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Unspun News for the 31st May 2016

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“Israeli Propagandists Threaten Destruction of Europe as Punishment for Boycotting Israel; Prominent supporters of Israel’s far-right government aspire to be the vanguard of Zionist evangelism…. A new video released by a pro-Israel public relations group has a startling message for Europeans: their continent is about to be obliterated by Islamic armies, and if they don’t stop the movement to boycott Israel, Jerusalem will permit the catastrophe to occur.”

“6 Giant Corporations Control The Media;  Americans Consume 10 Hours Of ‘Programming’ A Day“  … and NOT only Americans either.  MUST READ ARTICLE.  “If you feed five hours of something into your mind day after day, it is going to change you.  There is no way around that.”  Too true - absolutely NO WAY.

“Turkey is Preparing an Offensive Military Operation in Northern Syria”  Interesting lay-out of the rationale here….

“Assad Must Go...…  Americans Go On Swallowing The Wrong Pill”  More a rant about America than Syria - but basically true….. (IMHO)

THIERRY MEYSSAN - “G7, the summit of Western hypocrisy“  A puppet show for muppets….

“The climate agenda is driven by data that have been massaged and manipulated.” – Paul Driessen;  Bowing to unrelenting pressure from climate activists, the Securities and Exchange Commission just released its latest draft “interpretive guidance” on climate change.”  Worth reading, indeed….

US - FEMA drill re major quake at Cascadia ….
and then read this in connection to it:
Is Dutchsinse getting too close to the truth I wonder? Is something really going down the westcoast soon?

“Europe, This is Unbearable': Deadly Crossings Drive Migrant Fatalities to New Heights
Record numbers of children are now making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea, aid groups say”  WHAT is our planet becoming?????

PCR - “In Brazil the country’s largest newspaper has published a transcript of a secret recording leaked to the newspaper. The words recorded are the plot by the rich Brazilian elite, involving both the US-corrupted Brazilian military and Supreme Court, to remove the democratically elected president of Brazil under false charges ……. ”  Uncle Sam never sleeps ….

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has just wrapped up a working visit (May 27-28) to Greece in the context of the votive Greece-Russia Year 2016.   Military guard was at the airport to greet the Russian leader in a welcoming ceremony – an unusual sign of special respect in view it was not an official, but a working visit.”  Granted, Russian source - but interesting implications here...

“The Lancet ~ An Open Letter For The People In Gaza“  Everey now and then, a bit of truth leaks out…...

“Syria warned Germany about Paris attackers, no-one took them seriously”


Oz - “Records broken for coldest May morning in eight areas across NSW, BoM confirms“

M5.7 @ 30km, Kermadec Is, NZ.

Russia - “Shocking video shows moment a huge swarm of locusts attacks farms and devastates crops in Russia as officials declare a state of emergency“

“A huge waterspout off the coast of the Northern Territory  (…) Tony Mashman filmed the spout, which occurred (…) 125km southwest of Darwin - for just over two minutes, and at no point did it show any sign of slowing.  The swirl of the water being sucked into the sky is clearly visible as it joins thick dark clouds in the sky. “

“France was left counting the cost after violent storms caused damage across the country at the weekend and on Monday more weather warnings were issued for the north of the country.“

“So far this year, more than one million animals have been killed by the dzud. The word conjures up an image of a mythical monster, but it is a peculiar weather phenomenon and the fear of herders on the Mongolian steppes,...”

“A low pressure center is covering a large swathe of Europe producing heavy rain and severe electrical storms since Saturday, May 28, 2016. At least 2 people were killed and more than 35 injured on Saturday alone. The severe weather is expected to move over to the UK on Monday, May 30, and last at least until May 31.“

US - “Tropical Depression "Bonnie" lashes South Carolina with over 200 mm (8 inches) of rainfall“

US - “Record-breaking rainfall causes widespread flooding, 6 people dead in Texas, US“ …. Violent, unpredictable, chaotic,  WEATHER.




“Mars is emerging from an ice age, a finding that could shed light on the past and future climates of both Mars and Earth, researchers said.”

“Neither of these sunspots poses a threat for strong flares. Solar activity remains low.”

“The Truth Will Out“  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Bottom line:- “The most important issue separating the Electric Universe from conventional views is that evidence based in laboratory experiments can be used to support it. The mainstream uses computer models for support. It is this philosophical divergence that prevents the acceptance of electricity in space.”  (I am thinking of that old term G.I.G.O. - ‘Garbage in, garbage out’)

“Urine of very single member of the European Parliament tested found to be heavily contaminated with glyphosate weed killer“

“Tough new safety regulations are needed to protect children from potentially lethal button batteries, consumer advocates say.  The small round batteries, used to power everything from toys to bathroom scales, are easy to swallow and have contributed to the deaths of two Australian children.“

Like him or not, Mike Adams says a LOT of very logical things here re Big Pharma, antibiotics, and natural cures…. - and none of them are warm fuzzies …..



“Those who know Not that they are One,
Act not as One. 
Those who act not as One,
Create not Love, but suffering and disharmony.
What you create,  you receive.
The Fruits of Your acts will follow your days.” 

~~Tibetan Scroll

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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