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Panama Papers, Cabal and The Future | A Webbot Focused Perspective

By John, transients.info’s contributing writer

Here is the tweet to start this all off.

I have known for a long time that law offices have very poor security. None of that is a surprise. Much like hospitals and their doctors, Lawyers refuse to follow security principles or have anything but god power at their hands when using computers, so that opens them up to easily being hacked or their data taken. Lawyers are sloppy when it comes to operational awareness. They have this mentality of being above all others in so much of their affairs that it leads to massive infections and malware, very easily. You should expect to see this happening far more now that the cats out of the bag—same as you are seeing hospitals that are being hit constantly now with malware.

There are some leaks but they are few and far between; information is held tightly and released as is needed. When its needed to be cracked open by its own side to defeat its own security that’s when the hackers are employed. Most hackers cannot get into a place without assistance. If the place has been secured properly it’s not easily cracked, as I have proven at work repeatedly. There is always someone letting the people in.

Secrets revealed have been building in the data sets for well over a decade. As we all should know by now, the sets that have been building for a long period of time are the ones that have the longest and biggest impacts on humanity. This release of files from one law firm that holds shell accounts is just one law firm—there are many, many more to come. Coincide this with the Russians making public all of their archives from the Soviet Era, and the truth bombs will start to fly.

It’s this chaos and the undoing of the system that must occur. The Cabal knows that the system they have created is their own downfall and that’s why they are in the process of collapsing it themselves. They are intentionally throwing their minions and TPTB under the proverbial bus. The anti-NWO forces, led by Russia, are also adding to this. China is more controlled by the NOW (New World Order) than most would understand at this time, but they are breaking. Soon there will be a coup and change of leadership in China as the NWO fails; that is when things will get very ugly all over the world. As each Criminal Political class in each country will start to fight for its local power and the remains of the Dollar Empire. China with all of its gold and silver will come out on top eventually as will Russia and India and all of Southeast Asia.

To see evidence of this you just have to watch all of the events and know who the players are. George Soros is Cabal, and when you see that what he is doing is undermining all of the minions and EU and US TPTB (The Powers That Be) structures, you can see how that plan is working out. His groups are behind much of the chaos going on now. He funded the Panama leaks as is evident by the supported by links on the pages. WIKI Leaks has as much stated after the fact as they realized what was going on—that’s why you can’t confuse who the groups are. The Cabal have been around for centuries, created from surviving families of the First Civilization. TPTB come and go with each generation. Some rise to power and others fall out. All of this is ending though, in this cycle for a bit. The Cabal is being used by the Universe, as it has done many times before, to bring balance back. They are using the proper times and conditions to ensure chaos takes hold and that power structures are destroyed. The Cabal will be visible for another decade then go deep, hidden for a long time and new power structures will form.
New Leaders will rise.

This event that just happened was the last marker of the heralding of change. Events will progress rapidly now. The chaos will increase. Weather Chaos will get intense. This will also mark the beginning of even more storms and weather events in North America. As we are seeing now, winter came back to the East Coast of the US as the data said it would. The Ice Age is slowly coming into our lives as each year it sticks more.

Here is one of many articles you can find on this freak snow occurring so often this year. Snow is very damaging to crops and ecosystems in warm areas and far more damaging than drought. It shuts the area down. Many island nations have lost a majority, or greater, than all of their crops this year to this:

Regional Blackouts—one of many occurrences happening all over empire:


For many of us, we have wanted disclosure of all of the secrets but you must understand this is too much for the majority of the populace. Their minds can’t handle all of this truth and reality. They will refuse it or they will go insane—you already see it happening daily with people. Snapping, desperate to hold onto their old lives. This will only start to escalate. This summer in the Northern Hemisphere will be one of many constant events. In some areas that have a very strong Empire hold it could be that it’s just constant events of breaking it down. In other areas that lose the Empires grip quickly, it could be a brief event and then just living through the remains and it might not be as bad as the constant changes of being in the center of the Empire.

All of the corruption will come out at once. It already is happening that way now. Daily you see that many parts are failing at once. Court systems will be exposed for being only for control of society by the Oligarchs, as is evidenced by this recent article: https://t.co/bvlbMm3rxL. Many in the Empire are seeing that they work for the Empire and how corrupt it truly is. You see that in reports of insurrection and fighting daily in US Government, local governments and in European Governments.
The House of Saud is close to falling. That will occur soon and since it was the kingpin of the whole petrodollar Empire that will bring much chaos to the system. I just saw this today in regards to that: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/top-secret-28-pages-may-hold-clues-about-saudi-support-for-911-hijackers/.
We also have a major financial marker of collapse in Saudi: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-04-08/something-just-snapped-saudi-money-markets.

When the bribery stops and when the government employees and contractors are not paid to keep their mouths shut, then the release of secrets will be an avalanche. Corporations all operate under the same cohesion and threat of their management and employees, who hold all of the secrets.

You will notice that many of the people and corporations revealed in the Panama Papers are those who have offended or attacked the current Western Powers That Be, but that the MSM used these as an opportunity to attack Putin and others who were not even in the released details and then, as has already been noted in many media sources, no Oligarchs were mentioned except for well known scammers. Another side of the anarchy and chaos of this release was that it made the populace all salivating with hate and anger. People who don’t even know the 50 states of the US were all bemoaning the shell companies and evil tax evaders. This fits perfectly into the Cabal plan of destroying the system and then offering the people a "better" system where they are "protected" from the evil capitalists. The MSM of course won’t mention that most of the Panama papers are showing people and corporations were legal and not trying to evade taxes. There are many good reasons for using a shell company and having funds offshore these days. You also see that this falls into the plan that has been going on for a while now of TPTB having to grab as much money as they can. Obama declared Inversions illegal now, same day or day after Panama release.
It’s all coming together, for the governments are all bankrupt and need to gather up as much as they can before it all ends—desperate for money for their war machines and death industries. Without payment to all of their minions it would all fall apart quickly. Everything is just being run by mercenaries at all levels. Hackers don’t come cheap and are heavily employed by all governments around the world.

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