Sunday, March 6, 2016

Unspun News for the 6th March 2016

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“Russia and Turkey Move Closer to War with Assassination Ploy (updated);  Turks and Saudi's Moving Against Regional Leaders - Sources in Lebanon, Russia”

ROBERT FISK - “After pouring billions into rebuilding the country following successive Israeli invasions and air raids, the Saudis find that they cannot prevent the Shia from expressing their fury at Riyadh”

“The US-Chinese standoff in the South China Sea is heating up, with Washington dispatching a small armada to the area following reports that Beijing had reinforced a key island with fighters and air defenses. Much has been said and written about the dispute, with Russian analysts left pondering: if push comes to shove, what will Russia's role be?”

“The West and Syria: The Corporate Media vs. Reality;  The media keeps saying that the West isn't involved in Syria. This isn't true.“

PCR - “Murder Is Washington’s Foreign Policy”  PCR REALLY pulls the stops out here.  Bottom line:- “The only possible conclusion is that under Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama the US government has become an unaccountable, lawless, criminal organization and is a danger to the entire world and its own citizens.”

URI AVNERI - re Donald Trump.

“With the violent police seizure of Turkey’s biggest independent newspaper this weekend, the country has finally crossed the line to become a fully-fledged dictatorship.”

“Fukushima radiation found in US marine life — Investigators detect radioactive contamination “in a variety of marine products” harvested off West Coast — Effects of exposure need to be studied and understood in coming years“

“Scientists have recorded a cacophony of sounds including ship propellers at the deepest part of the world's oceans, more than 10,000 metres below the surface.”

M5.4 @ 10km, S. Of Kermadec Is

“Dangerous and anomalous tidal waves are currently hitting the Chilean coast.“ … “The event that started on March 3, 2016, has been classified as anomalous by the National Weather service of Chile.“ … “The ports of Iquique, Mejillones, Tocopilla, ChaƱaral, Hanga Roa, Quintero have been closed.”

“A rare weather event known as "thundersnow" was captured on Feb. 29 in Montreal.“

“Unexpected convergent consequences...this is what happens when eight different exponential technologies all explode onto the scene at once. This post (four of seven) is a look at drones.”

“The Exceptional Underwater City of Cuba: A New Theory on its Origins “  VERY intriguing!



“Astronomers have taken a “major step back in time” by spotting the oldest ‒ and the farthest ‒ galaxy they have ever seen. Located 13.4 billion years in the past, it brings new insights into the first generation of galaxies that formed after the Big Bang.”

“Not one of these relatively small sunspots poses a threat for strong solar flares. Solar activity remains very low.”
ALSO see article re partial eclipse on March 9th….

“Chang'e-3, China's first lunar lander, has been operating on the moon for over two years, the longest time for an active probe, according to a Chinese scientist.”

“Time for U.S. Regulators to Get Serious About Safety of Popular Pesticide“  They won’t.  It’s a cutting edge tool, and impossible to put back in the box anyway.  Another elephant in a room that is already elephant-full.

“Magnesium is Basic to Cancer Treatment“

“This project, run by a startup called Transactive Grid, is the first version of a new kind of energy market, operated by consumers, which will change the way we generate and consume electricity.  Transactive Grid aims to enable people to buy and sell renewable energy to their neighbours.”  Now watch Big Power kill it …..


"The values of the weak prevail because the strong have taken them over as devices of leadership."

~~  Friedrich Nietzsche

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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