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Unspun News for the 9th May 2016

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“NATO is moving closer to Russia's borders throwing a monkey wrench in the possibility of the US-Russian d├ętente; incredibly as it may seem, it is presented as Moscow's "provocation" by Washington's hawks…”  This one is definitely a ‘need-to-read’ …...

“CIA’s New “bin Laden” Setting Up Libya Terror State”   “The ongoing crisis in Libya pushes the West to make attempts to consolidate powerful political leaders over the “unity government” project. The main criteria of such involvement is the ability of these leaders to provide military assistance to the Western-backed government.”  Simple, really, eh?

“The British government is waging an information war in Syria by funding media operations for some of the so called moderate rebel fighting groups.“

“The climate movement was out in force on Saturday as demonstrators from Australia to Philadelphia laid their bodies down and raised their voices up to demand a just transition to renewable energy.”  About time too - but probably too late for Gaia.

THIS is TTIP (and TPP as well…) “...the Obama administration has been pressuring the European Union to allow the importation of hormone-tainted meat and genetically-modified food products in return for easing US import tariffs on European automobiles. Critics of the TTIP claim that it is nothing more the companion Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) on steroids, as far as granting multinational corporations unlimited powers to override national and supranational laws.”

A new and very interesting ‘twist’ on the Port Arthur event…. Just when you thought it was all done and dusted….   “Permission denied. This has to happen”

US - Hanford reactor - “EPA data reveals “sharp spike in radiation level” around US nuclear site — “It’s been reportedly leaking huge amounts of radioactive materials for more than 2 weeks” — Evacuations enacted… Almost 50 workers have sought medical attention… Symptoms include bleeding ulcers, burned lungs “

M5.9 @ 30km, Oaxaca, Mexico

M4.6 @ 37km, Offshore Valparaiso, Chile.

US - “PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - A spring storm brings winter-like conditions to the Coachella Valley. Rain drops fell on the valley floor and our local mountains got a dusting of snow.“

NZ - “Temperatures have risen to a 16-year high and surface activity has been reported at Mt Ruapehu's crater lake in the central North Island.”

AT LAST!  An objective, informed comment re coral bleaching on the GBR.  DEFINITE must read, for some perspective.

ZG - “You can treat this as a “what if” perception or however you like, but the effect of powerful information and perceptive understanding is massive. As for me, I actually think the parasitic “powers that want to be” have a very real respect for people who “get it”. They not only get a kick out of us tracking them, but more importantly many levels of the cabal actually learn from us since they’re so helplessly blinded by their own compartmentalized program.
Stay with me, this is extremely empowering.”   DO THAT!!!!!

Excellent little essay about life in the Universe … and slow is better than fast….

“Objects from two lost underwater cities recently discovered off the Egyptian coast are being revealed to the public in a “blockbuster” British Museum exhibition.”

“6 Extraordinary Cases Of Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives“

“New evidence has come forward that claims to PROVE once and for all that aliens DID visit a military base in the UK when a mass sighting of UFOs allegedly took place.”


“A G3 - Strong geomagnetic storm conditions were observed beginning 05:59 UTC on May 8, 2016. G2 - Moderate to G3 - Strong geomagnetic storm conditions are expected through the rest of the day and possibly into May 9 and 10. This activity is caused by a recurrent, equatorial, negative polarity coronal hole high speed stream.“ …. “It is worth noting that G2 and 3 geomagnetic storms were not expected.“  Ooooopsy…..

“Solar activity is low. None of these sunspots pose a threat for strong flares.”
AND - Auroras - “The display was caused by negative-polarity magnetic fields in the space around Earth. Researchers call this type of interplanetary magnetic field "negative IMF" or "southward-pointing B-sub-z." Such fields easily link to Earth's magnetic field, opening a crack in our planet's magnetosphere. Solar wind can pour in to fuel spectacular auroras”

JON RAPPOPORT - “Two more MMR vaccine whistleblowers: they’re suing;  Where there’s smoke and fire—there’s more fire.  You pro-vaccine soccer moms: pay attention.“
JON again - “Protection, protection, protection—that’s the cover the government keeps pushing.   Meanwhile, the vaccines they’re foisting on pregnant women have a track record of damage.”

“Dandelion root far more effective in fighting cancer cells than chemotherapy”

“Passenger Fears Professor Doing Math Is A Terrorist, Delays Flight 2 Hours“  Guess where?


“Like formal education stunts the mental growth of a child;
Like religions stunt the spiritual growth of an individual;
Vaccinations and Drugs stunt the growth of the wondrous human body.”

~~Dr. Leo Rebello

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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