Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Future of Humans | Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 13 May 2017

Q. Lynn,  Many have speculated based on ancient writings and manuscripts that Humanity was a hybrid slave species of the Annunaki. You may have addressed this question already, so what I would like to pose here is, will humanity ever stop being a slave species to an overlord race/ruling class? Many do not realize or wish to admit that human slavery to a ruling class continues to this day in the form of governments. Democide (death by government) has killed more people over the centuries than anything else combined. It's like a cancer on humanity. When will humanity be free? Do you see that happening? Will Humanity ever be willing to give up the belief systems that support elites, royal bloodlines and the ruling class? Will we ever claim our rightful place as infinite beings from Source and stop giving our power to overlords? What will it take? When will we stop our suffering and truly own ourselves and our actions? There are a few people right now who are doing the great work of waking humanity up to the slavery they are in. Is it enough? What will cause a tipping point for us to take back our sovereignty and be done with the authoritarian paradigm we have believed in for millenia?
A.  I too see that humans were created by ET geneticists that took their own DNA and encoded it into a new, human species.  I get the parent ET group isn't just the Annunaki, but rather different groups did the creating of humanoid versions of cats, dogs, reptiles and avian ETs.  After thousands and thousands of years of evolution on earth (and the breeding and breeding with each other), I see the that the more "drastic" features sort of "bread out."  The results that remain today are the different characteristics of humans (tall vs short, blonde vs brunette or red, fair complexion vs dark, and the list goes on and on).  I also hear that the avian humanoids had some kind of chromosomal defect, and they ended up dying out here on earth leaving the decedents of the cat, dog and avian ETs behind.

Looking at humans in general (in history and also current day) it looks like they have gone through these "cycles" of control and independence.  I see an image of this trend spinning on a wheel.  Humans looks to feel controlled and trapped in an unfavorable situation, then they rise up and seek freedom, install some form of leadership (government, ruling authority) to instill order and fairness in their newly developed society, then the leadership gets too much power and control and looks for ways to suppress the people in order to further strengthen their position.  Now the group of people that sought to be free from their trap are right back where they started (but this looks to happen slowly and over more than one generation).  When the tolerance of being suppressed gets exhausted, the cycle starts all over again.

Humans are now in the part of the cycle where the ruling authority (aka government) has become large and it doesn't want to lose its' power.  The government is doing what it can to keep people from rising up.  The larger it gets, and the more dependent they get people on the system, the harder it is for people to break away and stand up.  There are other actions being done too such as fear by the media to keep vibrations low, manipulation of our food, chemtrails in our air and even additives such as fluoride in our water.  I hear the phrase "history is doomed to repeat itself" and the government and PTB are very aware of this so they are stooping to new levels to keep people passive.

I get that with each generation, humans are waking up more and more.  I see a bigger divide over the next few generations in which some people will continue to blindly follow, and others will have moments of awaking and begin to join together with others that have also awakened.  I hear this phrase that "many will start to see things for what they really are."

It does look like people will start to take back their independence more and more as this cycle continues, and the power gets shifted elsewhere.  "All things must come to an end" and a new and different ruling authority looks to emerge as humans reset themselves.

Continue to support and encourage truth through this process.  Question everything, and above all trust your intuition.  Love and light-

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