Friday, June 3, 2016

Astrology Forecast for Friday the 3rd of June, 2016 | Neptune's Magic

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The frosts in the south island of New Zealand go well with Saturn's strong opposition to the Sun, as he tries to cool down the enthusiasm and vibrancy of the Gemini sun. 
Of course he wont succeed in that with the new moon approaching in that sign, but he will have a good try as he is always a total party pooper when he gets nasty.
There's likely to be hold ups with just about everything today and it will take extra effort for most of us to get things done or even want to try, but one thing that Saturn brings is determination and persistency.

Saturn will makes some of us try extra hard if we are used to struggle and hard work anyway. 
If we work for what we want- and especially if Saturn was in a "good" aspect to important planets in our birth chart, then we can accomplish much today. Saturn admires hard work responsibility, also doing things by the book so if we tow the line today we may be rewarded later. But it is a day to take extra care with health and while travelling too as Sagittarius is involved.
Financial and legal matters will take some serious negotiating, or it might be best to avoid them altogether if you can get away with it.

Geminis and Sagittarians may need to take extra care and be prepared to put something on hold for the best results.
Venus squares Neptune which isn't very helpful in the material aspect of things, but it will at least help you dream, so perhaps today is better for dreaming our dreams and taking a trip into wonderland for a while to escape the harsh realities of Saturns world.

There are definitely two options of how to approach today which is very in tune with the duality of Gemini anyway. 
So we can put our brain into neutral and take a mental holiday or we can dive in boots and all.
All these choices are rather confusing but then that's how we are meant to feel right now... Its not quite time to make the decision and then set off on that new path but its coming soon.
Geminis, Capricorns Sagittarians, Leos, Taureans, LIbrans, Pisceans too, may have more of a dilemma that some others right now but everyone will feel the strong opposition of Saturn one way or another as it involves the sun.
Good luck with making it work in your favour - it is possible with effort.( effort being the key word).
To exaggerate just about everything today and as the new moon approaches, the moon is Perigee. And as its near enough to the new moon to have an effect on the globe, anything could happen and probably will. Being Perigee its far reaching whether political in relation to a world leader or more to do with weather and world events of a different type.
Travel is again a factor with the focus on Sag so it might pay to get travel insurance if you are travelling long distance - Saturn may misplace your luggage or cause issues with bookings...
Its interesting to note that tomorrow Jupiter will take his turn in squaring the sun which is more positive and may at least bring a little fun and humor to difficult situations.
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