Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Free Fifteen Minute Reconnective Healing For Donations This Month

For this month of June, Henda is offering a free fifteen minute reconnective distant healing for those who contribute US$10 or more in support of my time with looking after all things related. Recently I posted a transcribed QHHT session which was conducted with her earlier in the year here, and you can find one of the past articles she has written for the site here, 'My Experiences with Astral Projection'.

Henda provided this information below to help introduce the reconnective method of healing.

“Reconnective Healing is a new spectrum of Light and Information, of a very high frequency. With the RH frequencies the practitioner doesn’t need to use specific techniques, the frequencies work on the person, and know how and where to heal on their own. Distant healing results are the same as when giving a healing in person, as the healing energy is very strong since it is empowered by the quantum field. When receiving a healing you may feel yourself flying, or your body tingling; you will also notice that your body is moving from where it is, and you may feel very light as you are transported through these frequencies, like a soul travelling on a beam of light. The experience may differ from person to person — healing is a process. A typical session lasts about 35 minutes, which is really the most effective amount of time. After the session the RH frequencies are carried in your bodies and stay for a long while. You may experience a new spiritual journey and may even heal from something you have been suffering from for a very long time, which could be a physical illness that you have never been able to heal before. A RH session is a very profound journey through your soul.” 

While this fifteen minute session is free, you do of course have the option of going longer, or scheduling another session with Henda if you choose to do so. She can let you know about the costs and any further information. You can find Henda's website here,

Last month I was giving away three gifts for each donation made, for the purpose of raising money to help me out with’s plant medicine spiritual journey into Peru next year. I was able to raise $821 (US) in total. Thanks again everyone!

To donate head on over to the 'Donate' link in the menu.

Eric Pearl, the person behind the reconnection technique, does have a 2004 book published focused on this healing modality. You can find it here on Amazon. 

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