Sunday, May 1, 2016

Three Gifts To Give Away For Donations This Month

For this month of May I am giving away three gifts from three different people, to all those who donate US $10 or more. All donations for this month will go towards supporting my upcoming plant medicine based spiritual journey (a group trip), into Peru in March next year. 

I view orbs as conscious beings of energy moving through our perceivable frequency in their non-physical astral state — the plant medicine can help to let go and provide the experience of being out of body. (Art by Kristy Keller)
There were over 25 people who initially expressed interest in this trip and currently 12 have recently confirmed that they plan to come along. While the itinerary includes four ceremonies with the cactus hauchuma (San Pedro), based on personally experiencing both huachuma and ayahuasca in Peru previously, and hearing about the experiences of others, I know this is a very effective method for not just healing, but spiritual development — this is an important trip for all those that can make it, but it will cost a bit to attend.
Brad Austen, Maryann Rada and Anne Francis have offered the following for those who make the $10 or more donation this month.
Brad, a meditation teacher based in Australia, is giving away his guided meditation album, Let There Be Light. Description from Brad: “I designed this CD especially for working with the light for healing and transformation. We all need healing on some level, this CD will give you the option to explore and release your fears in a safe space. It also will assist with relaxation, healing and connecting to your guides and higher self. The meditations are longer and slower paced than my previous CDs. It is available in mp3 format.”
You can find additional guided meditation albums over on Brad’s website here, and also guided meditations on iTunes here. Brad’s guided meditations Facebook page can be found here. Brad is also a contributing writer for
Maryann Rada, who is based in France, is a channel for the Pleiadian’s and provides Pleiadian (psychic) based readings. She is giving away her e-book, Garden of Unknowable Things: A Renegade Pleiadian Lexicon. Description of the book: “New reality beckons your mind. Allow new layers of meaning to awaken your senses and remove limitations of thought, belief, and habit. Release the world you have known for one that bids your inner focus to come into being. Lavishly illustrated to enhance coding for optimal awareness activation. Watch words come alive in a whole new way. A perfect meditation partner.
You can find Maryann’s website, Opalescent Nine here, additional books here and information about her personal readings here. Maryann is a regular over on’s Facebook group.
Anne Francis  based in Canada  is an energy healer, hypnotist, past life regressionist and intuitive. You can choose from a hypnosis recording or a fifteen minute akashic record reading. For the hypnosis recording you can pick either weight loss, self esteem, financial, or relationships.
You can find Anne’s website here, as well as more information about her akashic record readings here. Anne is also a regular over on’s Facebook group.
If you are searching for how to donate, the link is in the menu, or you can click on the 'Contribute now with Paypal' image under the menu on the desktop version of the site. (Or just click here)

About the Author 
Editor of, Laron is a writer, healing facilitator, poet and spiritual teacher from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see as the observer — we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master, trained Crystal Healer and Tarot reader. You can find Laron on Facebook.

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