Friday, May 20, 2016

The Queen | A Psychic Reading by Lynn

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 18 May 2016

Q.  (I have lots of questions on this topic, so I put a few here to focus and get my thoughts flowing.  We can add more info as it comes up in the comments as well.)
Putin said he saw Queen shape sifting with his own eyes. It was a warning to him. I would like to have a reading on the Queen. 
Did Princess Diana know about the Queen's shapeshifting, satanic rituals, etc. Is that why she wanted out? How about Kate Middleton?

What happens when the queen finally dies? Is the next one going to be as horrible as her?
A.  As I focus on her and think of a true shapeshifting, I get that she doesn't change her entire outward appearance, but it is something with her eyes. I see her looking at someone, and if she is disapproving or angry, her eyes are what change.  They look to change in color and shape. He body remains the same, but the stare if bone chilling to those on the receiving end.

I also see that if you look directly at her during that moment, you will "hear" some of her thoughts as if she is projecting her thoughts onto the person by some kind of telepathic means.  Even when the message is done (and it can range from "Don't do that. Don't believe that person." To things such as "Drive off that bridge.") it will stay with the person until the person processes what has been told to them.  The person can feel totally paralyzed by these "extra thoughts" much like how someone under a true hypnosis behaves.  They are fully functional, but under what looks like a partial trance.

Princess Diana did know of this behavior, but not until she was married.  I get that you have to earn this information through a process.  She knew something was going on, and things didn't "feel" right, but didn't realize the extent of all of it.  I see that the moment she found out was when she bore a son that would have rights to the throne.  She was scared, didn't know how to get out, and once you are privy to this information you are sort of trapped.  Princess Diana went against the warnings and left anyway, but the royal family couldn't risk this getting out.

I see that when Princess Kate was brought into the family there was a lot of etiquette that had to be learned before she was even called to get married.  There are things you do, colors you wear, types of clothes, phrases that are used, and so much is dependent on the time of day, and even the lunar phases throughout the month.  I hear you may be only allowed to wear a certain color in the morning, and do a clothing change at night.  It felt like she had to go through a schooling on knowing how to behave, but what she never fully understood was why they had these (what she called) "customs."  It wasn't until she had a son that she was given the full knowledge of the importance of these practices.  These "rituals" were in reality a part of the spell casting (strengthening through practice and intent) projected out from the core of the family.  Kate is a good person (good energy) and fear for her family keeps her obedient.  To take it a step further, it isn't even her own personal fear, but rather the fear of what would happen to her children if she wasn't around to try to filter some of this.  In many ways Kate's energy is very similar to Diana's (and I hear that is what attracted William to her).

There is definitely some darkness surrounding the throne, and when the Queen is no longer in that position her successor looks to carry on the tradition, but there is a reduction in the "negative" potency.  It will feel dark, but there is a loss in power.  It is as if the successor is a diluted version of the current "original."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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