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THE CONFERENCE | A short story

Here is a very short fiction story by the Happy Wonderer, but is it fiction?...

By The Happy Wonderer, transients.info's contributing writer

Somewhen around 4-5,000 years ago, give or take a week, a very important and very secret meeting was held.  Every one of Earth’s Planetary Overlords was present …..

As always, no minutes were kept.  Why bother, when you each have perfect recall over millennia?  And secrecy was paramount …..

The Pleiades by Ralph W

But ….. Among the illiterate and broken human slaves in attendance was one whose family line had a genetic propensity towards eidetic memory.  Guessing why is easy ….

It is from her reports that we have assembled this account of the meeting:- 

First, the address by the Supreme Overlord ….

  1. Interference from the Pleiades sector is increasing.  The humanoid animals are being given ideas about 4 or 5-D concepts; some are getting restive.
  2. As per the last meeting, potential ideas have been suggested.  The most viable one seems to be neutralisation at source; Abraham has been neutralised, but it is likely that other ‘Spiritual Masters’ will arise, given the ongoing Pleiadan interference.
  3. Extermination and counter-propaganda will be effective;  we know that, because it has been advantageous with Abraham.  But it is likely that we may have to cope with on-going uncontrolled ‘education’ from the same source.  In which case - 
  4. We will have to ignore the Oriental sector, and concentrate on our own, now and into the foreseeable future.  Suggestions?

Comments from the committee:- 

  1. In the short term, public extermination of these ‘Masters’ will probably work - provided it is dramatic and bloody.  That will help to keep attention in 3-D.
  2. In the longer term, overall, and especially as the slave population becomes more scientifically aware over the millennia (as will be needed for our own benefit) we see a need to develop a 3-D means of diminishing or destroying any potential 4-D perceptions.

(Overlord:- And?  Suggestions?)

  1. Committee:-  Given that we foresee major scientific advances in a couple of thousand years, the best option appears to be to control the masses through a broad-spectrum combination of scientific, AND psychological, AND social means, focusing on control via subtle (or blatant) fear.
  2. Obviously continuous warfare is the best ‘blunt instrument’, being fear-filled, and as an added bonus it is an ideal population culling mechanism.
  3. But in the long term, it would be wise to develop a means to destroy the instinct itself.
  4. To that end we will need to focus on 3-D technology that can target 4-D organs and instincts.

(Overlord:-  And?)

7) Committee:- In mammals, the key is obviously the Pineal gland - it is, after all, THE main connection to 4-D and above, so to keep them in a 3-D ‘reality’, we need to destroy, or at least inhibit, that link AT ALL COSTS.

(Overlord:- Suggestions?)

  1. This is easy at present - Psychological control via fear, thanks to the concept of ‘religion’ (as opposed to spirituality) that we set up after the operation against Abraham, is working well.  But further down the track we will need to seed technologies that will directly intervene - microwaves, education from birth onwards, assorted HF, VHF, and UHF and nuclear radiations need to be made ubiquitous.  Medical procedures (such as vaccinations, ‘medicines’, and scans) as well as food crop contaminations, and even herbicides and pesticides will assist greatly in damaging the Pineal gland in all species - except, of course, ourselves…..  

(Overlord:- Excellent foresight.  I like it.  Action it.)

  1. Lord, there is a further consideration that has not been tried before ……

(Overlord:- Proceed….)

  1. The suggestion was made that it may be possible to directly control the actual ENERGY of the creatures….in parallel with the deactivation of their pineal gland….

(Overlord:- Interesting - proceed ……)

  1. If we introduce a concept which would ‘solidify’ the creatures’ energy, it could be used as a management tool.  This would mean eliminating direct trade in exchanged goods, energy, or valuables;  and instead, the introduction of a ‘payment’ for goods or labour in a transmissible (and thus controllable) form.  This ‘Kash’ (as we have tentatively named the ‘solidified energy’) would be eminently manageable by ourselves if we control its distribution, storage, and indeed, its value.  Of course, we will. The end result will be domination by fear of lack, as well as the already accomplished fear of death or disease, and almost unlimited supplies of energy for ourselves…..

  1. In addition, as each interfering spiritualist appears and is attended to, we supersede                  that leader by emplacing our own people as leaders of the sect.  We have achieved that with the Abrahamites; we predict two more attempts, the Jesusians and the Allarians yet to come - which will give us three sects - and ample opportunity to create wars between them - with the so-useful accompanying energies of fear, destruction and death.  Humans are SO easily led or driven without their Pineal glands active!

(Overlord:- Excellent - superb, in fact.  I will immediately forward your novel concepts throughout our controlled planets for their consideration too.  Consider yourselves upgraded, all of you.  Bless the Gene…...)

Committee:- Bless the Gene

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