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Unspun News for the 24th April 2016

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THE SAKER - “Is Putin preparing a governmental purge?”  Interesting analysis of Russia today and Putin’s overall standing with the Russian people.

“Vladimir Putin Morally and Intellectually Humiliates Mass Murderer Madeleine Albright”  I could really get to like that guy…...

“On the eve of a visit by U.S. President Barack Obama, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Germany on Saturday to voice emphatic opposition to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement (TTIP), a deal they argue benefits global capitalism and corporate elites at the expense of the public good and local democracy.“

PEPE ESCOBAR - “Washington has been threatening Riyadh to freeze Saudi assets all across the spectrum if the House of Saud does not “cooperate” in the oil price war against Russia.”

TONY CARTALUCCI - Re the Syrian election.  “This reality confirms the West’s worst fears, that despite all attempts to divide and destroy the modern nation-state of Syria, the people remain relatively united in cause to restore peace and order within the nation, and to do so with the current government leading the way.

“The Give and Take of the American Way“ … “The fact is, anytime the United States or her allies invest in giving aid, there is a profitable payoff of strategic goal behind.“

“So, what does Medvedev speak of? Medvedev believes that aliens are already here among us. In his statement, he says that the time has come to tell the world about aliens, and if the U.S. doesn’t do so, the Kremlin will do the honours.”  That was in 2012….

“Common core is the set of educational standards for American children funded by Bill Gates, the very same man who is pushing GMOs, vaccines and other New World Order (NWO) Agenda 21-style schemes.” … “Did you know Common Core is actually copyrighted? It’s a private set of standards. It’s of the manipulators (since it’s owned by them), written by the manipulators, but it’s for the masses – all the “common” people”.  Coming soon to somewhere very near YOU.

In case you hadn’t noticed …. “Good, verified info about the large number of the 1% who control the wealth of the planet who are heading for bunkers “

“On the anniversary of its worst natural disaster in living memory, Nepal is still a country in crisis.  A year on from the earthquake that killed 9,000 people, many of those who lost their homes are still living in tents and under tarps.  Now think about all the big quakes since then….

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS - “Washington Launches Its Attack Against BRICS;   Having removed the reformist President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Washington is now disposing of the reformist President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff.“

“Military force “on the table” in relation to Russia, US commander says;   The Obama administration’s nominee for US commander in Europe called for the permanent deployment of an armored brigade near Russia’s border.“

All you NEVER wanted to know about tritium….

“Many large glaciers in Greenland are at greater risk of melting from below than previously thought, according to new maps of the seafloor around Greenland created by an international research team. Like other recent research findings, the maps highlight the critical importance of studying the seascape under Greenland’s coastal waters to better understand and predict global sea level rise.“  And I STRONGLY  suspect that something similar is creating the over-warm East Oz Coast Current …  heat rises.

M5.4 @10km, Santa Cruz Is.  (Nr. Solomons)

“In a single year, fracking wells across the country released at least 5.3 billion pounds of the potent greenhouse gas methane, as much global warming pollution as 22 coal-fired power plants.   The statistic is one of many in a new study by Environment America Research & Policy Center that quantifies the environmental harm caused by more 137,000 fracking wells permitted since 2005.“

“Condamine River set on fire after Greens MP lights bubbling methane gas, blames fracking“  We DO have another planet on stand-by next door, don’t we?

“Disaster management authorities in Samoa are preparing for the impact of Cyclone Amos, which is predicted to hit the country's main island as a category four storm tonight.”
ALSO - “Tropical Cyclone Amos Hammering Samoa; Hurricane Warning For American Samoa“

ROBERT FISK - “When We Mourn the Passing of Prince But Not 500 Migrants, We Have to Ask: Have We Lost All Sense of Perspective?   Could not one of those dead children among the five hundred souls on the sinking Mediterranean boat become a ‘superstar’?“

“A new kind of ANZAC Day”  “Lest we Forget how Easily we were Tricked” …  Interesting how, this year, there seem to be a lot of open, questioning eyes….

“The stream of time has depths and shallows. Mostly, we live in the depths, but when death approaches and we prepare to leave, we move to the shallows. As we do this, the world around us grows quiet and the presences of those who will see us across the bridge approach.    This is not the near-death experience, but something that is so poorly understood that it doesn't even have a name.” 


WAL THORNHILL - “A recently published scientific paper is creating a firestorm of media coverage around the world. The paper’s lead author, Daniel Whitmire, proposes that the hypothesized Planet X, a never-discovered body believed by some to exist in the outer solar system, is responsible for mass extinctions on Earth approximately every 27 million years.”

“An image captured by a NASA spacecraft reveals a region of eye catching craters on the surface of Pluto that resembles a cluster of bright halos scattered across a dark background.   The stunning photo of the dwarf planet’s “Vega Terra” region was taken by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft ….”

“Sunspot AR2533 has a stable magnetic field that poses no threat for strong solar flares.”

“Nearby supernova ashes continue to rain on Earth“

“Higher levels of greenness (trees, park space and other vegetation) in neighborhoods is linked with significantly lower chronic illnesses, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, public health researchers has shown.”  Gosh, how amazing!  (NOT).



“The unified equations tell us that the whole universe is manifested by the harmonic geometric matrix of light itself. The whole of reality is light. Therefore, it follows, that we as human beings must consist of nothing more than a geometric collection of the harmonic wave-forms of light — guided by intelligence.”

~from “The Energy Grid” by Bruce L. Cathie

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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