Thursday, April 7, 2016

Astrology Forecast for Thursday the 7th of April, 2016

Via Neptune's Magic

Happy new moon Aries ! It's your new beginning of the year in just about every sense, certainly that of regaining your vitality if you have felt a little lacking in energy lately as often can happen before a new moon in one's sign.

Others of us may have felt that too, as a new moon can block energy physically and then after the day bring it back with a vengeance. 

This is a day when we can feel confident to make important decisions and move on with our lives if we have been hanging back.

As the planets move into and through Aries such as Venus just now, we will find ourselves more active- more willing to take risks and be a little more impulsive too.

I have been reminded today of the long term opposition of Eris to Uranus that is being triggered by current lunations and will be exact again later this year, but it will also be triggered by the station point of Uranus at the end of July and in the meantime we are in the midst of the energy generated by both planets.

Not many people know about Eris as she is in the outer reaches of our solar system but she is every watching and as I have mentioned she can generate war and revolutions if necessary to help the planet and its people become whole. I do believe that in this period more and more women will come into power to do a job that has been long neglected and that is to rid the world of what is stopping us from becoming "whole" as a race - as a people and for the good of this planet Earth that we inhabit.

Today the Sun in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. That's quite a scorcher of a combination and its going to burn out the dross that's been clogging up a few systems and preventing the flow and new growth of life for both individuals( especially Aries, Leos, Scorpios and Capricorns) and certain world situations, world leaders too.

This will sort a lot out in areas of politics where there has been abuse of power, corruption etc and a load of nasty stuff I won't name that has got in the way of the real deal.

The new beginning of this new moon goes much deeper with the help of this aspect for so many of us and for world powers too.

Mercury's septile to Neptune pales in insigificance to the major heavenly players today, but it does help us appreciate the cathartic influence on another dimensional level.

Its also a Perigee new moon although the Perigee doesn't happen until tomorrow, but its still in affect as from now.

This is a big one folks - things that happen around this new moon are "auspicious". People we meet, events that happen, personal experiences. Everything around this date clears out what has been and brings in the new for many of us. Its all quite lifechanging - and not just for Aries.

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