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Unspun News for the 11th April 2016

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“Moscow is working out a new concept for Russian foreign policy that will reflect the current transition to a multipolar world, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, adding that this global trend presents new challenges for all global powers.“

“The king of Jordan accuses Turkey of preparing the jihad in Europe“  Some interesting (if bizarre) twists and turns going on here ….

“Second Russian intelligence report on Turkey’s current assistance to Daesh”

“The S-400 is the most advanced anti-aircraft defense system in Russia, and is unparalleled in the world.“    If these capabilities are true, it is awesome indeed….
According to open sources, the S-400 is capable of shooting down any existing aircraft, helicopter or missile traveling at speeds of up to 4.8 kilometer per second (over 17,000 km/h) The only target the system would have problems with is a nuclear warhead of intercontinental ballistic missile, which flies at speeds of up to 6-7 kilometer per second.

Libya - “Five years after NATO's Libya war, Italy, the EU and the US are in the advanced stages of preparations for the next military intervention. The Western imperialist powers want to establish their own military bases in Libya in order to control the country's massive sources of oil and natural gas, and secure an important gateway to Africa.”  A never-ending story …. 

Assuming this is genuine, it reveals a lot about the elite vs You……  and the rest of us.  “It seems that in 1954 there was much concern about what was being planned to control the masses that were referred to “steaks” as you can read in this rather candid comment ... “   The trouble is, you can see it working.    Move over, Orwell…..  1984 was just an entree….

“What’s This “Truth Will Out” Business?”  Excellent comment re media reporting - “The “government” is the authority.  When it behaves criminally – to say again, when it knocks down some towers – we humbly ask it to impose the law.  Ahem. Not really a goer, is it?”  No, it’s not.  But sadly - it works…. For the System …….

“The US has spent more than 13 years in Iraq under the guise of fighting terrorism. However, a recent survey shows that nearly one-third of Iraqis believe the US supports terrorism or Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).“


M5.8 @ 69km, S’n Sumatra, Indonesia. (Just off-shore).

M6.6 @ 221km, 39km WSW of Ashkasham, Afghanistan

Russia - “Apocalyptical full-scale landslide in Ulyanovsk as several hundred square meters and, obviously, a few thousand cubic meters of soil literally collapsed in one day.“

“The snowfall and blizzards in Siberia, the Urals and the Far East will continue until 11 April.“

“The vaunted “97% consensus” on dangerous manmade global warming is just more malarkey“  Bottom line:-  “The real danger is not climate change – it is energy policies imposed in the name of climate change.”  And money - LOTS of money ….

“Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline!”  (With link to pdf of report)



“For the first time ever, an image has been captured of an elusive electrical phenomenon above the Earth. An astronaut aboard the International Space Station imaged a kind of electrical discharge in the upper atmosphere known as a blue jet. In this Space News, we explore why this type of intense above clouds lightning occurs, and we also ask a fundamental question: do scientists understanding lightning?”

“Sunspot AR2529 has more than doubled in size this weekend, making it by far the largest sunspot of 2016 to date.”

“The story of plasma scientist Tony Peratt and the personal cost of his involvement with the Electric Universe community deserves to be told simply and accurately.”  -- A classic story of what happens when you rock the boat.  And a ‘need-to-read’ as an example of the System defending itself right or wrong...

Now THIS ain’t a bad idea!!!  “What if a nutrition label had pictures?”

“International findings on the safety of Genetically Modified Organisms are rarely reported on in Western mainstream media. Despite fierce resistance to GMOs in other countries, North Americans are just now starting to learn that GMOs are unsafe for human consumption, and that they pose significant environmental risks, too.”

“A new scientific study has investigated the toxicity of various drugs and found Marijuana the clear winner. It’s been found significantly less toxic than all the other substances on the list – including not only illegal drugs but the LEGAL alcohol and tobacco.”  Follar the dollar...

“The Witch Hunt for “Alternative” Medicine Practitioners“  - Insightful article ...

“Facebook has a hidden message folder where it filters messages it thinks you don't want to see — sometimes with serious and unintended consequences.”  The ramifications of this are (or should be) terrifying….

“A landmark court case that will seek to have poker machines declared in breach of consumer law could be just weeks away.  The ABC has been told the case targeting a manufacturer could start as early as next month“  About time too!!!!!!!


“Have you noticed that although there is much talk of changes, shifts, divisions forming between the spiritually wise and the materialists …. there are no laws in place that say you must have a physical body to participate in those shifts?”

~~ Sheik Zaġāyah

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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