Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How humans could evolve to survive in space | Lisa Nip, TED Talk

While some of us understand—and are open—to the existence of hidden technology that not only enables space travel, but life to inhabit other parts of our galaxy, and perhaps universe. It doesn't cause any harm to focus on developing such technologies in a more public way. I find information, such as what Lisa talks about below, very inspiring, as well as very fascinating, as I have always had a strong passion for exploring locations beyond our planet, our everyday frequency and our dimension.

Description: "If we hope to one day leave Earth and explore the universe, our bodies are going to have to get a lot better at surviving the harsh conditions of space. Using synthetic biology, Lisa Nip hopes to harness special powers from microbes on Earth — such as the ability to withstand radiation — to make humans more fit for exploring space. "We're approaching a time during which we'll have the capacity to decide our own genetic destiny," Nip says. "Augmenting the human body with new abilities is no longer a question of how, but of when.""

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