door to the deeper dimensions of life.
For all of the strides we have made in science and technology, with standards of living unimaginable a century ago, most human beings still remain in search of wholeness and purpose in their lives. Sadhguru’s fundamental vision is to offer the science of inner wellbeing to every human being. From this vision stem a multitude of projects and transformational programmes, all towards the same aim: to raise every human being to the peak of their potential, be exuberant, all inclusive, in harmony within themselves and with the world.
Named one of India’s 50 most influential people, through an approach that does not ascribe to any belief system, Sadhguru’s work has deeply touched and transformed the lives of millions worldwide.
An author, poet, visionary and internationally renowned speaker, Sadhguru can put across quantum leaps in ideas in a downright pragmatic manner — it is this ability, perhaps, that has attracted so many universities, international conferences and corporates such as UN, TED, MIT, World Bank and the World Economic Forum to invite him as a speaker time and again. Or perhaps it is his uncanny skill to strip down complicated issues to their bare essentials. Either way, his talks have brought clarity and perception to leading intellectuals, business leaders and policy makers around the world, creating a wellspring of inclusive action and economics. This afternoon event is a rare opportunity.”

You can check Isha’s website for more information,, and find Sadhguru’s YouTube channel here also,

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