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What happened to Prince? | Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 10 May 2016

Q. Is this what happened to Prince as well? Or was he really addicted to pain medication. Thank you!

Lynn thank you. Please what happened to Prince? So many conflicted stories: addiction, AIDS, never touched drugs. What really killed him?

A number of these celebrities have been killed long before they reach high status fame and are replaced with clones of I themselves. I feel this was the case with Prince.
A. Lots of curiosity regarding this, so let me get started... As I tune into him, I see that Prince was Prince the whole time.  Some may have doubt that there was a clone involved with his identity, but I get he was his true self during his entire timeline.  He did go through a metamorphosis as he got older, and I hear that a huge spiritual shift occurred for him when he went through the phase in which he wanted to be called "The Artist formerly known as Prince."

He did have knowledge of the PTB and their secret agendas.  He was privy to a lot of information, and had lots of powerful friends.  I get that he did a lot of work on himself to open up spiritually, and I see him meditating (looks like he even belonged to a small, private meditation / spiritual group??).   He was very observant and intelligent.  I see that sometimes people didn't give credit to just how bright he was.

He put a lot of effort into being peaceful and calm, but politics and the government really upset him.  I see him being passive aggressive toward the government / PTB through his art and music.  The more older and spiritually open he got, the bolder he was with his passive aggressiveness.  I see him "hiding in plain sight" the all seeing eye and wearing symbolic designs (jewelry, clothing, album covers, etc) as if to say, "You may be watching, but I am watching you and know what you are all about."

He looks like he fought back, didn't have fear, and tried to get others to "see" things too.  He got to where he even started to lose the "passive" part, and became just aggressive in his interviews and discussions with people.  At that point the PTB knew they had to eliminate him to make an example for those that considered following in his footsteps.

When I focus to see how it was done, I get it was in an unusual way.  I see an individual bag of nuts, and then I hear the phrase "peanut dust, check the peanut dust."  It is hard to determine if he had a nut allergy of if he was reacting to some kind of dust on the peanuts, but there looks to be a direct connection between him being in the presence to this bag of peanuts.

I see a man in a black suit and is wearing a headset like a secret service person (body guard, government official????).  He looks to be the one that supplied the "peanuts."  My impression is that this person was someone that Prince knew and was familiar to him.

I then see that after his death several "BIG" places (such as Niagara Falls to symbolize Purple Rain) turned purple.  I get there were areas all over the world that had similar behavior.  The "excuse" used was that they were celebrating the Queen's birthday, but there was no coincidence that his death and the "purple" behavior paying tribute to the sacrifice occurred at the same time.  The PTB wanted to give the Queen a BIG birthday gift.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

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