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Unspun News for the 4th May 2016

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PEPE ESCOBAR - MUST READ.  “Major turbulence seems to be the name of the game in 2016. Yet the current turbulence may be interpreted as the calm before the next, devastating geopolitical/financial storm. Let’s review the current state of play via the dilemmas afflicting the House of Saud, the EU and BRICS members Russia, Brazil and China.”

“Kerry To Negotiate New Ceasefire In Syria - But With His Own Side“  THIS is how bizarre things have become now…...

“China - Preserving Sovereignty or Sliding into Western Sponsored ‘Color Revolutions’”  China is aware of what those colour revolutions really are …...

“...more than 100 executives from some of the world’s largest financial institutions gathered […] at the Times Square office of Nasdaq Inc. They weren’t there to just talk about blockchain, the new technology some predict will transform finance, but to build and experiment with the software. By the end of the day, they had seen something revolutionary - U.S. dollars transformed into pure digital assets, able to be used to execute and settle a trade instantly. That’s the promise of a blockchain...“  Promise?  Or threat?

“Tel Aviv has discovered that the first section of the unfolding US- and Russian-sponsored Syrian peace plan includes a provision to restore Syria’s sovereignty throughout all its territory, including in the Golan Heights that was annexed by Israel.“   Oooopsy!

Syrian Information Minister - “Saudi and Turkish regimes responsible for bloodshed in Aleppo”.

“Chavez was known for speaking his mind and stirring up controversy, which is one reason why people speculate about his death.”  Lots of speculative tweaks here - read and ponder….

“As Obama Preps To Send Troops Into Syria The US Gov’t Is Already Planning Their Next Major Coup” “A nonviolent coup to depose a democratically-elected president and install some of the most corrupt politicians — who, not coincidentally happen to be favored by the U.S. political establishment — is currently underway in Brazil.”

“All epidemics and pandemics of the past 30 years are fabrications of the UN system and its partners in crime at the national level for the purpose of lowering births below the magic line of replacement level fertility and, more recently, also for limiting life to an economically acceptable and environmentally sustainable age.”  Unless Gaia gets there first…..

4 min video - “'The White Helmets', fake 'Syrian’ humanitarian group, exposed as an al Qaeda support group headed by a British military man and funded by the US Government.”

“Deflation spreads to Australia“

“Fukushima ‘ice wall’ could destroy reactor units, turn site into swamp — Risk of fractures, ground movement, building subsidence — Must be frozen for 200 years…..“  a collection of comments re the ludicrous ice wall…..

Oz - Tas - “The weather bureau is warning Tasmanians of a wet and windy week ahead, after gusts associated with a cold front caused widespread power outages overnight.“  They’re right so far!

“A traditional owner of the Flinders Ranges area short-listed to become a national nuclear waste dump says the plan is an "attack on our culture" that would "desecrate" sacred sites.”

Oz - SA - “Ferry services to South Australia's Kangaroo Island have been cancelled for the rest of the day and SES volunteers have been kept busy due to severe weather conditions across the state.”

“Could the earthquake that just struck the New Madrid fault seismic zone near the town of La Center, Kentucky be a “foreshock” for a much bigger quake yet to come?“  

M5.6 @ 10km, Pacific-Antarctic Ridge.

US - Tx - “Dallas/Fort Worth record broken for latest coldest day in May“

“Extraordinary Heat Wave Sweeps Southeast Asia and Points Beyond”  Chaotic, random, unpredictable….

ZG - this is an EXCELLENT essay that  reveals the control means and purposes of organised religions.  (As opposed to ‘ways of life’ - e.g. Buddhism.) While you are grovelling to Icons, you are NOT evolving spiritually - so you remain enslaved. Sweet set-up, eh?

“Court Takes Child From Mother After She Mentions Chemtrails At School“  No, that’s not a spoof…. Paying attention yet?

"Huxley described a future in which the world was run by a global government. In this world the only religion was consumption, machines do the majority of the work, and people, sorted by castes and by social position, remain in a state of eternal euphoria, thanks to propaganda and hallucinogenic drugs."  Huxley was very prophetic, eh?


“Hidden in the sunspot numbers are long-term trends. See the graph below.  Orbiting observatories since 1978 show solar irradiance and sunspot number are associated.“  Interesting results!  “Sunspots have increased by 1 percent per year since 1700. This suggests recovery from the Little Ice Age of 1660 to 1710. A major increase in sunspot trend was observed from 1940 to 2002.  This is coinciding with the atmospheric CO2 increase. This suggests that the temperature-CO2 correlation is spurious, rather than causal.”  Big sting in THAT tail!

“Solar activity is low.”  ALSO - “Earth is entering a stream of debris from Halley's Comet, source of the annual eta Aquariid meteor shower. Forecasters expect the shower to peak on the nights around May 5th and 6th”

“Astronomers working with the Parkes radio telescope in Australia found “energetic transient flashes” that they think came from outside of the Milky Way galaxy. If that is the case, then “energetic” is a small word for such occurrences. As described in their press release, those radio bursts were so powerful that they exceeded the Sun’s total energy output for an entire day in only a few milliseconds.”  THINK about that for a millisecond or two…. 

“11 Everyday Toxins That Are Harming Your Thyroid“

“Wi-Fi health advocates were exultant today at news that an Israeli TV documentary titled “How We are Killing Ourselves—Wireless Radiation” won a high rating and Haifi ordered Wi-Fi removed from all schools.”  But don’t hold your breath for this to happen in the ROTW….

VACCINATION IS NOT IMMUNIZATION - excellent article - lays out some uncomfortable facts and figures.

“The Latest Study on Human - Pet Bonding Says You May Be Under a Spell”


“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science become convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we, with our modest powers must feel humble.”

~~Albert Einstein

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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