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Unspun News for the 26th May 2016

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“The U.S. is responsible for nearly 33% of worldwide exports -- by far the top arms exporter on the planet -- but which countries does the U.S. sell the most weapons to?”  A definite MUST read - Zaudi Arabia is the biggest biggie …. Oz is 5th…..

PHILIP GIRALDI - “How the World Ends - Baiting Russia Is Not Good Policy” ….. “Washington’s misguided policy towards Russia (….) indeed has the potential to become the greatest international catastrophe of all time….”

“Hillary Clinton and her top aides failed to comply with U.S. State Department policies on records by using her personal email server and account, possibly jeopardizing official secrets, an internal watchdog concluded in a long-awaited report (pdf) on Wednesday.”

Stephen J. Bergstrom - “On the surface, American exceptionalism appears to represent a boldly-stated concept but when contrasted to the subtleties of personal experience, the lessons and flow of history and individual geographically-rooted place, horribly small-minded and delusional, conceivable only as a statement by a crazed, power-hungry overlord to an underling.”  A hard look at the reality …..

PEPE ESCOBAR - “Brazil: The Provisional Banana Scoundrel Republic;  Every political junkie on the planet has to be glued to the ongoing Brazilian House of Cards, consistently offering an unparalleled feast of cheap thrills.“
“The Bolivian president said socialist governments in South America must launch democratic revolutions to counter U.S. plans to regain control.”

SYRIA - “The Significance of the Battle for Aleppo;  In Aleppo the fierce fighting continues. After the peace agreement was broken by the armed opposition, Syrian government forces launched an offensive in order to completely blockade and take control of the western part of the city that had been seized by militants.”

Here's a whoopsy for you today, apparently went live over RT,  and then got cut out, look at the face of the presenter!!  <2 mins and worth every second.  As my old Grannie used to say - “Truth will out” !!

“Big Pharma's medical research papers are total bunk... hundreds were fraudulently ghostwritten by a P.R. firm called 'DesignWrite'“  Oh gosh, what a surprise…..

“Thousands of extra-judiciary drone killings, all personally approved by Peace Nobel Laureate, Obama, and all with casualties and so-called ‘collateral damage’, costs the affected, mostly poor communities, tens of thousands of lives and destroyed properties and public infrastructure valued at millions of dollars; an assurance to keep them poor and submissive.”

“Budapest is set to stand against the automatic extension of sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union, the Hungarian foreign minister said, calling for a discussion about the issue.”

“Missing bolts and “nuclear reactor” are words one generally does not want in the same sentence. However, when more than one quarter of the bolts inside an atomic reactor core go missing, the risk and concern multiply.”  (Indian Point power station, near New York City.)

WOW!!!!!!!   MUST SEE!!!  “Scientists at Florida Institute of Technology used a high-speed camera to capture an amazing lighting flash from a May 20 storm near the university's Melbourne campus.   The flash was recorded at 7,000 frames per second (FPS). The playback speed seen in the video is 700 FPS.” (20 sec video)

“Tasmanian devil droppings have helped uncover new genetic varieties of the endangered species in the state's remote south-west.“  “Fresh hope for the species' survival“

M5.4 @ 25km, Crete, Greece.  (That was breaking +/- 36 hours without a >M5 anywhere…. FWIW.)

PERU - “Imminent danger of low temperatures prompts state-of-emergency declaration for two districts in the Huancavelica region.“

“Current atmospheric models underestimate the dirtiness of Arctic air;   From the “we told you so” department, it seems they are just now catching up with observations.“

“The new global warming speedometer shows in a single telling graph just how badly the model-based predictions made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have over-predicted global warming.“  Graphic and obvious, when seen like this!

US - Kansas - “Severe weather outbreak: Massive tornado destroys home near Dodge City“   Violent, unpredictable, chaotic …...
Also see - “Storm-chasers film Kansas tornados“

Sri Lanka - “Widespread flooding and landslides leave 101 people dead and 100 missing,“

“The art of mind-bending physics;  Schrodinger's Bird brings quantum quirkiness alive in an animation and exhibition that draws on Schrodinger's cat, superposition, and "spooky action at a distance"  All very VERY weird indeed!!!!!!!!!

“Neanderthals were already building complex underground structures by firelight, possibly for rituals, 176,500 years ago, says a study that adds to a new, smarter image of our extinct cousins.”     And today????

“Symptoms and stress are gifts in strange wrapping paper’ is so true because the body is the way the subconscious mind lets us know something is amiss in our lives. Our conscious mind is the part of us that says ‘I deserve to be happy’ or ‘I can have the dream relationship of my life’ etc. and then we wonder why we don’t manifest those dreams or intentions …….”

“Is an eruption of one or more of the major volcanoes in the northwest United States imminent?   In recent days, very large earthquake swarms have been reported at Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.  It is certainly not unusual for each of these volcanoes to experience earthquake swarms from time to time, but right now we are seeing this happen at all three volcanoes simultaneously...“

“If a massive solar storm struck the Earth today, it could wipe out our technology and hurl us back to the dark ages. Lucky for us, events like this are quite rare. But four billion years ago, extreme space weather was probably the norm. And rather than bringing the apocalypse, it might have kickstarted life.”

“Sunspot AR2546 is big but quiet. Solar activity remains very low.”

“Cloud formations often exhibit structure that could be the result of something other than blowing winds. Does ionized plasma actually shape the clouds?“ “Thunderstorms are not electricity generators, they are passive elements in an interplanetary circuit, like a self-repairing leaky condenser.”  Fascinating stuff!!!!

“Scientists have developed an antibiotic from human breast milk that can wipe out certain types of superbug. They found that Lactoferrin effectively kills some drug-resistant bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact.”  Watch the scramble for patents… 

“Polio Vaccines Now The #1 Cause of Polio Paralysis“

“Urging people to follow low fat diets and to lower their cholesterol is having "disastrous health consequences", a health charity has warned.”

“The major parties are not touching it, but Vote Compass results show Australians are overwhelmingly in favour of allowing voluntary euthanasia for the terminally ill.”  Huh??  But - but - I thought the parliament obeyed the will of the people? 75%-16% seems pretty willing to me?  (Or are Big Pharma’s profits yet more willing?)


“Dwell not upon what is lacking in your life,
But regard those circumstances with gratitude.
They pave the way for a shift in consciousness and
conditions that put you in a position to manifest precisely
what you came into this lifetime to do.”


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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